I will translate your document from english to french and vice versa for $5

I will translate your document from english to french and vice versa


Here I can translate your document from french to english and vice versa, it can be for a description, a letter, a mail, a resume… basically anything. Also I will make sure that I use a diverse vocabulary so your text doesn’t get repetitive and will be pleasant to read.


Je vous propose de traduire votre document de l’anglais au français et inversement. Cela peut-être une description, une lettre, un mail, un CV… Grosso modo n’importe quel texte. De plus, je ferai en sorte que votre document ait un lexique varié de sorte à éviter les répétitions et ainsi qu’il soit plus agréable à lire.


I will translate 3000 word audio, video, doc english to bangla to english for $20

I will translate 3000 word audio, video, doc english to bangla to english

About This Gig


I’m a local Bangla speaker. I fill in as an independent Translator in Bangla. English is my second language

so I am ready to manage any content protecting its flavor into translation bangla to english to bangla!

All translations will be done manually without Google application & any other software and can deliver

in Ms..Word docx or doc, Ms Excel xlsx or xls, Ms. Powerpoint ppt or pptx, txt format etc.

I can translate audio and video files! Just make a calculation of the number of words!

Also Discounts for large orders.


English To Bengali

Bengali To English

100% human and manual translation.

I take this gig seriously and I am ALWAYS AVAILABLE


8 – Programatically translated node shows original english content in edit mode

I have a requirement to add translation of a node programatically, and am running into a strange issue.

Below is the code I am using to add translation.

$node = node_load($nid);
$source_translation = $node->getTranslation($sourceLanguageKey);
$target_translation = $node->addTranslation($translationLanguageKey, $source_translation->toArray());

// Make sure we do not inherit the affected status from the source values.
if ($node->getEntityType()->isRevisionable()) {

$entityManager = Drupal::getContainer()->get('entity.manager');
$user = $entityManager->getStorage('user')->load(45986);

$translationManager = Drupal::getContainer()->get('content_translation.manager');
$metadata = $translationManager->getTranslationMetadata($target_translation);

The script is not part of any modules and I have it placed under docroot directory. I run it using the command drush scr myscript.php

The node itself has 2 languages: English (original), Korean. I need to add a 3rd language: German and the content source should come from Korean.

Using the script above, I was able to add German translation with content pulled from Korean source.

However, the problem is when I visit the edit/new draft page of the added German translation node, it shows the English(Original) content, instead of Korean. But the published content is Korean.

If I were to add the translation manually by hand, the translated German node is good and the edit/new draft page shows Korean content. So, I know it is my script that is causing the issue but I am stuck in finding out what is missing and causing the problem. Any advice would be helpful.

Note: Most of the code script was taken from the prepare translation function in the drupal api https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/core%21modules%21content_translation%21src%21Controller%21ContentTranslationController.php/function/ContentTranslationController%3A%3AprepareTranslation/8.6.x and from this question: Create translated node programmatically

Is English Turing-complete? – Computer Science Stack Exchange

Intuitively it makes sense that English is Turing complete since you can talk someone through building a Turing machine. But I also think there might be some operators used in programming that aren’t used in person to person communication, at least in daily life. Also, what level of English is required until it becomes Turing complete? For ex: 1st grade, college level, etc…

ferries – For covid safety, should we use ferry or eurotunnel to cross the English Channel (La Manche)?

For covid safety, should we use ferry or eurotunnel to cross the English Channel?

We are planning a car journey across the Channel. We are very conscious about covid, and need to choose if we take the ferry or the eurotunnel. Reducing the risk of infection will be the main driver in our choice. Clearly there is no single, definite answer. Below is a breakdown of the things I have thought of so far. I am asking what else needs to be considered. I’m an engineer so I would love any related information, perhaps how to apply weights to these matters and calculate a risk factor.

I think the community might also have some hints and tips for how to improve our safety if we go for one method or the other – these would be much appreciated and I would say would still count as an answer.

I’ve used both methods but both trips were more than 10 years ago so my memory is limited. For various reasons, we are only considering the short ferries (Dover to Calais/Dunkirk) or the eurotunnel, please let me know if you think it would help to elaborate why. Travelling as a family of four (with fifth on the way FWIM).



  1. in good weather, we can spend the journey on the outside deck.


  1. when walking from/to the car deck for the duration of the crossing,
    lots of people go through a narrow, poorly ventilated corridor.
  2. In bad weather, we need to spend the crossing in a large, but busy
    seating area where ventilation will be limited.
  3. The journey is longer (~90 mins) so likely to need the toilet during
    that time.



  1. from memory, there is a reasonable amount of ventilation on the
    train – with vents in walls etc.
  2. Since the toilets on board are closed during the pandemic, people
    are unlikely to walk around between carriages.
  3. The journey is shorter (~35 mins).


  1. we spend the journey in a much more confined space. Clearly we
    cannot stay in a closed car throughout the crossing. We need to wind
    the windows down or step outside the car. If an asymptomatic carrier
    travels in our carriage, we will pretty much be breathing the same
    air throughout the journey.

Native English Speaker – Overview Articles For Products/Services

I need someone to take the products or services I link them too and write an overview about them.

This is NOT a review of the product or service but more like a general outline of what the product/service does, how it helps and who it's for, anything along those lines.

Please PM me or post here if you think you'd do a good job with it. Will lead to long-term work if the quality is good.

I will carefully and quickly proofread and edit your English texts or documents for $5

I will carefully and quickly proofread and edit your English texts or documents


I offer my heartiest thanks to you.

For your kind information:
“I will provide proofreading, editing, re-writing, correcting for you !!!”

If you need a helping hand for your writing or a rough draft to be proofread or written or published, I am here to serve you with my proficiency and talent. I am fully skilled in proofreading, editing, re-writing, correcting English text.

I will surely check each word and line with a high concentration for making the piece of writing error-free and perfect. I must not change the meaning of your text. Rather they would be the product of attraction for the targeted people with my outstanding managing capability.

You will get service:

  • Up to 5000 Words Proofreading
  • Correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling and necessary edition
  • Grammar & Syntax Review
  • Fact-Checking
  • Content Rewriting
  • Structural Edit
  • Print Layout
  • Feedback
  • As you want

Why you may hire me:

  • I am skilled in English grammar, syntax, idioms, and word choice.
  • I like to work with full concentration.
  • I provide support even after delivery.
  • I must honestly preserve your information from disclosing.
  • High-Quality service.
  • I am Friendly.
  • 24 hours service.
  • Your satisfaction is my target.

I am looking forward to getting your job request.
Let me get a chance to be with you with my services.

Kindly, feel comfortable to contact me and ask me anything before ordering me.


I will translate upto 1000 words english, german, italian into each other for $5

I will translate upto 1000 words english, german, italian into each other

“In the name of Allah, the most glorified and highest”

Hope you are well by the grace of almighty Allah.

Hey, do you need to translate your documents without any mistakes? Do you want to reach your content to the English, German & Italian peoples? If so, I’m here to do this for you very fastly!

I’m a Professional and skilled translator. I can translate English, German, Italian into each other. Precision and quality ensured. I can translate any kind of word, pdf, excel and even jpg file!

I can translate all categories such as:

Contracts, books, papers, news stories, client manuals, legal documents, writings, sonnets, articles, magazines, essays and so on.

Bonus: Any kinds of file conversion such as pdf, ms word, powerPoint, excel, google docs & sheets, jpg, png, webp are totally free!!

Why Me?

*100% professional work

*High quality

*Low price

*100% satisfy guaranteed

*Response within few hours

*Money-back guarantee if you don’t satisfy

*40-50 words sample totally free as an example before starting (If you need this, please message me before placing the order)

*100% punctual


macos – Karabiner: How to remap keyboard shortcut on non-English keyboard to work as on US English keyboard

For a MacOS app I use (Notion), I wish to toggle the sidebar via the app-designated keyboard shortcut + . This shortcut works fine on US English keyboard layouts, but not on the Swedish keyboard I’m using.

The key that is reserved for (next to Return) on US English keyboards, instead types ' on Swedish keyboards.

I presumed that Karabiner-Elements could potentially solve this problem by remapping the shortcuts.

However, when inspecting Karabiner-EventViewer, it shows that pressing ' appears as in the event log:

type:key_down        code:49         name:backslash       misc:
type:key_up          code:49         name:backslash       misc:

If Karabiner-Elements interprets the key ' as , then it would seem I’m out of luck to remap these keys, since I’m assuming the script would essentially build on being able to discern between these two keys.

I’m not experienced with Karabiner, but below is roughly how I intended to solve the problem using a Complex Modification in karabiner.json. Please note that I have copied bits from other sources and adapted them – I don’t know if the structure and options are correct as they are untested.

As you can see, it probably doesn’t make sense to rebind from "key_code":"backslash" to "key_code":"backslash".

         "description":"Notion: Remap CMD + ' to CMD + Backslash",

How can I solve this problem? Can Karabiner-elements be made to accurately interpret ' in its EventViewing capacity, or can I use some key designation in the JSON specific to '? Or use some other solution entirely?