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I will translate and write a perfect article in Thai for you 500 words for $10

I will translate and write a perfect article in Thai for you 500 words

You know that the internet is the perfect opportunity to attract the ideal client.

If you are ever in need of a Thai article you have come to the right place!
I will write any Thai article on any given subject. 

The services I provide for you are:

  • Well written article/blog/text
  • Fast delivery
  • Basic research for all topics

The extra’s I can provide are:

  • Extra words for cheap prices
  • Extra fast delivery
  • References & Citations
  • Stock Photos 


I will do english to hindi translation for $2

I will do english to hindi translation

I can translate word to word from English to Hindi and vice versa, also if required can change the context and make it more understandable, more catchy and simple. Can provide a guide to understand languages , meaning of phrases, synonym, antonym or your query about understanding the manner in which a particular word or phrase is used.

Even send me a topic or some rough content, I will provide you a beautiful article summarizing all your content.


Native English writer here who is giving away 5 free 500 word articles for review

Hello, I am an experienced copywriter and content writer who has been writing for many years. I provide the highest quality content you can find, and users in other digital marketing forums enjoy my services and talk a lot about me.

Since I'm new to the forum, I'm going to give 5 free 500-word articles in return for a review to users with over 500 posts.


I will translate any text, article or short story from English into Spanish for $ 5

I will translate any text, article or short story from English into Spanish

I am a translator with more than 7 years of experience. I will translate any text, article or story from English to Spanish. Traducire English to Spanish or Spanish to English. I've translated everything from school announcements to court documents and everything in between. I offer everyday translations from English to Spanish or vice versa. I have confidence that I can help you translate all the content you need. Please be assured that your orders will be professionally translated.

Writing – How do I write, review and coach a better English language in the documentation?

My job is to write and review English prose regularly (in the form of pull requests) in the documentation of our internal system, which is unique to other developers in a strong American company around the world.

This letter falls into two categories – a documentation website and documentation snippets in our API (e.g. Swagger documents for our REST API). I believe that both have a great influence on the first impressions of the users of our system / product and that this first impression is important to me. We have no formal technical writers on the team or company that I know of.

I am a native English speaker and I spoke good English at school. Over half of my team does not speak native English. Obviously, their English is infinitely superior to my skills in other languages, and they deserve credit for the English they write and speak.

However, I am often disappointed with the quality of the English that I see in the documentation, even from native English speakers. I am very happy with the review of code based on static analysis, best practices, team guidelines, rules of thumb and personal experience. I'm significantly less happy with reviewing documentation changes – I don't feel like I have any reference points or concrete evidence I can rely on, just the gut feeling I've used since school. In the end, I often comment on PRs with what I think the text should be without much justification or logic.

On a bad day, I question my own writing. Nobody ever comments on my English, so I don't get regular feedback like my code.
I also feel like I shouldn't be coaching junior developers to improve their own if I'm not sure what I'm writing.

I'm not sure if I'm just missing the comfort and security of a programming language and a compiler – or if there is really room for improvement. How can I improve what I write, the constructive criticism of the documentation and ultimately the entire team?

Translate the technical term from Germany into English in SharePoint websites

We can fix this by providing alternative languages ​​in SharePoint or SharePoint Online. For example, go to SharePoint Online the settings on a site page and choose Page settings. In the Site Administration section, click language settingsThen select the desired language in the Alternative language Section.

However, it is not always translated as expected, Microsoft is aware of this problem and there is no concrete solution to it.

As an alternative solution, Microsoft suggests opting for that multilingual websites.

The key is to create pages and websites for each site using Microsoft’s "Source-target paradigm"With this approach, there is a single master site that creates content in your default language and then queues it for translation (by you) into the languages ​​you support. Users receive these translations in the selected language, if available .

See the following article for details:

How to make a SharePoint site multilingual

Localization – How do you recognize the English variant used in a PDF?

Every now and then I get a PDF file (which usually (but not always) contains a usable text layer) that contains research in English. I have to choose the variant of English (British versus American). What I'm doing now is manually looking for occurrences of words that make a difference: behavior, behavior, color, color, analysis, analysis, etc. This is unreliable, but better than nothing, and besides, I can't search for all the differences between the two languages. Do you know of a web app (or standalone app) that would do this automatically? If so, how about trying it out at

I will translate forn engish into spanish and vice versa for $ 5

I will translate forn engish into spanish and vice versa

Hello, my name is Alexander. I am a native Spanish speaker from Ecuador. If you have a text that you need to translate from English to Spanish and vice versa, I can do the work for you. I have been working as an independent translator for four years and I enjoy it. My main goal when translating a text is to preserve its essence and naturalness. You can send me any type of text: academic, literary, official, I will work with everyone and once you have your translation ready, if you are not satisfied I will correct it until you are satisfied with the result for free. The standard package includes a 500 word translation for $ 5 with a limit of 2500 words within 3 days. A fee of $ 5 is charged for each additional 300 words. I offer urgent one-day delivery for an additional $ 10 fee. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day