africa – In which African countries is the least English spoken?

Gambia and Malawi have the lowest percentage of English speakers according to Wikipedia. The only place with lower percentage is China at 0.9% compared to 2.34 and 3.88 for Gambia and Malawi, respectively. There are a few other countries in Africa with fewer than 10%: Swaziland, Uganda, Tanzania and Algeria.

As you recently found out, a lot of countries in Africa have plenty of English speakers due to colonial times and this tends to be concentrated around larger cities, so a global percentage will not be representative of the main cities since access to education varies greatly in that part of the world.

Interestingly, other than Algeria listed above, all these other countries list English as an official language! This could make people want English and more likely to pay for classes, although this is speculation on my part.

uk – How can I cross the English channel with a car?

To cross the Channel with a vehicle, you have two choices: ferry or train. The ferry costs less and takes longer, the train faster and more expensive. Folkestone is the departure point for the Eurotunnel train to Calais; the most popular ferry crossing is Dover-Calais.

Here’s an overview of some of the options:

To France, the choices are Dover–Dunkerque, Newhaven-Dieppe, Portsmouth to Le Havre, Caen, Cherbourg, or St Malo; Poole-Cherbourg, Plymouth-Roscoff.

The ferry route from England to Belgium is Hull-Zeebrugge. For the Netherlands, Hull-Rotterdam, Newcastle-IJmuiden, Harwich-Hoek van Holland.

As for convenience, that depends on where you start your journey and where you’re heading.

Professional translation into Arabic, Turkish and English. articles, books for $3

Professional translation into Arabic, Turkish and English. articles, books

The world is populated with number of dialects, and each language has a great many monolingual or bilingual speakers. Any work to set up an interpretation organization is a difficult undertaking, in light of the fact that the figure of forthcoming contenders is huge. Whenever you have begun your interpretation organization, very soon you will become acquainted with about genuine rivalry and the interpretation fantasies that actually win in the present remote correspondence world


reference request – English translation of von Neumann’s Algebra der Funktionaloperationen (1930)

Does anyone know if there exists an English translation of von Neumann’s early work in operator theory, in particular the paper Zur Algebra der Funktionaloperationen und Theorie der normalen Operatoren?

The full citation is Mathematische Annalen volume 102, pages 370–427(1930).

If not, are there any expository works in English from around that time period covering von Neumann’s work, maybe say pre-1950?

How does the assembler translate english assembly to binary machine code instructions?

My assumptions (please correct me if anything in this part is wrong including wrong usages of jargons)

In MIPS instructions, add t1 t2 t3 translates to 00000001010010110100100000100000 . The add, t1, t2, t3 I suppose first of all get translated to some ASCII value implemented on the hardware level. For example, t1 is 116 049 in binary by the ASCII convention. But then, these ASCII values gotta map to the instruction. Per the MIPS op code specification, add corresponds to the last 6 100000 bits, t1 corresponds to the 01001 bits in the middle, etc.


Assuming my assumptions are correct, how exactly does the assembler take the 116 049 and map it to 01001? In this course called nand2tetris, I’ve been writing an assembler in C which is really just a text parser. Obviously, C gets translated to assembly, so the actual assembler has no access to it. Thus came the confusion.

8 – New language defined and set to default, original language on config translation still remains English

I have installed languages and set one of them as default, but still numerous things, for example Translations for User account menu block (admin/structure/block/manage/bartik_account_menu/translate) has English as original language. What can cause this?

This is an outdated version 8.9.11 which I’m not using in production, but I’m desperately trying to understand why this is happening on this installation, unlike on others where “original language” nicely becomes whatever has been set as the default language, as this is ruining my clever plans on exporting and importing some configs.