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8 – Some translations are overwritten by English strings

I am creating a Drupal 8 site whose default language is Japanese.

I need to translate all user interface strings that are visible to authenticated users to Japanese. A few dozen strings were not translated, so I translated them over /admin/config/regional/translate,

The problem, however, is that some of the simplest and most basic strings display the English word as a "custom translation". (e.g. "Preview" on node editing pages, "User" in the pulldown "Dynamic Entity Reference", "Apply" for content moderation
Transitional forms.)

Enter image description here

I can translate it from /admin/config/regional/translate, but after a while (like a few merges in Git) the translation is overwritten by the English strings.

Strangely enough, they have already been translated into and my local .po files.

msgid "Preview"
msgstr "プレビュー"

As far as I can see, importing translations from .po files also works for other strings.

Of course (?), If they display English strings, the database is locate_target The table stores the English strings as translation,

But why is this happening? Where does the string come from?

The automatic update is not activated.
Enter image description here

At first, I thought adding modules would solve the problem (since Drupal will look for a locale update when a module is activated), but I couldn't just reproduce it by reinstalling modules.

I also tried everything that came to my mind – crush, cron, cim, locale: check, locale: update – but nothing could reproduce it.)

The site does not have a custom module that affects the locale process.

I am stuck. Please help …

Email Client – How can you download an English version of Foxmail and get POP up and running?

I always uninstall and reinstall foxmail. I was able to download Foxmail at least on Windows 10, but when it opened in Chinese, I asked someone to read it for me and used the correct POP ports, but it still doesn't work. The only progress I made was uninstalling the buggy version and reinstalling the software. But I still can't get through the steps to get POP up and running. Does anyone have any instructions for screenshots? At least how to translate it, because it's an app and there is no translator.

Australia – English test for Australian visas – replacement documents?

I am a Polish citizen and have lived and worked in the UK for 6 years. Right, I work as a health and safety manager / administrator in the shop. Since I can't do my job without communicative English, I wondered if there was another way (besides taking the English test) to prove my English at a communicative level. Perhaps I could present the letter to the company and proof of the accounting scheme?
Thanks for all the answers.