dnd 5e – What should happen if you enlarge an explosive?

My thief played a bomb and hid from a wizard who would ignite it remotely when the guards approached it with magic. While they waited, the wizard came up with the good idea to throw "enlarge" at it and convert 1 pound of explosives to 8 pounds of explosives.

I winged it a little bit and the explosion was twice as big (hit everyone in 10 feet instead of 5) and did additional 1d4 damage, although this should be the effect if it's a weapon.

Is there a suitable way under RAW to deal with an "enlarged" explosive?

GUI design – user interface to enlarge the image and display the next image

I have a website that displays articles. Each article can contain several images, but only one is displayed together with the article text. The user can click an image to display the next image. You can tap, tap, and tap all the pictures while you stay on the item.

I would also like to add a magnification feature that shows the image in full size. Tip seems to be the obvious choice. Not sure how to put it all together? Swipe is used to wipe objects.

There are thumbnails of every picture on tablets, but I'm not sure I want to take up as much vertical space on the phone.

Background Slider to enlarge images so that only the center of the image is displayed

I'm new to WordPress (and website design in general), and I've added a background slider to my home page, but the pictures seem to be zoomed in so that only the center of the picture and not the entire picture is visible. I tried to get help from Godaddy, but they said I needed help from a WordPress developer. Can I adjust some settings to show the entire image? I use Divi Theme. The website is new.partnerpattern.com. It's just a temporary site that I want to build before we get it up and running. But I can not live it until this problem is resolved. Any help would be appreciated.

Lightroom: Is there a way to enlarge and crop all images?

Can I only achieve this with Lightroom ?:

I have several hundred pictures that I would like to enlarge and crop.
I would like to cut for all images only in the middle area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach photo. (I may also have to move the crop to a few). Then I will export and send to client.

I realize that I could probably export all the images from Lightroom, then do the work in Photoshop with "Batch". But is there a way to do this in Lightroom?

I have been using Lightroom for a while. I can copy the dimensions to be the same for all images, but not zoom in / out.

Many thanks.

Does the Reduce / Enlarge spell option cause 2W4 less damage on a critical hit?

The critical hit rule is:

If you critically hit, you may roll additional dice for the damage done to the target. Throw all damage cubes of the attack twice and add them. Then add all relevant modifiers as usual. To accelerate the game, you can roll all damage cubes at the same time.

For example, if you hit a dagger critically, roll 2W4 for the damage, not 1W4, and then add your relevant ability modifier. If the attack is associated with other damage dice, eg. For example, with the Rogue's Sneak Attack feature, roll the dice twice.

So, I would expect a character to deal 2W4 of additional damage on a critical hit when magnified by the Increase / Decrease spell.

Does that mean, however, that they would roll 2W4 and subtract that value from the damage inflicted if they made a critical strike while decreasing their size by the same spell?

Boy Scout 1e – Can a character using a polymorphic spell be targeted by Enlarge Person?

After searching Shifter for a build, I noticed that they use the same class function (wild form) as a druid. The wild form depends on the beast form (including similar spells), which is a spell of the polymorphic sub-school. After reviewing what Polymorph spells do (link), there's no indication you're changing your creature type. Even if your body is physically a bear, you're still a humanoid, according to magic.

Zoom in The person can target any humanoid. Can a magician / magician, as a wild-type druid or shifter still count as a humanoid (according to magic), magnify a person on the big bear, make it a giant bear, and increase the person's benefits? I can think of a few ways in which wizards and sorcerers can potentially increase a person's beast form (or other polymorphic spell), but this seems to be the most common potential scenario.

Device Migration – Double-tap to enlarge the Pixela3 Chrome browser?

I've just switched the iPhone to a Pixel 3a, and one of the things I'm missing right now is double double typing to zoom into Chrome. I did not find anything suggesting that the feature does not exist on Android. I found some disabling questions, but I do not see these options myself, so I can not just activate them.

When I double click on a block of text instead of zooming in on the screen, only the word I typed is selected. Instead, I have to adjust the zoom level with pinch-to-zoom until the right size is reached.

Am I missing a mindset to enable this? Is there another way to zoom? Are there alternatives to pinching to zoom?