Can you enter the Schengen area with a residency visa from another country?

The Schengen area has an Annex II list of countries, which grants passport holders the right to enter the Schengen area visa free. In addition, this right is present for citizens of non-Schengen members of the EU (Ireland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria). Does this right also extend to any residents of these countries?

In other words, is there a residency permit issued by any non-Schengen state that would enable its holder to enter the Schengen area visa free?

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usa – Can a US citizen leave and enter the US using a foreign passport?

Generally, airlines worry most about you holding a visa for the destination country. I have left the US many times forgetting to return my I-94, but I obviously had an entry record for that passport.

However, it is illegal for US citizens to enter or leave the US on another than a US passport. Since you are a US citizen, you can not obtain a US visa (for your foreign passport) and you are required to enter with your US passport (as clearly stated on the US embassy website):

If you plan to re-enter the US with a foreign passport, you might get into trouble! Of course, this is up to the immigration officer, but you will already have issues boarding your flight, as the airline will check for a valid visa/ESTA with the foreign passport you plan to return with.

As a US citizen you can not obtain a visa/ESTA for your foreign passport. During the application process you will be asked if you hold or have ever held US citizenship and will therefore be refused a visa.

You can generally acquire an emergency / temporary travel document or expedite the passport application:

covid 19 – Can I enter Denmark by car without a PCR test?


If you live in Netherlands, that is an orange country (yes I know, but now also according to the Danish classification) you need:

  • Test before arriving in Denmark
  • Test after arrival
  • Isolation after arrival

The tests could be PCR or quick antigen tests.

All requirements are void if you are fully vaccinated more than two weeks ago or was previously infected.

Note that the country classifications can change very week.

covid 19 – Do I need PCR test to enter Switzerland by vehicle from Germany?

No. The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG/OFSP) has the information you need.

As of June 3, the last German states (Land Sachsen and Thüringen) are removed from the high-risk list. But the situation can again change and states may be added back.

From a low-risk country/region, you may enter by private vehicle, bike or as a pedestrian without particular conditions. If you take a bus or train, an entry form needs to be filled in. If you are taking a flight, a negative test is also necessary. Exemptions apply for persons coming from border regions, fully vaccinated persons within last six months, persons who recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months and other grounds (see the link for more detailed information).

Crypto could enter games?

There are some games that are just classics and as a result these games continue to increase in popularity with time. One of these games in Grand Theft Auto and this is a game that many people have grown accustomed to and are awaiting the next instalment of the game, which is only set to release in a few years from now. However, there is a rumour that cryptocurrency could be worked into the next Grand Theft Auto game. Do you think that this will be a good idea?

usa – Can my child enter the US on a foreign passport?

My child is entitled to US citizenship but we have been unable to register her birth abroad as due to covid we cannot get an embassy appointment. She has a valid UK passport. We need to travel to the US, will she be able to enter the US on her UK passport? She would be travelling with me (UK passport holder), my husband (US passport holder) and our other child (US passport holder).

Which visa and/or work permit do I need to enter and work in Germany as a foreign researcher? [migrated]

I accepted an offer for a three-year postdoc in Germany. It is not clear to me if I need to apply for a work permit/EU Blue Card in addition to my researcher visa. Where can I learn more? (Or do I wait for my institution to advise me on the next steps.) I don’t speak German.

reactjs – Why do I need to hit enter in Web address bar with React Routes?

Working on a simple ReactJS/TypeScript project. My react routes rarley work unless I go to the address bar and hit enter on them, some times removing the query string.

Thanks in Advance.

My Router component

 return (
      <Router history={browserHistory}>
        <Header />
          <Redirect exact from="/" to={ROUTE_PATHS.LANDING} />
          <AppRoute path={ROUTE_PATHS.LANDING} component={PublicLanding} />
          <AppRoute path={ROUTE_PATHS.REGISTER} component={Register} />
          <AppRoute protected path={ROUTE_PATHS.DASHBOARD} component={Dashboard} />
          <AppRoute protected path={ROUTE_PATHS.FORMS} component={Forms} />
        <Footer />

And my AppRoute component:

const AppRoute: React.FC<IAppRouteProps> = ({
  protected: isPrivateRoute,
  component: Component,
}) => {
  const { keycloak } = useKeycloak();

  return (
      render={(props) =>
        !isPrivateRoute || (isPrivateRoute && keycloak.authenticated) ? (
          <Component {...props} />
        ) : (
          <Redirect from={path} to={ROUTE_PATHS.LANDING} />