covid 19 – Residents of which countries are currently allowed to enter Japan?

Timatic says the following about entering Japan. The list is very long, but doesn’t actually cover every country – e.g. Fiji is not there. What’s the full list of territories from which one can travel to Japan? Or is this Japan’s peculiar way of banning all foreigners without explicitly saying so, so no one can actually enter Japan at the moment? If so, what’s the reasoning behind this indirect approach to restricting travel?

Passengers who have transited through or have been in Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, {long list of countries removed}, Venezuela or Viet Nam in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter.

How can I cancell my UK Visa from Africa, i enter the information online

The options for cancellation are explained here

  • If you have not yet given your fingerprints and photo, you can cancel your application online and your fee will be refunded.

  • If you have already given your fingerprints and photo, contact UKVI to cancel your application. Your fee will not be refunded.

If you have already given your biometric information but are unable to travel to the UK because of coronavirus, send an email to the coronavirus immigration help centre They will let you know if your fee will be refunded or not.

Your email must be in English and include:

Use ‘POST BIOMETRIC REFUND REQUEST’ as the subject line.

seattle – Enter US from Hong Kong during covid possible?

I am wondering whether I as HK resident (German citizen) can currently enter the United States by flying from Hong Kong (via transit in Vancouver) to Seattle Tacoma airport?

In the following link it states that those from China cannot enter the US but that Hong Kong is excluded. Can anyone who may have further information shed some light into whether I can currently enter the US through Seattle international airport?

When I create a proximity search filter in views I receive an error when I enter values for both the distance and origin

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ubuntu – Unable to boot and enter BIOS


That’s the all information I remember: yesterday I tried to make my laptop dual-bootable(there was already Windows 10, and the second OS I wanted to appear was Ubuntu 20.04). For that I made Live USB using Rufus.

During the installation process I have created an EFI system partition(installer suggests do so), a partition for the whole filesystem and a swap partition. Then the automatic installation began and in a couple of minutes a fatal error occured: Exexuting grub-install /dev/sda1 failed,and the installation broke down.

After that I have tried several times to install Ubuntu with all the available partition for boot loader options. As you can guess, they all failed.

Today I have discovered something unusual: after pressing power button there is manufacturer’s logo, but black screen after that. Also, I have no ability to enter Setup Utility settings (simply speaking BIOS).

To resolve this problem I started searching the web, and nothing helped me.

I tried:

  • take out ac adapter, battery, and reset CMOS with holding power buttong for 40 secondds
  • take out ram and insert it back

Laptop info:

  • Asus N56JN
  • Intel Core i5 2.8GHz
  • RAM 6GB

Also, I don`t think I have access to the CMOS battery because I can’t take out one screw having physical damage.

Can a non-EU national enter the Schengen area via Croatia during the COVID pandemic travel restrictions?

According to IATA, passengers may enter Croatia for tourism even if they’re not EU nationals (presuming I’m reading the rules correctly):

passengers traveling as tourists with a confirmation of accommodation booking;

And likewise according to the same source many Schengen countries admit passengers arriving directly from Croatia, such as Slovakia:

This does not apply to passengers arriving from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China (People’s Rep.), Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong (SAR China), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (Rep.), Italy, Japan, Korea (Rep.), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macao (SAR China), Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland or the United Kingdom

Does this mean that, say, a US citizen without a long-term Schengen visa can fly into Croatia and then fly into the Schengen area?

formatting – Enter without execute

As far as I know shift+enter executes the code whereas plain enter merely goes onto the next line. However, sometimes pressing just enter also runs the code and I cant type onto the next line without starting the code, then going back and pressing enter mid text. What is causing this inconsistency?

windows 10 – Why do I need to enter my BitLocker recovery key every time after dual-booting Ubuntu?

I recently got a new laptop and installed Windows 10 Pro. This laptop is UEFI-enabled and has BitLocker drive encryption. Following the advice of some other posts I first suspended BitLocker then rebooted into the UEFI and disabled both fast-boot and secure boot. Then I booted into my flash drive by holding shift while pressing the restart button (in Windows). I installed Ubuntu using the “Something Else” option and placed it on the partition I had previously created. Note that I left the default “Device for boot loader installation” option (i.e. the main boot partition shared by Windows). Now Grub is the main bootloader which is used to chain-load the Windows boot manager.

Well, now BitLocker requires the dang 48-number encryption key every time I start windows. Even if I just boot into Windows and immediately restart the key is still required. I’ve tried suspending BitLocker and rebooting, same story. I can boot into Linux just fine but every time I boot into Windows it requests the key.
I thought providing the key was intended to convince BitLocker to trust the current state?

What should I do? How do I get my machine to stop requesting the recovery key? Is there a better way to install Ubuntu for dual-booting? Did I miss a step? Maybe I should have placed Grub somewhere else?

Please help. Thanks