bash – Enter at the end of a specific line

I have the following file.txt following the same pattern, and I want to change it where that file is by adding an IP address:

# gfhfhgfh
# Access
/ bin / false

I would like to add an IP at the end of the line that contains USER CONSOLE as the user:

    USER CONSOLA * ,! ,! ,!,

At the moment I can only add the IP in the whole document, but not in this line is the code used

sed's /  r ? $ / ,!' file.txt 

c # – I get and the ConnectionString property was not initialized when I try to enter data into my database twice

I can enter the data for the first time, but when I try to enter something else, I say the ConnectionString property was not initialized.
I hope someone can help me
: ///, -, -, – /////////
: ///, -, -, – ///

with system;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Data.SqlClient;

Namespace DM_app.Modeli
public static class DB
private static string connectionString = @ "datasource =
(LocalDB)  MSSQLLocalDB; AttachDbFilename =
C:  Users  Kira  Documents  BazaPodatakaDeliverMe.mdf; Integrated security
True; Connection timeout = 30 ";

internal static SqlConnection con = new
SqlConnection (connectionString);

internal static void OpenCon ()
con.Open ();

internal static void CloseCon ()
con.Close ();


using (SqlConnection com = DB.con)

DB.OpenCon ();
int a = Prijavljeni_korisnik.id_pro;
SqlCommand sqlCmd = new SqlCommand ("OdjelAdd", com);
sqlCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
sqlCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue ("@ NazivOdjela", metroTextBox8.Text.Trim ());
sqlCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue ("@ProdavacID", a);
sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery ();
DB.CloseCon ();
MessageBox.Show ("Podaci su pohranjeni.");

Mouse – Enter after waking up from hibernation

In Ubuntu 16:04 I have a serial mouse. It can be specified from the terminal via
sudo inputattach –daemon –intellimouse / dev / ttyS0 and starts in the boot process inputattach –intellimouse / dev / ttyS0 Line in /etc/rc.local

This is correct, but I have not found an automatic restart method after Suspend wakes up. By suggestion for other serial devices I have added 99_sermouse_restart executable script too /etc/pm/sleep.d Folder with content

#! / bin / bash
# suspend_inputattach () {
# inputattach automatically stops when suspending, so not necessary
# usr / sbin / inputattach
Echo "Elindult ..."> / tmp / inputattach_teszt
resume_inputattach () {
echo "most ugrik ..." >> / tmp / inputattach_teszt
# Start the input-attach program
# sleep 10s && inputattach --daemon --intellimouse / dev / ttyS0
# sleep 10s && inputattach --intellimouse / dev / ttyS0 &
killall inputattach && sleep 10s && inputattach --intellimouse / dev / ttyS0 &
# inputattach --intellimouse / dev / ttyS0 &
#echo "ugrott ..." >> / tmp / inputattach_teszt

Case "$ 1" in
Post Office)
#echo "benne volt ..." >> / tmp / inputattach_teszt
echo "nincs benne ..." >> / tmp / inputattach_teszt
Echo $? >> / tmp / inputattach_teszt
echo "befelezte ..." >> / tmp / inputattach_teszt

finish $?

By / tmp / inputattach_teszt

Elindult ...
most ugrik ...
stoned ...

it is obvious, inputattach it runs without error, but the mouse does not work (must be activated by the described terminal command). I have made attempts with modification of input line of the script, but to no avail (some are included as comment in the script). I'm afraid the script runs earlier, it would be optimal, but I do not know how to put it into a later point in the resume, nor the actual reason for the failure. Can you help me? Many Thanks

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