Enter an International Import Agreement for manufacturers, importers, wholesalers for 50 US $

Enter an International Import Agreement for manufacturers, importers, wholesalers

Are you a manufacturer and / or importer, a wholesaler and do you need an international importer agreement?

This self-signed contract was signed by a world-renowned business consultant (based in New York) with attorneys worth several thousand dollars

This contract contains 27 points as follows with numerous sub-items:

§ 1. Subject
§ 2. Term
§ 3. Territory
§ 4. Obligations of the supplier
§ 5. Duties of the importer
§ 6. Resellers
§ 7. Identification
§ 8. Minimum quantities
§ 9. Pricing
§ 10. Products
§ 11. Early termination
§ 12. Consequences of the termination
§ 13. Default interest
§ 14. Offsetting and retention
§ 15. Warranty and liability
§ 16. Punishment
§ 17. Indexing
§ 18. Assignment
§ 19. Form and time pictures
§ 20. Appendices and examples
§ 21. Entity
§ 22. Waiver
§ 23. Waiver of withdrawal
§ 24. Legal assistance
§ 25. Applicable law
§ 26. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction
§ 27. Severability clause

The contract can be used immediately by adding your personal information and data. Let me know if you have any questions before you place the order. Please read my FAQ !!

Please note: Strictly NO refund

Save yourself a lot of time and money !!!


frequently asked Questions

In which language is the contract written?
In English. You can also sign the contract in English and German. Please request a quote

What exactly do I get?
You will receive the agreement, which is empty and comprises 16 pages. It is in Word format and written in English

Do I have to fill out the agreement?
Yes, you will receive the agreement empty. This means that you need to add / complete your personal information. If you need help with adding / refilling, please request a quote.

Am I entitled to a refund?
Strictly no refund!


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dnd 5e – Can an invisible servant enter Leomund's little hut?

Your GM must be aware of some limitations. RAW and RAI, the text of Leomund's Tiny Hut, suggests that magical effects of any kind can not get into the hut.

Creatures and items in the dome can move freely through this spell. All other living things and objects must not go through.

Everything is fine with this line because Unseen Servant is a "medium force".

Spells and other magical effects can not extend or be through the dome
by throwing

Invisible minions can not extend through the dome as intended or be thrown on the opposite side of the caster. However, this is an area where GM can make a decision about the meaning of "expand".

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