google sheets – Keeping manually entered data side-by-side with pivot table data — row misalignment issue

I have a Pivot Table (columns 1 and 2), and I also have manually inserted data (columns 3 and 4):


But when more data gets added to the pivot table, the manually entered columns won’t follow “their” row, so the rows become misaligned like this:


I would need the table to behave so that when new data gets added to the pivot table, the manually inserted rows keep up with “their” row, like this:


I’ve looked around, tried to make it work, but couldn’t find anything. Any help?

microsoft excel – Hot to prevent duplicate entries in specific range in each row ,But only allow two possible values can be entered into each cell?

I need to prevent duplicate entries in specific range in each row (B*:J*) ,But only allow two possible values can be entered into each cell in this range “Yes” or “No”.I used this formula in data validation =COUNTIF($B3:$J3,B3)=1 and applied to the subsequent rows. The issue now , I need these range of cells accept “Yes” or “No” only by using any means even vba. any help will be appreciated.

this link for the sample sheet:

beginner – Short function to check if an entered answer is close to a correct one

I had this trivia game, and from the review I got I improved my game. One of the improvements I made was this short function, to check the correctness of an answer (so if the correct answer was “Yellowstone park in Wyoming”, “Yellowstone park” could be accepted. The code I have below works, but I would like it to be smarter, as the current code is simple. Any ideas? Thanks.

def check(answer, correct, percentage):
    matches = 0
    if len(answer) < len(correct):
        for x in range(len(answer)):
            if answer(x) == correct(x):
                matches += 1
            total = len(correct)
        for x in range(len(correct)):
            if answer(x) == correct(x):
                matches += 1
            total = len(answer)
    matches_percentage = (matches/total * 100)
    if matches_percentage >= percentage:
        return True
        return False

What countries may be entered without visa by the holder of a Ghana refugee travel document?

The country where you fled persecution

Country of Origin

Recognized refugees, can apply for and use the refugee passport from the Department of Home Affairs for travel abroad. This Ghanan-issued refugee passport is valid for travel abroad, including to the country of origin.

Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, South Africa: Whether the travel document issued to refugees is valid for travel to the country from which the person fled persecution, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo

magento2 – The product’s required option(s) weren’t entered. Make sure the options are entered and try again

I am getting the standard error when the product requires options to be selected before adding to the quote/cart. However, it seems the error is displaying multiple times to match the number of options there are. See screenshot below.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

enter image description here

During COVID, which Schengen Zone countries can be entered through non-Schengen corridor countries, without quarantine? (April 2021)

As a resident of Ukraine (US passport holder), I’d like to know which Schengen Zone countries can be entered (for tourism purposes) without requiring quarantine time, when entered from a corridor country.

For example, Malta lists that travelers from Turkey can enter, assuming they’ve been in Turkey for the past 14 days.

So one could visit Turkey for 14 days, then visit Malta, then presumably visit other Schengen Zone countries from there.

I’d like to know if there are other similar “corridor countries” options available to enter the Schengen Zone, that allow bypassing quarantine time (COVID tests are no problem).

Compare entered password to stored password

I have created a form signup which you create a password. I then compare the entered password & email to the stored password & email for a successful login. I am having an issue of getting an email address of undefined for the stored email. I’m sure it is something simple. Below is my code –

const memberSignUp = (event) => {
  let formData = {
    firstName: document.getElementById("firstName").value,
    lastName: document.getElementById("lastName").value,
    email: document.getElementById("userEmail").value,
    password: document.getElementById("userPassword").value,
  localStorage.setItem("formData", JSON.stringify(formData));
  alert("Account successfully created");
  window.location = "landing.html";

function clearForm() {
  document.getElementById("firstName").value = "";
  document.getElementById("lastName").value = "";
  document.getElementById("userEmail").value = "";
  document.getElementById("userPassword").value = "";

function memberSignIn() {
  let storedEmail = $("#storedEmail").val();
  let storedPassword = $("#storedPassword").val();
  let enteredEmail = $("#memberEmail").val();
  let enteredPassword = $("#memberPassword").val();
  console.log(storedEmail, enteredEmail);
  if (enteredEmail == storedEmail && enteredPassword == storedPassword) {
    alert("Login successful.");
    window.location = "index.html";
    return false;
  } else {
    alert("Incorrect username or password.");
    window.location = "landing.html?#";

Query to find last entered payment

Hi, scoured the forum, using MAX and LAST to see if I could find an answer. No luck for my targeted situation.

I have a table (view) that combines two tables:

Works fine.. But, I need to create a query that will list only the last payment made by a member so a query can be created for periodic payment notices.



MembersID (foriegn key to MemberID)

I hope I gave enough information to get started, thanks for considering.

Ron Scott


sensitive data exposure – Website showing entered credit card number as valid or invalid

I noticed on a website that when I entered my credit card number, the entry box was highlighted blue:

enter image description here

I then tried a dummy credit card number, which made the box highlight red, indicating that credit card number can not be used:

enter image description here

I then tried entering other credit card numbers from expired credit cards and the box highlighted blue again, so the page is checking if entered credit cards belong to an actual card.

Is this a secure practice? Because I could iterate all number combinations and discover which numbers belong to an existing credit card.