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sharepoint enterprise – How to create an auto incrementing counter that resets every year

In order to get this to work, you will need to store two numbers:

  • The current value of the auto-increment number
  • What year that auto-increment number is from (because you will need to check – if it’s a new year, you need to reset the auto-increment number)

The way that I have gotten this to work most effectively is by storing those numbers as properties on the property bag of the list where I am using those custom ID numbers, and generating the custom ID (and checking those numbers stored on the property bag) using an ItemAdded event receiver. (As this answer states, technically a SPList object does not have a Properties “property bag” property, but the SPFolder that is the SPList.RootFolder does.)

What is a property bag? It’s a way we can store key/value pairs internally in SharePoint at various hierarchy levels (Web Application, Site Collection, Web, Folder, etc.), which would be perfect for storing a couple numbers we need to use in code / an internal process, which we do not necessarily want everyday users to see.

I mention all that because you have tagged your question with sharepoint-enterprise which implies that you are working with a version of SharePoint on-prem and can therefore use server-side C# code, which all of the above relies on.

If you are comfortable programming C# server-side SharePoint code, and can deploy said custom code to your SharePoint farm, I would look into that.

However, you also state that you are new to working with SharePoint lists, and have also tagged your question with workflow, which leads me to believe you may not be comfortable writing a custom code solution in C#.

If this is the case, there is still a way to get this to work. Unfortunately you can’t access any property bags from SharePoint workflows, so you won’t be able to use the property bag on the list’s root folder. You’ll need to figure out some other way of storing those two numbers that you can access and write to from a workflow. Luckily, SharePoint gives you just such a mechanism: lists.

That’s right, all you would need to do is create a custom list (perhaps make it hidden from the UI, so that regular users don’t mess with it and accidentally edit the values), who’s only reason for existence is to store the two numbers you need for your auto-numbering system. I would make the Title field optional, add a column called “Year” and a column called “CurrentID”, and create a single list item, and set the “Year” to be this year, and the “CurrentID” to be 0 (zero). (You’ll see why in a minute.)

Then set up your workflow to do this:

  • When an item is created, go to your ID numbering tracking list and get the single tracking item there (ID: 1), and get the stored values of the Year and CurrentID columns.
  • Figure out the year the current item (that was just created) was created.
  • If the created year is the same as the stored year, increment the the CurrentID by one and save that in a workflow variable (see – if we initially set that to 0, after incrementing on the first created item we end up with 1).
  • Save that new CurrentID from the workflow variable back to the tracking list.
  • Use the Year and the new incremented CurrentID workflow variable along with whatever other data you need from the current item to generate your custom ID, and set it on the current item.
  • If the created year is not the same as the stored year, increment the Year value, and set the workflow variable that would have been an incremented CurrentID to be 1.
  • Save both of those changed values back to the tracking list.
  • Use the incremented year, the new CurrentID value of 1, and whatever other data you need from the current item to generate your custom ID, and set it on the current item.

So all you need is a list with a single item that will keep getting updated with the “current year” (which will only change once per year) and the “current ID” (which will get updated with every new ID generated), and you can have an auto-incrementing number that resets on each new year.

google cloud platform – Recaptcha Enterprise Refused to execute inline event handler Error

I tried to setup the latest Recaptcha Enterprise following but the Recaptcha itself is showing Content Security Policy error below in Chrome (Similar on Firefox):

Refused to execute inline event handler because it violates the
following Content Security Policy directive: “script-src
‘report-sample’ ‘nonce-8Yt5BNsTY9YytsBJiBWlPg’ ‘unsafe-inline’
‘strict-dynamic’ https: http: ‘unsafe-eval'”. Note that
‘unsafe-inline’ is ignored if either a hash or nonce value is present
in the source list.

I am able to replicate it on one of my public domain with a very basic HTML page at . Basically that page only contains the one line script to load Recaptcha and nothing else. Yet, you can see the error showing up in debug console.

<script src=""></script>

It is strange that the Google Recaptcha widget itself is showing a CSP error. May I know if this is a Google bug, or something wrong on my side that I should fix? Thanks.

sharepoint enterprise – Save conflict adding a content type to list after added as allowed content type in site level doc set template. What do I need to wait for or refresh?

So I’m trying to create a new content type at the site level, add it as an allowed content type in a custom document set content type, and then add it to all the libraries where the document set is used so that it’s actually there for people to use in the doc sets.

All this in a feature upgrade receiver, so C# / server-side code.

Everything goes pretty smoothly except that I’m getting “Save Conflict” SPException when I try to add the content type to each of the lists. I am used to paying attention to when I call Update() on something and then making sure to get a new reference to it if I plan to update it again to avoid those conflicts, but in this case I don’t call update on the lists, and I’m actually getting the references to the lists after I update the document set template, so I don’t see how they could have gotten stale.

Here’s basically how the code goes (although I omitted a lot of logging and error handling for clarity/brevity – I know that the error happens for each library because I’m catching those, so those exceptions are not interrupting the loop):

// at this point the new content type has been created
// successfully, so i get the _site_ level content types
SPContentType newCType = web.ContentTypes("New CType Name");
SPContentType docSetCType = web.ContentTypes("Document Set Name");

DocumentSetTemplate template = DocumentSetTemplate.GetDocumentSetTemplate(docSetCType);

// update with pushdown, because the doc set is used in many document libraries

// however, that did not actually add the new content type to any libraries,
// it only updated the document set to _allow_ it.  i still need to get the
// new content type into the libraries so users can add them in the doc sets.

// so get the usages
List<SPContentTypeUsage> usages = SPContentTypeUsage.GetUsages(docSetCType).ToList();

foreach (SPContentTypeUsage usage in usages)
    if (usage.IsUrlToList)
        // how can this not be a fresh reference to the libraries?
        // i didn't get this reference _before_ i updated the document set template,
        // i'm getting these references _after_ that update.
        SPList list = web.GetList(usage.Url);

        // i double check to make sure it wasn't automatically added when
        // the doc set template was updated, and i know it wasn't because...
        SPContentType listLevelCType = list.ContentTypes(newCType.Name);
        if (listLevelCType == null)
            // ...i have a log entry here to indicate that i am about to try to add it
            listLevelCType = list.ContentTypes.Add(newCType);

            // and this is what causes the save conflict.

What am I missing here? What do I need to refresh my reference to in order to not get a save conflict when adding to the lists’ content type collections?

sharepoint enterprise – Change SharerPoint 2019 User Profile Service Application Database

For some reasons we would like to change the User Profile Service Application Database. Can somebody point the correct approach to do it.

For e.g. Current user profile service application is hosted on SQL Server A. Now we want to move all the Databases related to User Profile Service Application to SQL Server B. We have My site and content database hosted on SQL Server A and we want to keep them there.

sharepoint enterprise – Opening documents results in security warning

I am a sharepoint beginner but help run our company site, and on it we have a resource library full of several libraries with urls to documents and files. We suddenly came upon an issue where clicking these files results in a security warning before downloading the file. Up to yesterday, clicking the urls of the file would open it as a new page in the browser, which is what I want the site to keep doing. This issue is happening on all of the browsers I’ve tested it on (chrome and edge).

This issue appears to be only happening on our main resource library site, as other sites with libraries are still opening documents fine in the browser without a warning.

The only recent change made to the library came from adjusting all of the views’ column formatting to make it so that the titles would wrap the text and be one click links, rather than needing a double click. The JSON code for this change is as follows:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "customRowAction": {
    "action": "defaultClick"
  "style": {
    "white-space": "wrap",
    "cursor": "pointer"
  "txtContent": "@currentField"

I’m not sure if the issue is related to an MS Office update or if it is from making some adjustment to the sharepoint site, but any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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sharepoint enterprise – SH2016 patch config Wiz error

I am trying to implement the new Jun patch on SH2016 farm and when I try to run the config Wiz I get an error unable to upgrade [searchAdminDatabase] failed and the reason it’s looking for a user account which was disabled, when I checked the DB owner I noticed all search, profile, Social, state service, sync, Wss_usageapplication DBs are owned by this account, it looks like this account was used to install SHP. All other DB are owned by Farm account.
I tried to change the ownership of these DBs to Farm account in SQL but did not fix the problem. My question is there a way to change the DB owner to continue or I have to install SHP again.

enter image description here

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sharepoint enterprise – How modify the default field validation message in InfoPath form 2013 & Sharepont 2016

What message you didn’t find?

Per my rest, I could find intlcorestrings.js in following path:

C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedWeb Server Extensions16TEMPLATELAYOUTSINC


C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedWeb Server Extensions16TEMPLATELAYOUTSINC1033

Then find strSaveWithErrors in this file:

enter image description here

Before you change it, remember to back up it.

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