App Windows – Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB X64 ESD SEP 2019 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Operating System: x64 | Language: English | Size: 3.21 GB

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* File: W10.LTSBX64.ENU.SEP2019.iso
* Size: 3.21GB
* Format: Bootable ISO

* SOURCE: DVD-9059483

* CRC32: 91dc3255
* MD5: 6019a38fccb1799f3d4285aae692e855
* SHA-1: 1c5a59a477e7e66ddd17b61fa9a456f4ec2399b9


* Dynamic update (s):
* KB4013419
* KB4039556
* Update the maintenance batch:
* KB4512574
* Cumulative update:
* KB4516044
* NET Framework 4.8:
* KB4486129
* Cumulative update for
* .NET Framework 4.8:
* KB4514354
* Security update for Flash Player:
* KB4516115

SetupComplete / After installation:

* .NET Framework 3.5
* Defender updates



* Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB – STD
* Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB – DLA

* STD = default installation – For users with their own license key
* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)


* UEFI enabled
* (Use the included Rufus USB tool to make UEFI bootable.)
* Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset 10.0 (Microsoft DaRT)
* install.wim compressed to recovery format (install.esd)


* Create a bootable USB stick with Rufus (highly recommended).
* (appended) or burn at slow speed on DVD-R.


* WindowsAddict, author of the Windows Activation Scripts

* I hope you will enjoy this release!


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GoodSync Enterprise Multilingual – NulledTeam UnderGround

GoodSync Enterprise Multilingual | 45.9 Mb

GoodSync syncs and backs up files such as photos, financial documents, MP3s, emails between desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives. GoodSync is the latest software in a range of highly reliable, easy-to-use products from Siber Systems, manufacturers of RoboForm.

It uses an innovative synchronization algorithm that provides true bidirectional synchronization.
No more clouds
GoodSync 9 connects multiple computers directly, eliminating the need for cloud-based solutions.
Faster than ever
Each new block-level synchronization synchronizes file changes, significantly improving the speed and efficiency of synchronization.
Access files from anywhere
Did you forget this file on your computer? No problem, use GoodSync Connect from any computer and sync it quickly.
Windows Vista / 7/8/10 32bit and 64bit


Windows 8.1 Enterprise with Update (x86-x64) Multilingual September 2019 Pre-Enabled – NulledTeam UnderGround

Windows (x86 / x64) | Languages: English, Arabic, French File size: 5.25 GB

Windows 8.1 developed version 8, which was released in 2013. In the windows of key changes can be noted that due to lack of user acceptance the user interface in the Windows 8 Metro user interface is placed on the edge after Windows Desktop has started directly directed.
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Supports high resolution displays with products like Microsoft Surface Pro that are able to compete and pay with Apple and Google. New features include a return to the Windows 8.1 Start button, interface search and UI changes, and new apps like Flipboard and Facebook and other customization features. You can have animated wallpapers and screensavers for every image you like.

NET Framework 3.5
NET Framework 4.8
DirectX Runtime 2010
Windows Defender Antivirus

What's new:
2019-09 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 8.1 for x86-x64-based Systems (KB4516115)
Service Pack Update 2019-09 for Windows 8.1 for x86-x64-based Systems (KB4512938)
Security update 2019-09 for .NET Framework 4.8 for Windows 8.1 only (KB4514331)
Cumulative Security Update 2019-09 for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 for x86-x64-based Systems (KB4516046)
Windows Defenger AntiVirus KB 2267602 V 1.301.1071.0
Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool August 2019 KB 890830



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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 10.5 Build 10513 Enterprise Multilingual – NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 167/169 MB

With ServiceDesk Plus, IT teams have transitioned from day-to-day firefighting to superior customer service. It provides excellent visibility and centralized control over IT issues to help companies avoid downtime. For 10 years millions of IT staff, end users and stakeholders alike have had a smile on their faces.
In case you do not want to get any further

Incident Management

Reduce outages, improve agent productivity, meet SLAs, and manage the entire lifecycle of IT tickets. Automate ticket workflows so your IT technicians can focus on other important tasks.

Service Catalog
Present your available IT services to end users and give your IT a new look. Build and publish your service catalog with custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and multi-level approvals.

problem management
Classifying, analyzing and closing problems. Analyze the causes and reduce repetitive incidents to increase the productivity of your IT help desk.

change management
Optimize planning, approval and implementation with automated workflows. Eliminate unauthorized and failed changes.

Track and manage all configuration items and associate their relationships and dependencies. Visually analyze the impact of changes and failures to make informed decisions.

IT project management
Build projects, manage resources, and track progress. Integrate IT projects with requirements and changes to optimize overall IT service delivery.
and more…

What's new?


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sharepoint enterprise – Lists users in the AD security group on the SP server

You can use the following commands:
Replace the asterisk (*) with the security group

Display on the screen:

  Get-ADGroupMember -identity "*" | Select Name

Export to CSV:

  Get-ADGroupMember -identity "*" | Select Name | Export-CSV -Path C:WindowsTempSecurityGroups.csv -NoTypeInformation

Link Source:

sharepoint enterprise – Sending e-mails with attachments

We need to be able to automate the sending of emails with attachments. For example the ff. Scenario:

  1. User requests a document to which the user has no access.
  2. Then pass some approvals and once approved
  3. After approval, the workflow sends the document as an attachment to the user

I do not think the SharePoint Designer workflow can do this immediately.

In my opinion, using the custom Visual Studio workflow, we can download the document and then send an email as an attachment with custom code. I am, however, dealing with large files or a large number of files. Is there a storage limit or can it affect the performance of our server if the workflow e-mail attachment is always running?

Or are there better approaches for that?

How to obtain the database size in SQL Server Enterprise Edition

I get an error regarding this query


SUM (CASE FOR TYPE = 0 THEN MF.size * 8 / 1024.0 ELSE 0 END) AS DataFileSizeMB,

SUM (CASE FOR TYPE = 1 THEN MF.size * 8 / 1024.0 ELSE 0 END) AS LogFileSizeMB,

sum (mf.size * 8 / 1024.0) as TotalSizeMB,

SYSDATETIME () as data-logged


sys.master_files MF

JOIN sys.databases DB ON DB.database_id = MF.database_id

WHERE DB.source_database_id is null


ORDER BY Datalogging DESC

ERROR: Arithmetic overflow error when converting the expression to the int data type

I'm doing this on SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition. I tried to do this on standard and other lower editions and it will work. Can someone say what's wrong with this code and what should be the right one. I do not own this code, I just copied it from another site.

Action taken: I tried to convert this to the bigint data type, but still no success.

Many thanks

wpa enterprise – I came across this network where public ip = local ip

By that I mean that when I type in ifconfig I get the same thing when I use an online website to get my public IP address. (like

It is a WPA2 Enterprise MGT network. (it needs both a username and password to log in)

All that appears on Wireshark are ARP Brodcasts, which I assume to be the DNS server. I tried running responder in analysis mode, which warned me that I was out of the subnet and could use ICMP redirection on the network (this message was displayed three times and different IP addresses were displayed each time.) After that it was all over nothing is displayed. I can still do a NetB scan to see other devices on my subnet (/ 24 does not supply anything while / 16 displays a bunch of computers).

Can you help me to identify this network? I would be very happy about your help!

Sharepoint Enterprise – Add a selection to a field associated with the content type

I have the following script:

$site = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("http://TEST123")
$web = $site.OpenWeb()
$field = $ct.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName("AddTESTColumn")                            
$ct.FieldLinks($ ="AddTESTColumn"     

I used the above to update the display name of a column associated with CT.

But now I want to update a selection box column so that a new selection "away" is added to the current choices, trying to use "choices.add" but still receiving an error message

I used the following:

$site = Get-SPSite -Identity "http://TEST123"

$web = $site.RootWeb
$field = 

and get the following message:

You can not call a method for a null-value expression.

the problem is with $field = $web.Fields("AddTESTColumn"); because it does not recognize the field name, though it exists. I used both the internal and the display name, the same problem.

Enterprise Architecture – Reverse Engineering of the Azure Platform Infrastructure

I joined a project as a data architect and they have a huge Azure implementation. Due to the emigration of key people, they can not give me any record of what is there without me being sure.

I'm trying to evaluate some tools for a quick win in and Still a bit surprised that there is no native Azure method for that? export to Visio? Am I missing a trick with a better method?