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I sell my website for men's fashion and entertainment. The site contains ~ 130 blog posts, ALL of which are original content. For 500 words, we paid our authors about 7-10 US dollars (so some articles are exactly 500, others longer). This alone is worth $ 1300 for the content.

In addition, we have the following Premium WordPress plugins that you get for free upon purchase (AMP for WP, where we used layout plugins, AMP Stories,
EasyAzon Pro for Amazon Partners, Essential Grid Premium, Max Buttons Pro, Thirsty Affiliates Pro, WP Rocket Pro and Yoast SEO Pro.) These are plugins worth about $ 500.

The site also makes about $ 20 a month and Adsense and has a domain authority of 19 and an Alexa ranking of 800,000 for US traffic.

Why are you selling this page?

Currently moving between positions and could use some money.

How is it monetized?

Is this page coming with social media accounts?
Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Please note that only Facebook has real likes (these were purchased via FB ads). The likes / followers of Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have been purchased. However, our Pinterest has an organic range of over 100,000.

How long does it take to run this website?
Depends on how many items you want. If you do not write new content, the site will be run with autopilot. Writing content may take about 1-2 hours a week.

I send on request statistics for the website. Please note that we use a combination of Search Console and WordPress Jetpack to monitor our statistics.

For Google, the site has received 21,000 clicks in the last three months.

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