Does a 2009 node synchronize the entire Bitcoin blockchain?

In theory, it may be that the explicit rules of consensus have not changed. In practice, however, it cannot be synchronized without some special changes.

First, the network version is so old that no modern node software accepts connections from it. In addition, the format of the network messages has changed since the first version, so that it now contains a checksum of the message. The first version of the Bitcoin client had no checksum for messages. This difference in the network protocol leads to messages that do not make sense for any of the nodes in a connection.

In addition to changing the network message, the original Bitcoin client cannot find any nodes to connect to. Only a connection could be established via the IRC node detection, which has since been deactivated and removed. Therefore, you need to create the peer.dat file specifically to find a peer to connect to.

After all, the original Bitcoin client can no longer sync after branching in 2013 unless the number of BDB locks is increased. If the default settings are used, the locks expire at this point and the synchronization fails.

If you can avoid all of these problems (e.g., by using special node software specifically for syncing) and increasing the number of BDB locks, the original Bitcoin client should be able to sync the current blockchain, though very slow and may never be able to synchronize with the tip. Towards the current top of the blockchain, it will likely take longer to validate a block than to find a new block.

A few months ago I changed a version of Bitcoin Core to be compatible with Bitcoin 0.1.0 and then tried to sync it. The code for this is here. I stopped this experiment after a few days when it could only synchronize ~ 25,000 blocks.

Conditional Excel VBA formatting for the entire sheet

I'm trying to find a way to create a VBA code that maps each cell that corresponds to a preset value to a color.

If cell values ​​are:
S-DAYS, C-DAYS, DAYS the cell turns blue with black text

E SWING, S-E SWING, C-E SWING turns green with black text

L SWING, S-L SWING, C-L SWING turns light purple with black text

LATES, S-LATES, C-LATES turns gray with black text

AOT turns yellow with black text

VAC, OUT, MIL, TRAIN: The cell is displayed with white text BLACK

If I make a request for the entire website or separate requests, it is better

Hi Guys,
I just learned that you can only send one request to the server for the entire website, as described below:



Code (surcharge):

In this case, I'm just sending a request to the server for a simple HTML file.
On the server, I replace a hastag like #Footer with a code block like this:

Code (surcharge):

Now I was wondering if it is better than a regular HTML file like the following example:



Code (surcharge):

My concern is speed and overall performance. Which is better since you can read files asynchronously today.
Thank you very much,

Would you like to back up the entire dedicated server?

Hi there,

I am terminating my cpanel server with my provider, so I just want to secure my entire server somewhere with around 200 accounts.
The backup storage required is 500 GB

I just have to do a one-time backup and keep the data there. I also need to be able to download the cpanel account information I want to download or provide the user with a download link to download the backup copy from there.

My budget is $ 10 a month.

Please advise the solution.

Java – How do I delete a line of text from a file without rewriting the entire file?

So far I have this code looking for the line that uses two search fields to find the line, and from there I don't know how to delete it

public void eliminarRegistro(File archivo,String date,String clave) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException {
        ControlRevista cr = new ControlRevista();
        boolean encontro = false;
        String lineaTexto = "";
        if (archivo.exists()) {
            BufferedReader readFile = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(archivo));
            while ((lineaTexto = readFile.readLine()) != null) {
                String() campos = lineaTexto.split(";");
                String() palabrasClave = campos(4).split(",");

                for (int i = 0; i < campos.length; i++) {
                    if (campos(i).equals(date)) {
                        for (int j = 0; j < palabrasClave.length; j++) {
                            if (palabrasClave(j).equals(clave)) {
                                encontro = true;
                                for (int k = 0; k < campos.length; k++) {
                                    System.out.print(campos(k) + ";");



Please help if it is possible to delete the line from the file without creating another file or having to rewrite the entire content except the line concerned

Where is the risk of incremental improvements compared to redesigning the entire app?

I am working on legacy software based on Java 6, the design is old and the components look like Windows 98. We are introducing a new major feature and one of the requirements is to make the feature more functional 2020 look and feel trendy. (to show that something is changing)

I fear that if we start a function that looks completely different from anything else in the application, this could affect the consistency and user experience. Should we design the new function with the components that we currently have in the current app? In this way, we focus more on value than aesthetics and can redesign everything once and for all later this year

Software Recommendation – Is there a music library player / manager that can be used to search for strings in the entire path of music files, not just file names or ID3 tags?

I organized my music in folders a long time ago. If you search for the name of a folder, e.g. B. "Girlfriends Albums" in Mediamonkey under Windows, all MP3 files are displayed in this folder and in particular also in subfolders, provided that the search string is part of the path. I would love to do it on Ubuntu too, but I never made it.

I tried clementine, quodlibet and rhythm box. In the best case, you can search for file names (Quodlibet). Is there a music player that allows this? I'll try and report a few others like Guayadeque, but I've had no luck so far.