Resetting a Dell EqualLogic PS6100 without password or serial access

I have a Dell EqualLogic PS6100 with two type 11 controllers (green) in front of me. I was assigned to overhaul the unit for the resale of an IT waste recycling company. My boss is one of those wonderful people who give you something to work on without telling you what's going on. It took me two weeks to figure out why we had it. The company has not been notified of configuration details about the controllers (no passwords, management port IP address / subnet), and it appears that the serial ports have also been disabled.

Is there a way to perform a hardware reset without the need for a console / management interface? I have not been able to find anything in the documentary or the old Gargler.

Any help would be appreciated.

Storage Area Network – Access to the SAN Controller Management Console (EqualLogic PS3000)

In the end, I have an outgoing PS3000 from my company that I can play with. (This is my first SAN).

First I tried to connect the active SAN controller (and port 0) to my network hoping that I have an IP address (or something in my home switch) and then try to use SSH / Telnet ,

Unfortunately, for me, no LED has appeared on the Ethernet port, I tried to simultaneously connect another Ethernet cable to port 1 or port 2. No luck.

When I look at all the modules, everything is alright except for the control panel, which tries to tell me something is wrong.

(I checked the cable and they are working with a laptop, I even tried connecting the ethernet cable directly from a laptop to the SAN).

So Plan B, I have a serial port connected (because I have a DB9 connector.) <-> USB I connect a DB9 female / DB9 female to my laptop.
From the manual (by the way, this is the link I found for the PS3000 series, and even if the name says it for the 3600 series, I found 2 websites with different series that also specify the same specification) I use

  • 9600 baud
  • A STOP bit
  • No parity
  • 8 data bits
  • No hardware flow control
    (see page 1-5)

on / dev / ttyUSB0.

Now it's time to boot the SAN … nothing … nothing and nothing appears on the terminal.
After a few minutes I tried to type, tried help, then pressed CTRL + C nothing at the terminal.

I tried to switch all connections (Ethernet cable and serial) to the backup SAN controller, disconnect the master SAN controller, and restart the server, still the same thing.

Any hint would be welcome.