Design Pattern – Improves the search for the confusing Software License ERP Administrator

I'm building a system for 3D CAD niche software with dongle licenses. Both the customer portal and the internal technical support and sales portal. It's very similar to AutoDesk and Adobe, but we do not have a cloud license, but USB dongles. When trying to perform a global real-time search on the library, he came across the following:

Enter image description here

The drop-down menu does not filter, but selects from different pools (something like different tables, but not exactly all tables).

Enter image description here

User goals: Find different users or accounts on a second page, where you can review and change detailed information by clicking on a line. This second part mimics a basic CRM / ERP

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

Current search problems:

  • The drop-down menu does not filter, but selects a pool to search.
  • You can still search for a member in real time if serial code (pool)
    is selected and because there is a connection that is confusing
  • I can not list all providers and their dongles and then click directly on this dongle
  • I can not list all dongles that are used by members (assigned) without duplicates, and then access this dongle directly. I have to find to search again on the second page (account)
    Note: We have a security feature that allows the owner to unlock multiple dongles. Theoretically, it has several dongles and is assigned to them at the same time. So if a dongle is used by a team member, there is a "double assignment". Owners and users, but real customers do not see this, it happens in the backend, but will make the technical support more difficult. You must find this account and then search again in this account
  • Since dongles are not assigned to all members, when searching for members, the search (Real-Time Smart) must be instructed to select from Pool 3


  • The account can be a single user or a company. Created in SSO without
    Purchase Not all accounts have members or dongles

  • An account holder is both owner and member (user of multiple dongles).

  • The link between dongle and account is established when inserting the dongle license
    (Owned) in the account, it does not have to be bought, but it can happen at any time

  • The connection between member and dongle is made by "assigning" a dongle.
    However, the owner is linked to all dongles in this account

  • Not all members have dongles (assigned license)

  • All dongles have owners, if the product was not sold, it belongs
    House account (Cast) or a third party (Reseller)

Possible solutions:

  1. Create 3 pages in the navigation or 3 tabs within and change the name of the search page for each pool (dongle serial number, accounts and members). Disadvantage: People might be confused if they have to navigate to multiple pages. It is boring. However, I have seen this in many CRMS
  2. Use a global search and then filter the duplicates as in Sugar CRM using SQL-like filters. Dev is not satisfied with this idea and it can be confusing and messy
  3. Simplify the data structure and try to move members to the account pool because a team member with no account owner and account can not exist in isolation. Create two pages "Search for account, search for dongle serial number"
  4. SQL joins for cases where relationships are clear and attempt to simplify the pools (data normalization).

Disadvantage: Dev is totally against making joins. (not sure because it's hard or you do not know how to do it). You want all relationships to be 1 to 1, but it looks like this is common in programming. This could be done by creating foreign keys in DB, and our library already has this functionality.

Ideal user experience: a real-time search without duplicates

Question: What is the proven simple decision to do in this case?

Stack of an ERP

If you were to develop an ERP from scratch, which technology stack would you choose (architecture, front-end, back-end, database, server …)

What is a bet worth?

vba – ERP system with UserForm that transfers data to the next available line of an archive table

I've created this huge code (Edit: Huge for such a simple task) for transferring data and adding an ID number to each new line of data. The only malfunction I see is that new ID numbers are created when transferring empty cells. I was wondering if anyone could help me improve this code. I am very bad at grinding. So, if there are looping opportunities that I've overlooked, please let me know.

Edit: Also, another spreadsheet had to be added to temporarily store the data so I could copy it as an area since it was first saved as a value

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click ()

& # 39; Variable for inputs
shipFrom = TextBox1.Text
shipTo = TextBox2.Text
shipDate = TextBox3.Text
NP = TextBox4.Text
desc = TextBox10.Text
gramEx = TextBox6.Text
tareWeight = TextBox7.Text
weight = TextBox8.Text
dims = TextBox9.Text

Sheets ("test"). Range ("b2"). Value = shipFrom
Sheets ("test"). Range ("c2"). Value = shipTo
Sheets ("test"). Range ("d2"). Value = shipDate
Leaves ("test"). Area ("e2"). Value = NP
Leaves ("test"). Area ("f2"). Value = descending
Leaves ("test"). Range ("g2"). Value = GrammEx
Leaves ("test"). Range ("h2"). Value = tare weight
Leaves ("test"). Range ("i2"). Value = weight
Leaves ("test"). Area ("j2"). Value = dims

Dim sf As Range
Set sf = sheets ("test"). Range ("b2")

Dimming the area
Set st = sheets ("test"). Range ("c2")

Dim d As Range
Set d = sheets ("test"). Range ("d2")

Measuring as area
Set l = sheets ("test"). Range ("e2")

Measuring as area
Set i = Sheets ("test"). Range ("f2")

Dim g As Range
Set g = sheets ("test"). Range ("g2")

Dim t As Range
Set t = sheets ("test"). Range ("h2")

Dim w As Range
Set w = sheets ("test"). Range ("i2")

Dim di As Range
Set di = sheets ("test"). Range ("j2")

Dimming nextRowB As Range
Set nextRowB = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("B" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

Dimming NextRowC As Range
Set nextRowC = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("C" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

Dimming NextRowD As area
Set nextRowD = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("D" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

Darken NextRowE As area
Set nextRowE = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("E" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

Dimming NextRowF As Range
Set nextRowF = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("F" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

Dimming nextRowG As Range
Set nextRowG = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("G" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

Dimming NextRowH As Range
Set nextRowH = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("H" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

Dimming nextRowI As Range
Set nextRowI = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("I" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

Dimming nextRowJ As Range
Set nextRowJ = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("J" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

sf.Copy nextRowB
st.Copy nextRowC
d.Copy nextRowD
l.Copy nextRowE
i.Copy nextRowF
g.Copy nextRowG
t.Copy nextRowH
w.Copy nextRowI
di.Copy nextRowJ

Dim ID As Range
Set ID = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("A" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0)

If IsEmpty (Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("B2"). Value) Then

MsgBox "Please fill that  Box"


& # 39; Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("A" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Offset (1, 0) = "1"
Leaves ("Arkiv"). Area ("A2"). Value = "1"

End If

If IsEmpty (Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("C2"). Value) Then


ID = Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("A" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Value + 1

End If

Sheets ("Arkiv"). Activate
MsgBox "The ID number for this data is:" & Sheets ("Arkiv"). Range ("A" & Rows.Count) .End (xlUp) .Value

End Sub

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  • Time cycles are increasingly compressing

  • the efficiency of people by providing all information in the restricted environment.

  • Project-based accounting and costing gives you excellent control over project costs and budgets.

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design – How do I integrate "class schedule" and "attendance" into a college ERP system?

I'm trying to build an ERP system for college management as a side project.
At the moment it will be very easy to have only 3 modules.

Note – For any advice a faculty can issue and students can view.
Timetable – to view the timetable
Marks – to display the marks
Presence – To display the presence.

I'm having some trouble thinking about how to integrate the lesson plan for working with the presence module.
The schedule in my college can change frequently under these conditions, sometimes even within a week. How should I connect things when a teacher logs in to update presence for a particular class on a particular day (eg, May 1, 2019)? I know if the teacher had his subject or not that day.

I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough, I can work more if you do not understand anything. Any ideas are welcome, I'm working on a real project for the first time.

Many Thanks!

I need a dedicated server for my ERP software in India

I need a dedicated server in India for my ERP Software Webhosting Talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. I need a dedicated server for my ERP software in India

    Hello, I offer ERP solutions for my clients, so I need a dedicated server

  2. Which specified dedicated server do you need? There are many providers who can rent your servers in India, or would you like to look towards the US or Europe?

  3. Your entire audience from India? Which server specifications do you need and your budget?

    Especially 4 you ||| Increase your websites
    JoneSolutions.Com (Jones.Solutions or Jones.Hosting) is on the network 24/7 provision stable and Reliable Web hosting solutions and services since 2001

  4. CTRLS.IN is a very respected provider in India that offers dedicated servers. Look at her. You have a Tier 4 DC in HYD.

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web – Is it true that the default bootstarp design is too big for the shapes of ERP applications?

I'm trying to migrate forms from an ERP application from the desktop deployment to the web deployment that uses a standard bootstrap CSS file. The result is pretty bad. The form that filled only part of the screen in the desktop application (without scroll bars) now occupies more than twice the screen space in the web application. And all because the standard bootstarp elements (edit boxes, buttons, etc.) are so big. It's a good practice to use bootstrap to minimize the size of the elements if I want to use it for ERP forms. We intend that our application will be used primarily by desktop computers with browsers.

Data Loss – How do ERP systems capture classified business activities?

One of the selling points of Enterprise Resource Planning systems, such as SAP or Oracle E-Business Suite, is to provide management with visibility throughout the enterprise by collecting (or at least integrating) data on various aspects of business operations. How are ERP systems set up taking into account these claims at face value, when a company does classified business like a defense company?

The problem I imagine is that classified information could be derived from otherwise "boring" business data. For example:

  • Information on personnel related to the job title, location or professional qualifications held by employees may provide information on the nature of the work classified.
  • The purchasing or accounts payable records may disclose sensitive subcontractor relationships or details of classified products that the company is developing.
  • Even the company's chart of accounts can show the existence and size of otherwise unrecognized projects.

I have never had to solve this problem myself, but I can think of a few ways in which an ERP system can support a company's conflicting obligations to protect classified information and keep detailed records for audit and management control:

  • The system's built-in security features can be used to restrict access to specific data while allowing summary information to be aggregated to a secure aggregation level (for example, undeleted users can use a single GL account with "net income") the no further details). This would have an integrated view of the enterprise for shared users or auditors, but has the disadvantage that anyone with privileged access to ERP data (system administrator, DBA, etc.) needs a permit.
  • A separate classified instance of the system could be set up and all classified trades recorded there – virtually the long-established accounting practice of keeping two books. This would require a feed of unclassified summary data to the main system, which would treat the classified instance as another external data provider. The obvious problem here is cost and the synchronization of the configurations of the two systems.
  • Classified data could be "hidden in the visible area", e.g. through the use of opaque project codes or account descriptions that do not disclose sensitive information. This may work for professional titles, but somebody still needs to know that "Project X-123" is actually "Sharks With Frickin & # 39; laser," which seems to destroy the purpose of the system.

How do ERP system implementations deal with this situation in general?

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