Error using R package over Rlink on Windows

I have to import .ibw (Igor files.) Into Mathematica.
I used it for that
1) go to R via Rlink (OS Windows),
2) to load the IgorR package
3) to install it
and then to use.
Here is a script that works very well.
Then it suddenly stops working and returns the following error:
Error getting value for variable or code library (IgorR)!
The IgorR package was not found!
Any ideas ?


magento2 – Internal server error with Magento 2 – 500

I am sorry that you have created another error thread with 500 internal servers, but I still could not find a solution to my problem.

We have a managed server of the German provider 1 & 1 and a running Magento website with, which works flawlessly.

I have a new Magento 2.3.1 installed on this server and the installation is completed without any problems. All requirements such as PHP 7.2, Apache 2.4, requested extensions and file permissions are fine.

After installation, the backend will issue 500 Internal Server Error and the frontend will be without a design. I found out that for the frontend the pub / static descriptions do not work and found a changed .htaccess for pub / static to load the theme onto the frontend.
Nevertheless, all links in the frontend and in the entire backend end with 500 …

I have tried solutions from the internet, such as deleting .htaccess, file permissions, and disabling static overrides in mySQL, but they did not help. I can not access the developer mode in ssh, so I enabled the developer mode with env.php. The debug shows errors like:

[2019-05-21 09:42:27] main.DEBUG: cache_invalidate: {"method": "GET", "url": "", "invalidateInfo": {"identifier": "interception"}} []

[2019-05-21 09:42:36] main.DEBUG: cache_invalidate: {"method": "GET", "url": "", "invalidateInfo": {"identifier": "SYSTEM_CONFIG"}} []

[2019-05-21 09:42:37] main.INFO: Bad reference: The item & # 39; & # 39; can not be added as a child to & sidebar.additional & # 39; be added because the latter does not exist [] []

[2019-05-21 09:42:37] main.INFO: Bad reference: The element & # 39; sale.reorder.sidebar & # 39; can not be added as a child to & sidebar.additional & # 39; be added because the latter does not exist [] []

Now I'm stuck and the server provider will not help anymore because they say Magento is the problem, not their server. I suspect there is a general rewrite issue and therefore the backend can not be found.

Any idea how to find the mistake or how to solve it?

Error while establishing D-Bus connection: No operating permit

I'm using a Centos 7 operating system
I moved houses / var / run / dbus / system_bus_socket after accidentally removing the / var / run folder.
Now if I try to use systemctl Command I get the above error.
Note that I connect to this computer via SSH.
So I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to recover the deleted files and especially those? system_bus_socket?
  2. When the computer restarts, the files are restored. (Because I'm worried that the system will not be able to start the services after the reboot or I can not connect to SSH)?

Android TV shows error "There is a problem communicating with Google servers. Please try again later."

I've just received a new Android TV box and I'm trying to sign in to the Google Play Store, but every time I enter the information and press "Error communicating with Google servers, try again later" will be displayed , I deleted the data in the Google Play Store and the Google Play services and restarted my TV, but nothing works. What should I do? How do I solve this problem?

ai – Error in the order of the target points to be followed. How do I set the order of elements in an array?

I have a project where it has 1 NPC and 3 target points:

Enter image description here

In the project, I set the NPC to switch to destination 1, then 2, and then 3.

Expected path:

Enter image description here

Path that occurs:

Enter image description here

This problem did not happen by accident, but I explain that first Creation of the target points,

I've created the first target point, added the required components, and then replicated. Select the first destination and press CTRL + W, I positioned the second target point and repeated it again, reselecting the first target point.

The order of the path was as expected. I changed code (None of the codes I changed related to the NPC or the target points). Then I created a new target point (replicated from the first target point) and then started my problem.

The NPC initially targeted point 3, 4, 1 and then 2.

Even excluding destination 4, the expected order was not achieved (1, 2 and 3).

I inserted a phrase after the loop that causes the NPC to move to the target points so that I can find out the order of the target points, and it makes sense to follow the order of the path that is taking place.

Blueprint + print:

Enter image description here

3 to 1 to 2.

I've created 2 more target points and see how the order changes uselessly:

Enter image description here

4 to 5 to 1 to 2 to 3.

I've added another target point to see if it matches a pattern:

Enter image description here

No sense at all.

I want to know how to set the order of the target points in the array.

18.10 – Filezilla: Error loading queue

I am on Ubuntu 18.10 and Filezilla has caused me many problems. After the installation through the App Manager (outdated version), the shell (obsolete version) and the file .tar.bz2 of the website. I have found that only the file works.

But now I get one Error loading the queue and my credentials are not accepted (as with the outdated versions). I'm not sure what's up and troubleshooting will be frustrating, but at least I want to uninstall the version I got from the shell and see how well it works. The problem is that I do not know how. Any help?

Differential equations – DSolve returns no solution or error

We can change it {z, y} to polar coordinates {r, t} and reduce the order of t Differential equation of the resulting system. After this, DSolve can handle it.

syszy = {
z & # 39; & # 39;[s] + 2 / (R ^ 2 - z[s]^ 2 - y[s]^ 2) (z[s]* z & # 39;[s]^ 2 + 2 * y[s]* y & # 39;[s] z & # 39;[s] -
z[s] y & # 39;[s]^ 2) == 0,
y & # 39; & # 39;[s] + 2 / (R ^ 2 - z[s]^ 2 - y[s]^ 2) * (y[s]* y & # 39;[s]^ 2 + 2 * z[s]* z & # 39;[s]* y & # 39;[s] -
y[s]* z & # 39;[s]^ 2) == 0};
sysrt = syszy /. {z -> function[sr[sr[sr[sr[s] cos[t[t[t[t[s]]].
y -> function[sr[sr[sr[sr[s] sin[t[t[t[t[s]]]} // Simplify;
sysrt = Equal @@@ First @ Solution[Sysrt{r''[Sysrt{r''[sysrt{r''[sysrt{r''[s], t & # 39; & # 39;[s]}];
sysru = sysrt /. t -> derivative[-1][u]

dsolru = DSolve[sysru, {r, u}, s];

kk = 1; (* Length @ dsolru == 8 *)
dsolrt = {dsolru[[kk, 1]].
t -> function @@ {s, Integrate[u[u[u[u[s] /. dsolru[[kk]], s]+ C[4]}};

dsolzy = thread[{z, y} -> (Function[s, #] & / @
Simplify[{R[{R[{r[{r[s] cos[t[t[t[t[s]]r[s] sin[t[t[t[t[s]]} /. dsolrt])]

I've checked it and the other seven solutions as follows:

syszy /. Equal -> Subtract /. dsolzy /. {R -> 4} /. {C[1] -> 1/2,
C[2] -> 1/3, C[3] -> 1/4, C[4] -> 1} /. s -> 1.`24
(* {0. * 10 ^ -17 + 0. * 10 ^ -17 I, 0. * 10 ^ -17 + 0. * 10 ^ -17 I} *)

I also check it with the following, but it does not end after a few minutes:

syszy /. dsolzy //
Quiet @ Simplify[#, TimeConstraint -> 0.1] & // Absolute Timing

Blender Poliigon addon Error loading textures

So I just installed the Poliigon material addon for Blender 2.8 beta and when I click on the material folder, all textures are displayed as an image, not like the one I selected. When I click Load Material, I get an error that I can not decipher. Help is appreciated.

And since I need at least 10 repeats to post pictures, and Blender does not allow me to copy and paste the errors, I'll try to summarize the mistake.

Traceback (last call):
File: "C:  etc ... addons  poliigon-material-converter  poliigon)", line 429, in execute conform uv = pmcs.conform_uv
File: "C:  etc ... scripts  modules" line 200_call_ret = op_call ((self.idname_py (), None, kw)
Runtime Error: Error: Traceback (last last call):
File: line 551 "C:  etc ... addons  polligon-material-converter", in execution state, material = workflow.build_material_from_set (context, set_path)
File: line 570 "C:  etc ... addons  polligon-material-converter" in build_material_from_set self.build_material (contect, files = set_files)
File "C:  etc ... addons  poliigon-mateiral-converter", line 626, in build_material setattr (node, key, value)
AttributeError: Object # ShaderNodeTextImage & # 39; has no attribute & # 39; color space & # 39;

Location C:  etc ... Blender 2.8  blender-2.800-git. (a long hexadecimal value) -windows64  2.80  scripts  modules  bpy 200 

Location: : -1

Well, it was fun to type that.

ruby – Create native extensions. This may take a while. ERROR: Error installing middleman. ERROR: Error creating native gemstone extension

Sudo Gem install middleman
Create native extensions. This may take a while …
ERROR: Error installing middleman:
ERROR: Error creating native gem extension.

Current directory: /var/lib/gems/2.5.0/gems/sassc-2.0.1/ext

/usr/bin/ruby2.5 -rubygems /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all/gems/rake-12.3.1/exe/rake RUBYARCHDIR = / var / lib / gems / 2.5.0 / extensions / x86_64-linux /2.5.0/sassc-2.0.1 RUBYLIBDIR = / var / lib / gems / 2.5.0 / extensions / x86_64-linux / 2.5.0 / sassc-2.0.1
/usr/bin/ruby2.5: No such file or directory – /usr/share/rubygems-integration/all/gems/rake-12.3.1/exe/rake (LoadError)

Rake failed, exit code 1

Gem files remain installed in /var/lib/gems/2.5.0/gems/sassc-2.0.1 for review.
Results stored in /var/lib/gems/2.5.0/extensions/x86_64-linux/2.5.0/sassc-2.0.1/gem_make.out