java – weblogic and spring 403 Prohibited error page

I am currently using Google Translate.
I use weblogic and springMVC.
Incidentally, I've set up 403Error Page in web.xml, but the default-prohibited page is run just outside the WEB-INF folder.

After browsing Google, I need to configure the weblogic.xml file. I do not know how to set the file. I am using a windows server. I would like to know how to fix the problem.

I would be grateful if you set, and if so, how to set it up.

ajax – wp_handle_upload no error, but does not work for large files

wp_handle_upload does not raise an error, but when I look in the folder, the file I wanted to upload is not there. This only happens for large files ~ 7 MB, but smaller ones work fine. I host locally on xampp and made sure that the maximum file size of my php.ini is set to 9 MB and the maximum mail size to 10 MB.

Note that this is done in an AJAX callback function, but I do not know if that will change anything

What do I miss?

Function file_upload_callback () {
$ uploadInfo = wp_handle_upload ($ _ FILES['file']Array (
& # 39; # 39 & test_form; => false,
& # 39; # 39 & mimes; => $ allowedMimes,

if ($ uploadInfo &&! isset ($ uploadInfo['error'] )) {
$ data['message'] , = "File is valid and uploaded successfully.  N";
otherwise {
$ data['message'] , = $ uploadInfo['error'];
wp_die (json_encode ($ data));

Increase the upload of the .htaccess file without an error

Without seeing your htaccess file (everything), you could place the commands in the wrong place.

Your hosting provider may not allow these commands.

It's best to increase the upload size by contacting your hosting support and asking how this should be done. It can be a setting that only they can do.

You can check the default and current settings by creating a page template (easiest) and inserting that line in the middle to replace the entire loop.

phpinfo (); the ();

The first command shows all PHP settings, the second command "dies" the page, which is fine as it is only a test page.

You may also have a phpinfo command available in the cPanel of your hosting.

Numeric NSum Error: returns NSum :: nsnum: addend (or its derivative) f[n] is not numeric at point n = 17

Consider the following example (I have had great difficulty finding a minimal working example, I think it is now sufficiently compressed).

Omega0 = 1.
t = 2
nAvg = 10.

Omegan[n_] : = Omega0 * sqrt[n + 1]

f[n_] : = Piecewise[{{Cos[Omegan[{{Cos[Omegan[{{Cos[Omegan[{{Cos[Omegan[n]* t / 2]^ 2 *
Section[Exp[-nAvg/2]* Sqrt[nAvg]^ n / sqrt[Faculty[Factorial[Fakultät[Factorial[n]]].
0 <= n <= 20}}, 0]NSum[f[f[f[f[n], {n, 1, 100}]

When you run this short script, it should return:

NSum :: nsnum: addend (or its derivation) […] big message […] is not
numerically at the point n = 16

This problem only occurs with certain functions. It occurs with this complex looking function that I have given you, but if you try simpler, the script can just work right.

My questions :

First, I would like to understand Why I have this mistake.

Second, how to solve it?

Extra question

Is it really more efficient to use NSum?[] as N[Total[Sum[Summe[Sum[]], Because I read (I do not remember where) when Mathematica sees N[Total[Sum[Summe[Sum[]]he understands that the sum must be numeric (instead of trying to numerically approximate the symbolic method).

Additional information:

Did I already see this is a bug of NSum?

Some features solve the problem of adding NSumTerms-> number, but not others. The thing is, I want to be able to tackle this problem "in general", so I have to understand what's going on (I read the documentation and I do not).

In short, how can you generally perform a numeric summation using mathematica? In my particular case, I have functions that can be piecewise defined. In general, my function can be a product / sum of piecewise functions, so at first glance it is not obvious to know the limit of the sum, without looking more closely at what I want to avoid.

Error – My Canon 6d Mark II recording delay

I am new to photography and try to learn every day. I noticed that when shooting in manual mode and using the viewfinder, as most professionals do, pressing the shutter button twice will have to be clicked twice to take the picture. I have watched Youtube videos from professionals and they shoot in the manual and it quickly snaps the picture !!

Is there a setting I need to change? That's why I liked to use the Live View screen to record because it snaps in when I want it. It's not like you tap the trigger twice.

Please hell !!!!

Sharepoint Online Error "404 File Not Found" from the 365 Office Homepage

I think the default team site was accidentally deleted from SharePoint Online. Now the message "404 file not found" appears when I click on the SharePoint link on the Office 365 home page.

The bad URL is https: // / _layouts / 15 / sharepoint.aspx

I do not see the deleted page on the SharePoint Administration Website-> Sites-> Deleted Sites, so I can not restore it from there.

I am very new to SharePoint, every help is appreciated.

python 3.x – Error opening a file in python3

Hello, I'm creating a script to read a PDF file and apply proper formatting, but I can not open the PDF to read the code

from textract import *
# uploads the PDF file to work
data = process (& # 39; instrucoespdf.pdf & # 39;

#Pass the PDF into an argument to be processed

Key = open (data, & rs 39;

i = 0

for i in data:
word = (8)
if (word == & # 39;  & # 39;): # Go to this bar  and then perform the action next to it
i + = 1
help = (8)
if (help + data == & # 39;  n & # 39;):
Print (& # 39;)
print (word)

The error that gives me this file is in the line Key = open (data, & rs 39; there is the fileNotFound error 🙁

The part of detecting the bar does not work either. I have another PDF file with which I can execute this code. There are files in which the code runs, and not in others if someone knows help. Thank you 🙂

8 – "public" is not supported in the libcurl error or is disabled

I'm learning how to create a custom JSON migration and reference migrate_json_example Module I see the following code in migrate_plus.migration.product.yml:

- public: //migrate_json_example/products.json&#39;
# An xpath-like selector that matches the items to import.
item_selector: product

Can someone please help me what that is and how to use it Public:// Part of the URL?

However, both modules will be installed on the same site if I use them Public:// Precursor in my module I get the following error:

Error message: cURL error 1: "public" protocol in libcurl not supported or disabled (see at public: // migrate_stuff / resources / people1. json.

Composer – Error accessing localhost after installing Laravel

As I said in a previous question, I start my studies and have already searched in several places for this error.
Recently I installed Composer and Laravel in my notebook and when I hit the command PHP craftsman serves No cmd Within the project folder they run perfectly in the browser. But I have other projects that I do not develop with Laravel, and when I try to access another project I have, incidentally, without Laravel localhost / librioThe browser, which contains the file index.php among other things, outputs the following error.

Object not found! The requested URL was not found in this one
Server. If you entered the address (URL) manually, please
Recheck the address syntax.

If you think that a problem has occurred on the server, contact us
Please contact the webmaster.

Error 404 localhost Apache / 2.4.39 (Win64) OpenSSL / 1.1.1b PHP / 7.3.4

And so that no project works, I can not access anything via the browser