ErrorListPlot (in version 12) and double Y charts

My two questions concern ListPlotTherefore, I hope that it is acceptable to ask both in a post.

  1. ErrorListPlot seems to be exposed since version 12, is there an integrated alternative to creating scattergrams with error bars?

  2. Is there functionality for creating scatter charts with dual y-axes (and common x-axis) to create a double-axis (similar to twinx in Python)? I tried with Overlay({plot1,plot2}) However, the workaround is to create two slightly shifted charts instead of creating a y-axis from the original one. Practical hints for creating double Y diagrams would be very helpful.

Plot – Missing value in ErrorListPlot

I have automatically defined two lists (of data points and error_y) for use in ErrorListPlots. Sometimes this happens because of the data used, that a list contains only one element and then the standard deviation makes no sense. Let's assume the lists look like this:

q0c7ELPD = {{100, 1.70, 0.21}, {105, 1.91, 0.1}, {110, 2.5, 0.3},
{115, 2,3, 0,2}, {120, 2,4, 0,1}, {125, 2,1, 0,2}, {130, 1,9, 0,1}, {135 , 2,0, 0,3}};
q0c7B24PlusELPD = {{119.5, 2.0, 0.2}, {124.5, 1.7, StandardDeviation[{1.7}]},
{129.5, 2.1, 0.1}, {134.5, 2.2, 0.3}};

So far I have used Mathematica 10.2 and plotting both lists ErrorListPlot

ErrorListPlot[{q0c7ELPD, q0c7B24PlusELPD}, PlotRange -> {{98, 142}, {0, 3}}]

The point with the missing meaningful error (missing yellow point at x = 124.5) was simply omitted:

I do not know if this was a mistake or a feature, but it suited my purpose very well.

Now I have changed Version 11.3 and I get an error message:

Enter the image description here

I want to reproduce the behavior of the older version and did not have a good idea yet. The problem is that my lists (many of them) are built using functions, and I just can not manually remove the data point for each one of them.

In the documentation ( I found a sentence "Visualization automatically filters out missing elements". Of course, that does not work in my particular case.

Since I always got nice tips and ideas in this forum, I decided to post this question as well. So if someone has an idea, I would be very grateful.

ErrorListPlot does not work

I'm a little new to Mathematica, but all my notebooks do not seem to draw data about ErrorListPlot. My code, and even the fairly simple code that Wolfram provides on its website, does not work and the output exactly matches the input. Even in an otherwise completely new notebook, right after the relaunch of Mathematica. I'm working with Mathematica 11.2 and have absolutely no idea what to do … PlotList works fine.

graphics – ErrorListPlot does not display error bars

ErrorListPlot shows no error bars for me, for example in the Help section

ErrorListPlot[Table[{i, RandomReal[0.5]}, {i, 10}]]


Enter the image description here

My Mathematica setup ( on Mac Sierra) starts automatically


and also starts with (ua)

SetOptions[ListLogPlot,       Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> Automatic, FrameTicksStyle -> Directive[Automatic,15], Axis -> False, BaseStyle -> {FontFamily -> "Palatino", 15}, FrameStyle -> directive[Black,20,Thickness->0.0025], FrameTicksStyle -> Plain, ImageSize -> 500, ImageMargins -> 10, PlotMarkers -> {Automatic, 15}];

Can it be that ErrorListPlot calls ListPlot and is incompatible with frames?