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How Easy is it to Earn Ethereum Through Forsage 
With the cryptocurrency market booming, the number of people joining the blockchain revolution seems to be increasing every day. Though this might be so that they can get the return on their investments on cryptocurrency and not for the groundbreaking technology that blockchain has to offer, the cryptocurrency world is trying almost everything to get more and more people interested in its agenda. 

With regard to this, many companies have resorted to incentivizing tasks and promotional activities to give their consumers a fraction of a specific cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the second most popular and lucrative cryptocurrency in the world right now; which is potentially predicted to surpass Bitcoin someday. 

The main idea behind blockchain is to set up a decentralized network that would need a large number of users. Nevertheless, Ethereum has joined forces with many online incentive programs to give a little taste of their cryptocurrency to the users who are still having difficulties establishing themselves in the crypto market. 
Unlike many other incentive programs, Forsage is based on a Smart Contract Crypto earnings structure. There are no time limits, incentive caps, or any sort of time-sensitive pressure related to this program. What’s better is that you do not need any prior knowledge about blockchain or cryptocurrency! 

This program enables you to earn long term residual income by simply providing a referral to 3 or more friends, and asking them to follow the same process. In a way, this is a type of marketing program that is associated with Ethereum. Since it is based on the ‘Smart Contract’ structure, it cannot exploit any user. 
What is a Smart Contract? 
Smart Contract is a developed blockchain technology that involves an automated digital contract of sorts, which is unbreakable and unchangeable. One of the best features of this automated blockchain is that even if the host i.e. Forsage closes its website or shuts you out of it, the blockchain will still register you as an active participant and will constantly reward you for the efforts you put in. 

So, the chances of you being scammed are negligible. Also, this program was intentionally inclined towards a marketing and network marketing niche. This gives an advantage to people who have prior experience in marketing. Because of its overall technology, scams and fraud are practically non-existent. 
How do I Join? 
To join Forsage, you would initially need to pay a one-time payment of 0.055 Ethereum, which is less than $10.00 USD for registration. Once you set up an account and start referring to friends and the cycle continues to expand, you will see the funds in your crypto wallet increase. 

Forsage works with one of two major wallets. This again depends on which medium you use it on. Either Trust works best for mobile, tablets, and laptops and Metamask works best for computers and rigs. 
Forsage is indeed the new wave of incentivized network marketing. The Smart Contract structure makes it scam-free, giving crypto network marketing a revolutionary and much-needed change. Being a blockchain entity, privacy and security are at the top priority of Forsage and the inexpensive initial fee is literally and figuratively a small price to pay. So, what are you waiting for? Go get that Ethereum! 

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ethereum – Where is the stake amount stored in Proof-of-Stake

So in the PoS consensus algorithm, the nodes can lock their coins and the node with the highest coins has the highest probability of getting the chance for validating coins.

I have two questions:

1] How to stake coins? Like does the node who wants to stake their coins, send those coins to some address?

2] Who keeps track of how much is staked by whom?

Thank You

Even though blockchain is marked as "decentralized", wouldn't the organization implementing blockchain like Ethereum actually control it?

This is the case when the company runs on the main Ethereum public blockchain. You would also control the business. However, the application would not run on a central server or cluster owned by a single entity. The application would be installed and run in a decentralized environment, i.e. H. In the main Ethereum chain.

On the other hand, many companies could have their own "Private"Blockchain. In this case, the degree of decentralization depends on how it is set up. However, the Ethereum Foundation would not control the underlying technology, as the company would control which software client and version were used. Because Ethereum Open Source is A company can even make its own changes to customize the Ethereum client it is running on.

Why is creating a Bitcoin fork very difficult and an Ethereum fork easy?

Both forks are equally hard. What you call "Ethereum Forks" are token / smart contracts that run on the Ethereum network, which isn't very common with Bitcoin (but there are omni).

EDIT: Rootstock removed according to Darosior clarification. The only relationship with Bitcoin is that just like Namecoin, merged mining is used.

Blockchain – How can I get the current number of nodes from Ethereum, Holochain, EOS, Blockstack, Steem and NEO platforms?

I'm making a comparison between different dapp frameworks, and one of the fields is the current number of nodes. For some platforms I can find it in their block researchers like Tron, Waves and Hedera, but I couldn't find it that way for Ethereum, Holochain, EOS, Blockstack, Steem and NEO platforms. Google brings out of date numbers.

Blockchain – How do I send Ethereum from one "paper wallet address" to another address using an API?

I don't think we have enough information to answer your question. Which API do you want to use?

Without knowing this, I can only tell you that if your paper wallet does not contain both your public address and your private key (which is not typical of a paper wallet), a paper wallet alone is not enough to access your funds. You still need the key (private key). Assume you have access to the address through the Ethereum software or Then follow the documentation to see which APIs are available and how to use them.

Ethereum – How are ERC20 tokens sold in an ICO before they are listed on exchanges?

In many places it is said that tokens are listed on exchanges after they have been sold in a successful ICO.

How was the token sold during the ICO? Did the buyers transfer the ETH / BTC to some addresses and hope to receive tokens for it? Maybe buy a little bit to test and boot up?

It seems that ERC20 is just a protocol for intelligent contracts from ETH that enable token transfer. This does not seem to require a guarantee that the buyer will receive the token at all.

How does the token purchase work in practice for successful ICOs without exchange? Have intelligent contracts been developed that can guarantee that someone who sends ETH to an address is guaranteed to send this new token to an address that they control?

And finally, how do you get control of the address? If the issuer assigns them an address, can't the issuer access it later? If it is an ETH token, maybe you can use your own private key or something?

Basically, I'm looking for a full technical explanation of what happened to successful ICOs at the level of actual sale and issue of the new token on a particular account.

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The co-founder of the decentralized login service provider TorusLabs, Zhen Yu Yong (Zen), tweeted that he had been diagnosed with the COVID-2019 coronavirus. Zen asked people who may have contacted him during the ETHLondon hackathon from February 28th to March 1st or the Ethereum Community Conference (ECC) from March 3rd to 5th in Paris to “take additional precautions and / or get tested. "

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