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Ladies and gentlemen, I will share with you a new cloud mining service,

I found the following on the homepage of the website:

"Ethermining is a Hong Kong-based technology company with the vision to make it easy and accessible for anyone in the world who does not own and maintain mining equipment while still benefiting from the exciting cryptocurrency mining."

Few are able to perform profitable ether mining in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, and we have made ether mining affordable for every average Joe without his knowledge of blockchain technology Energy, time and hardware – we've made it easy for you. "

"Ethermining provides you with an easy way to rent hash services without having to worry about the technical side of things or the instability of the crypto currency markets, fixed pricing and a fixed price mean you know what you get when you sign up for an ether mining contract with us. "

It seems legitimate because they have a video about their services on their front page.

They split their cloud mining services into two areas: Ethereum Mining and Bitcoin Mining. They use ASIC technology for SHA-256 and GPU Mining Power for ETHASH.

1. Starter Package with a minimum investment of $ 10 and a daily turnover of 3.00%.
2. Advanced with a minimum investment of $ 5,000 and a daily turnover of 4.50%.
3. Consider a minimum investment of $ 20,000 and a daily turnover of 5.80%.

You have a two-tier affiliate system with 4% – 8% of your referral fee.

What do you think of this cloud mining service?

Click here to check the website.