unity – Trigger issues (multiple events, enter/exit)

not sure if this is a scripting issue or if I’ve implemented something wrong with the colliders, but here it goes:

All I want is a simple platform trigger that registers when the player steps on it and when they get leave.
I have BoxColliders with IsTrigger on both the platform and the player and in general everything works okay.

However there are some strange edge cases where the OnTriggerExit happens immediately after the OnTriggerEnter. Once I’ve even managed to stand in a place where it constantly went from Enter to Exit to Enter etc. without the player moving at all!

So I put position outputs in the debug text and the positions of where the Enter/Exit happens is in really strange places, nowhere near the trigger volume!
enter image description here

Initially I put a cooldown on the trigger volume, so it could only trigger every second but that doesn’t solve the issue of the Exit triggering for some reason when it shouldn’t.

Here’s my code for the platform:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
public class TriggerScript : MonoBehaviour
    public Collider player;
    public Material activeMaterial, inactiveMaterial;
    public float TriggerVolumeCooldown = 1f;

    private Renderer m_Renderer;
    private bool m_IsOnCooldown;
    private float m_CooldownStartTimestamp;

void Start()
    m_Renderer = GetComponent<Renderer>();
    m_Renderer.material = inactiveMaterial;
    m_IsOnCooldown = false;

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collider)
    if (collider == player && !m_IsOnCooldown)
        print(" Player entered " + collider.name + " CD: " + m_IsOnCooldown + " xyz: " + collider.GetComponentInParent<Transform>().position);
        m_Renderer.material = activeMaterial;
        m_IsOnCooldown = true;
        m_CooldownStartTimestamp = Time.time;

void OnTriggerExit(Collider collider)
    if (collider == player)
        print(" Player left " + collider.name + " xyz: " + collider.GetComponentInParent<Transform>().position);
        m_Renderer.material = inactiveMaterial;

void Update()
    if (m_IsOnCooldown)
        if (Time.time - m_CooldownStartTimestamp > TriggerVolumeCooldown)
            m_IsOnCooldown = false;


ios – Are Firebase Analytics events uploaded after opt out?

Using Firebase Analytics on iOS with swift I wonder how firebase handles the following case:

The app has per default firebase analytics enabled to track the install event. After that, which is immediately after app started, I want to disable firebase analytics. Considering that the event has been tracked, this event is batched first for some time before it gets uploaded. The question is, will this event be uploaded despite the fact that firebase analytics is now disabled, because this event has been tracked before the framework has been disabled?

javascript – List of JS Events for Widgets?

Does anyone know if there’s a list of all JavaScript events for widgets? I know there are other lists (e.g. Woocommerce; wp.media) but I’m looking for one specifically for widgets.

It took me a bit of time to find events like widget-updated and widget-added but are there more than just those two?

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


“Behavior > Events” Report doesn’t working in APP+WEB Property of Google Analytics

In APP+WEB Property report of Google Analytics has “Behavior overview” report page.
It has a link, “View events ->” to “Behavior > Events” Report.

Screen Shot of View events link

When I click the link, page load new report at first time.

Screen Shot of "Behavior > Events" Report

but after data loading, it change “Behavior > Country” report. it’s not belong to “Behavior” Section. It must belong to “Demographics Section”.

Screen Shot of "Behavior > Country" report.

the URL of “Behavior > Events” Report is “https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/#/p214052507/reports/explorer?params=_u..nav%3Dga1-experimental%26_r.explorerCard..selmet%3D%5B%22eventCount%22%5D%26_r.explorerCard..seldim%3D%5B%22eventName%22%5D&r=top-events”

it’s parameter shows ‘eventName’ so I think URL is right. but content of report is about the country.

If someone know how can I access “Behavior > Events” Report, please let me know.

Are audit logs in SharePoint Server collected for events on attachments?

I only see entries with type “Update”. Should other types of events also be recorded? Is this normal SharePoint behavior?

I use this PowerShell to check what kind of events I have on the attachments:

$s=Get-SPSite https://sharepoint/  
$q=New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPAuditQuery($s)
$s.Audit.GetEntries($q) |? DocLocation -Like '*Attachments*'

chromebook – How to grab unfocused key events in a ChromeOS input method?

The chrome.input.ime package provides an event onKeyEvent that is sent to the input method when a key is pressed. Using onKeyEvent with sendKeyEvents, you can remap shortcut keys like Ctrl + N so that they match your typing keyboard layout.

The problem is, the onKeyEvent listener is not called when no text field has focus. So, you have to use one set of shortcuts when a text field has focus, and a different set when no text field has focus. It is jarring, and makes the feature not terribly useful.

Is there any way for a chrome input method to listen for key events when no text field has focus?

2016 – Sharepoint Calendar Sync with Outlook not showing multiple day events

I have a SharePoint 2016 calendar with customised event content types. I synced it to my Outlook (Exchange, 2016) and it sync fine, I can view the calendar and events in my Outlook.

However, multiple day events only show me the first day of the event. It is a holiday calendar so I really need to be able to view the full event, not just the first day.

Even when I click on the event, it says start and end day being one day, despite the event in SharePoint Calendar being a week and showing correctly on SharePoint.

Any help would be appreciated.