workflow – Seeking examples of a modal window that has Download and Upload actions?

‘For some reason’ you want to have these two buttons in a modal window…

You can have the two call-to-actions in a screen, but it seems strange to have them in the same modal window because if you click on one button or the other you still have to expand the modal window or open a new one to accommodate the action.

If there is a specific set of requirements that means you have to design things this way, then perhaps a solution can be provided, but otherwise the lack of such interfaces and design patterns suggests that it is not really suitable in general use.

layout – Examples of two/multiple facet scoring?

Working on an interesting scenario – we need to communicate a “score” that has two facets:

  1. A percentage based score that has a threshold that must be met to pass (90%)
  2. Specific items that must be passed, regardless of the score
  • #2 supersedes #1, so even if the user has a passing score in #1, if there are any failures of items in #2, this counts as an overall failure/non-passing.

Visual representation of concepts. Note, each representation shows multiple states, as only one state would be visible at a time.

Does anyone have examples of communicating multi-faceted scoring?

(UI for multi-faceted scoring. Bar chart and half circle chart.1

Building An Ehr System: Definition, Benefits, Problems, And Examples

Innovation and healthcare always go hand in hand. That’s why doctors heavily rely on Electronic Health Record systems to be able to concentrate on patients. Thinking about building an ehr system? Of course, with great technology comes a lot of effort to understand it and adopt. Here we clear this up

ag.algebraic geometry – Examples of complex manifolds for which the logarithmic cotangent bundle is big, but the cotangent bundle is not big

Let $(X,D)$ be a log pair, with $X$ a projective manifold (or quasi-projective) and $D$ a divisor with simple normal crossings. I’d like to construct an example, or be pointed to a reference, for an example where $Omega_X^1(log D)$ is big, but $Omega_X^1$ is not big.

There are metric characterisations of such examples due to Cadorel (in a 2016 paper), that was later developed by Guenancia. That is, $Omega_X^1(log D)$ is big if there is a Kähler metric $omega$ on $X backslash D$ with negative holomorphic sectional curvature on $Xbackslash D$ and has nonpositive bisectional curvature. Then $Omega_X^1(log D)$ is big. If, moreover, $omega$ is locally bounded on $X$, then $Omega_X^1$ is big.

dg.differential geometry – Examples of group actions on statistical manifolds

A statistical manifold $(M,g,nabla)$ is a Riemannian manifold with a torsion-free affine connection $nabla$ such that $nabla g$ is symmetric in all entries. Equivalently, there is a dual affine connection $nabla^*$ such that $X(g(Y,Z)) = g(nabla_X Y,Z) + g(Y,nabla^*_X Z)$, with $X,Y,Z in mathcal{X}(M)$.
In the preprint there is a definition of homogenous statistical manifold (Definition 1.4.1). One of the conditions says that the action of $G$ (by isometries) is affine with respect to $nabla$. I am not familiar with actions on statistical manifolds. I am supposing that it means that, as a map $nabla : mathcal{X}(G) times mathcal{X}(G) to mathcal{X}(G)$, the connection verifies $nabla_X Y = (h^{-1})_* (nabla_{h_* (X)} h_*(Y))$ (?). Here $nabla_X Y := nabla(Y,X)$ and $h_*$ indicates de tangent action induced by the left translation by an element $h$ in $G$.

Thus there is an induced quotient homogeneous statistical structure $(G/H, bar g, bar nabla)$, right?. Besides the examples presented in that paper, are there others (more geometrically inspired) known examples of homogeneous non-trivial statistical manifolds?
The structure is said trivial if $nabla = nabla^*$ and in that case they coincide with the Levi-Civita connection, otherwise it is non-trivial.

Are there examples of finite-dimensional complex non-semisimple non-commutative symmetric Frobenius algebras?

Given any finite dimensional algebra $A$, consider the linear dual $hat{A}= hom(A, k)$ as an $A$$A$-bimodule. Then $R = A oplus hat{A}$ may be equipped with an algebra structure as follows:

$$(a, x) cdot (b,y) = (ab, x cdot b + a cdot y)$$

for $a,b in A$ and $x,y in hat{A}$. The algebra $R$ has a natural symmetric Frobenius algebra structure. So every finite dimensional (possibly non-commutative) algebra embeds into a symmetric Frobenius algebra.

reference request – Examples of matrices with all subdeterminants bounded away from $0$

For any distinct integers $x_1,ldots,x_m$ you can take the matrix whose
$i$-th row $(1 leq i leq m)$ is $(1,x_i,x_i^2,ldots,x_i^{n-1})$.
Each $n times n$ submatrix is
with distinct rows, so has nonzero determinant, which being an integer
must have absolute value at least $1$.

In fact the absolute value is
at least $1! 2! cdots (n-1)!$; replacing each entry $x_i^{j-1}$ by
$x_i choose j-1$ applies an invertible column transformation
and retains integrality, so we still have all $n times n$ submatrices
with nonzero integral determinant, and the entries are overall smaller.

Or, if the $x_i$ are all distinct modulo some prime $p$,
replace each $x_i^{j-1}$ by its remainder mod $p$ to get
a matrix with all entries in $(0,p)$ and all $n times n$ submatrices
irreducible mod $p$ and thus again with determinant equal to
some nonzero integer.

soft question – What are some great examples of wordsmanship in published literature?

David L. Goodstein begins his book on statistical mechanics, ”States of Matter”, with the following introduction:

“Ludwig Boltzmann, who spent much of his life studying statistical mechanics, died in 1906, by his own hand. Paul Ehrenfest, carrying on the work, died similarly in 1933. Now it is our turn to study statistical mechanics. Perhaps it will be wise to approach the subject cautiously.”

What are some other examples of amusing wordsmanship that appear in mathematical literature?

Examples of material design at real sites

For inspiration I’d like to have a look at enough examples of material design for web sited and of that framework by Google (

I have been trying. Trying hard. But I have found only one example. And it is

One example is for me not enough.

I try to google something “material design example”. But if I inspect the code of those sites suggested by bloggers, I can’t see any material design there.

Wikipedia lists some sites using material design. But I can’t recognize it.

First of all, I try to find grid classes. That is I find for “mdc-layout-grid” in the code. Nothing. Then I try to reveal any CSS grid at the site. It may either be absent at all. Or the number of columns doesn not comply with material design guidline.

Then I go to GitHub and try to find something there. There are some code really found. But it also didn’t help me find any good working sites to scrutinize.

Could you show me some: 5, 10, 20 examples of web sites using material design and that frontend framework by Google?