pathfinder 1e – How do I determine the base weapon damage for weapons that exceed the size chart?

So I play a barbarian with a battle ax. Last night, my human (middle-sized) barbarian was magnified by a spell of glory that made his terrible weapon even more devastating.

So we checked the rules for his new base damage. Unfortunately, the table ends at medium-sized 2d6 and becomes 3d6.

Since the medium sized battleaxes already have a 3×6 weapon damage, we tried to identify the pattern of the table that was (at least for us) unclear by 3d6, or it could be 3d10 due to the steps in weapons be with lower base damage.

So the question is:

What is the weapon damage that needs to be rolled here, and what pattern would this identify for weapons that exceed the printed books table?

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Encoding Style – How do I handle long URLs in comments that exceed the maximum length of 80 characters?

Follow an arbitrary rule they said.

It'll be fine, they said.

We have discovered the source of all the perfection that they said.

There can never be anything that violates the rules they have said.

You obviously never wrote code …

A formatting guide is great and helps people answer the same question with a predictable answer.

But – and there is always a but – you write code because it never had to be written that way for that purpose.

That's why it's new, novel (even if it's a non-original copy, paste, and rename), and you've never seen it before.

How would they have a & # 39; rule & # 39; can write that is universally applicable without having considered the entire universe? Note – you could not have …

At best, this limit of 80 characters may be generally useful rule of thumb, And I can see that it has some basis in print media and well formatted documents.

However you forgot something – usefulness, What I mean for the original intention of the rule of thumb Maximum 80 characters.

  • The URL does not work if you manually wrap it in lines by inserting unnecessary spaces.

Which is more professional for a newsreader, a book author or a web designer? It is likely that the link will be word-wrapped at approximately 80 characters, using the media's conventions and standards to alert the reader, or using the available technologies to render the link in a user-friendly manner.

Which is more professional for a programmer?

If you had the choice to hire two programmers:

  • one who has nicely formatted the URL,
  • and one who did not.

But same in every other way. Which one would you hire?

I would hire the one who did not, because he was professional enough to understand the goal by not making life more difficult for the next developer.

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Amazon Web Services – Why does the free AWS EC2 server instance of t2.micro exceed 750 hours of 85% in less than a month?

On February 21, 1919 I started using the AWS EC2 server instance t2.micro with 750 hours for 12 months, and on March 14, 1919 I received this email:

Enter the image description here

From the 21.02.2019 I have just started an instance and continue to run until today without interruption. That's about 500 hours, not 654. Even my account on the AWS portal after logging in shows something like this:

Enter the image description here

Could you please tell me what to do next, why is it happening? Everything about this topic is written here. But it does not clear my problem. I've seen some similar questions across multiple domains, but they said that the problem is that someone executes multiple instances, not just one … but I can see clearly that I only have one that I still do not interrupted or interrupted … I do not use any AWS database, but Google Cloud PSQL DB, which is located near Frankfurt, where my AWS server is located …

Maybe that will be helpful:

Enter the image description here

An interesting phrase here is: "Some of the most common restrictions are time, such as hourly or per minute, or requests that are requests that you send to the service (also called API operations designated)." I do not get it, maybe stupid question – sorry, but the more GET / POST requests in my web, the faster it works? OR the more terminal SSL session instances I have more time?

In addition, I connect to the terminal twice a day for 4 hours, and I have 0 visitors on my website. I'm using 2 ports, one for production (where I'm constantly running my site with nohup & and screen commands) and one for development at the same time.

I've written to AWS support, but as far as it's a free account now, the severity level is LOW and therefore not an answer. I still have 3 days, I think, and then I have to pay … do not understand why and why they did not reset the hourly calculation on the first day of March?

Algorithm – Why did I exceed the timeout error for Leetcode?

def ladderLength (beginWord: String, endWord: String, wordList: List.)[String]): Int = {
if (beginWord == null || beginWord.isEmpty || endWord == null ||
endWord.isEmpty || ! wordList.contains (endWord)) {
Return 0
var len = 0
val shadow = new HashSet[String]()
val q = new queue[String]()
q.enqueue (beginWord)
while (! q.isEmpty) {
len + = 1
val q1 = q.clone ()
q.clear ()
while (! q1.isEmpty) {
val cur = q1.dequeue ()
for (i <- 0 to cur.length)
for (c <-? a? to? z & # 39;) {
val mutate = cur.updated (i, c)
if (wordList.contains (mutate) &&! shadow.contains (mutate)) {
if (mutate == endWord)
return len + 1
q.queen (mutate)
shadow.add (mutate)



This is my answer to problem # 127 in leetcode. But I have "timed out". Everyone can give an indication of how the code can be optimized.

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