Remove excess heights from the SharePoint list

Please refer to the picture

Hello developers, we had a SharePoint list and adapted the list according to our requirements. However, we have a problem with the amount of extra space on the list. Please note the attached picture. We want to remove the height "style =" display: block; Height: 318.4px ". Can someone please suggest how to remove the excess height? Please let us know if you need additional information.

The SharePoint Online environment we use.

Excess delta MQDs are wasted every year. Better approach?

I am a million miler with Delta. Every year I qualify for either Platinum or Diamond. Regardless of which level I reach, I only meet the MQM requirements, but I surpass the MQDs by a considerable amount. For example, I flew 119,000 miles last year, missed Diamond by 6,000 MQMs, but my MQDs were over 19,000. This is without a Delta Amex card. I spent 24,000 a year and still missed Diamond by 2,000 miles.

Seems Delta has her min. MQD requirements, but don't really reward people who spend more money unless you buy DeltaOne and I'm aware that the 360s exist, but we're talking about the rest of us, not this class of travelers ,

Am I just better off getting 9,000 MQDs for Platinum and moving to another airline from then on?

dnd 5e – Polymorph Question :: Excess Damage (and Resistance)

Ok, if I turn a fire giant into a baby chicken and drop it in lava, the baby chicken will take 10W10 or 18W10 when I dip it in.

If it hits 0, it will return to its previous shape and take the excess damage. But what if the creature was immune? Like a fire giant? Does it assume to suffer all this damage because it was a baby chicken? Basically, I'm trying to turn a giant into a nugget.

forms – How do I handle an excess of white space in a CRM UI?

I design a CRM-like interface for nurses to help them manage their workflow, and they encounter a UI issue where, in most cases, there's an awkward excess of blanks in the "task details". Map (see picture).
Enter image description here
To defuse this, I have considered increasing the font size, but the rest of the interface is also 14px in size. Therefore, I did not want her to collide visually.
(Again, this screen is for a 1440pt widescreen that most of the nurses we interviewed use).

I'm glad that the space is big enough to accommodate super-long entrances, but it just seems to be a bit much.

Any thoughts on how this can be mitigated? Many thanks!

Does an excess of low-traffic content impact the overall SEO of your site, either positively or negatively?

There is currently an excess of content on my site, and I have tried to reduce the amount of active content so that "good" things are easier to find.

Will my site's overall SEO rating for a given topic / topic / keyword be negatively impacted by removing a range of content that no one visits? Does this content help my general SEO?