LVM for LUKS Implementation – Information Security Stack Exchange

LVM under LUKS is the only secure option for encrypting a Linux / Ubuntu USB system. If someone gets access to an unencrypted USB device that is not LVM on LUKS, he knows what it is and what it is.

However, LVM on LUKS is not easy to implement. Would anyone be kind enough to tell you how to do it in the simplest steps?

Many thanks.

Create a cryptocurrency platform like Binance – Everything Else



As cryptocurrencies evolve on a daily basis and are currently among the top news headlines, it is very important to analyze and structure every aspect when you want to set up your own cryptocurrency exchange. Some of the key aspects you need to investigate are:

Decide where you want to start your business and make the right legal requirements.

Implement the best security exchange services

Ensuring adequate risk financing

Partnership with a payment processor

Transaction history and liquidation for exchange

Since starting your own cryptocurrency exchange can be very complicated and involves risk factors such as money and security, using the services of a recognized solution provider is the best option. According to my research, Blockchain App Factory is one of the top blockchain technology solutions companies can offer and help you build your legitimate cryptocurrency. It will consider all of the above aspects that are reliable, efficient and cost effective.


Transaction Broadcast Error zcash – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I can not send the transaction to zcash testnet. I will state the entire steps clearly. Could someone tell me where I am doing wrong. Private key – "cSwoLKkeHSj3zaKAqiv8DXKXQVm18Ci3vwTvgrtPAS6a2YJ1HeRY"

step:1 zcash-cli listunspent 6 9999999 "["tmRvLFZ3Lnz9vhd9bG2JuWakYESEi4ukxqs"]"
    "txid": "8a1ce0ecc491ba2cb234674662769774ce81e4beaa7a7aff466aa62ea8b8345b",
    "vout": 1,
    "generated": false,
    "address": "tmRvLFZ3Lnz9vhd9bG2JuWakYESEi4ukxqs",
    "scriptPubKey": "76a914b1c61a54ae002ef35bf1fcdbdde9ea9e02b486bc88ac",
    "amount": 2.89999774,
    "confirmations": 16,
    "spendable": true

step 2

    zcash-cli createrawtransaction "[{"txid":"8a1ce0ecc491ba2cb234674662769774ce81e4beaa7a7aff466aa62ea8b8345b","vout":1}]" "{"tmGrqWFJQJtYXFwm6b4ptKpDetNTWdpc3kX":0.4,"tmFHNDXpWYgRQ44FXPidCiiq1Rfx9gESuQ1":2.39999774}"
output for step-2 "030000807082c403015b34b8a82ea66a46ff7a7aaabee481ce74977662466734b22cba91c4ece01c8a0100000000ffffffff02005a6202000000001976a9144e63b9f685635c97f578c2e94f4aba622b65d11a88ac1e1b4e0e000000001976a9143d171848a9caf0a64b7f069b116675bca56ac08b88ac00000000a52a030000"

step 3

zcash-cli signrawtransaction "030000807082c403015b34b8a82ea66a46ff7a7aaabee481ce74977662466734b22cba91c4ece01c8a0100000000ffffffff02005a6202000000001976a9144e63b9f685635c97f578c2e94f4aba622b65d11a88ac1e1b4e0e000000001976a9143d171848a9caf0a64b7f069b116675bca56ac08b88ac00000000a52a030000" "[{"txid":"8a1ce0ecc491ba2cb234674662769774ce81e4beaa7a7aff466aa62ea8b8345b","vout":1,"scriptPubKey":"76a914b1c61a54ae002ef35bf1fcdbdde9ea9e02b486bc88ac","amount":2.89999774}]" "["private_key"]"
output :
  "hex": "030000807082c403015b34b8a82ea66a46ff7a7aaabee481ce74977662466734b22cba91c4ece01c8a010000006a47304402201607a0454a641dc28a81324dd292275780fde44bbdec4d95131d0be35bcd591f0220601161a481a4b690076febf5c1c7508cddfd1972fda432b9bbc55d87289beb9c012103472fba697de28693fea3ea2d7a0d744d164d6264f8c4f44648eb904162387fe4ffffffff02005a6202000000001976a9144e63b9f685635c97f578c2e94f4aba622b65d11a88ac1e1b4e0e000000001976a9143d171848a9caf0a64b7f069b116675bca56ac08b88ac00000000a52a030000",
  "complete": true

Step 4

zcash-cli sendrawtransaction "030000807082c403015b34b8a82ea66a46ff7a7aaabee481ce74977662466734b22cba91c4ece01c8a010000006a47304402201607a0454a641dc28a81324dd292275780fde44bbdec4d95131d0be35bcd591f0220601161a481a4b690076febf5c1c7508cddfd1972fda432b9bbc55d87289beb9c012103472fba697de28693fea3ea2d7a0d744d164d6264f8c4f44648eb904162387fe4ffffffff02005a6202000000001976a9144e63b9f685635c97f578c2e94f4aba622b65d11a88ac1e1b4e0e000000001976a9143d171848a9caf0a64b7f069b116675bca56ac08b88ac00000000a52a030000"
error code: -25
error message:

Automation – Automated FIAT transfer to Bank of Exchange

This would vary greatly through the exchange. BTC transmission and BTC trading can most certainly be automated through the APIs of most major exchanges. Fiat payouts may be possible, but I do not remember that I've seen APIs for it lately. It's best to go public and ask, because I think it's a feature that's available on a larger scale for larger clients, and that may help you out.

Plugins – Ultimate Member – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I have just installed the Ultimate Member plug-in and my website says, "This website redirected you too often". If I disable the plugin, my site works, but immediately I re-enable the plugin, the same problem. What could that be? I have already checked the settings of WordPress to confirm that the URL does not contain "www". Many thanks

Option buttons Direction – User Experience Stack Exchange

Vertical is preferred.

According to research by the Neilson Norman Group and the various guidelines for Apple and Microsoft user interfaces, option buttons should have the circle to the left of the label and the list should be stacked vertically.

This helps the user to scan the choices and also reduces the ambiguity caused by alternating circles and labels in the horizontal arrangement of selections.

Like most things in UX, the actual answer depends on your use case. The fewer options you see, the fewer problems you will have with a horizontal layout. For example, yes / no pairs are often placed side by side, although there is a sufficient gap between the two options.

Further reading:

unity – Radar / Minimap System – Stack Exchange for Game Development

I'm trying to create a radar effect (almost GTA-shaped minimap). The radar shows the position of an enemy (represented by a small image) when in range.
The problem I have here is: I want the radar to indicate if the enemy is higher or lower than the player (if the y-position of the enemy is greater or less than the y-position of the player).
I want to accomplish this goal by switching the image on the radar (representing the enemy) to a different image relative to the y-position of the enemy.

Here is my radar script:

public class RadarObject


public Image icon { get; set; }
public GameObject owner { get; set; }


public radar: MonoBehaviour

(SerializeField) private Transform playerPosition;

private float MapScale = 2.0f;

private Image NormalImage;
private Image UpImage;
private Image DownImage;

public static List radObjects = new List();

public static Radar Instance;

private void Awake()
    Instance = this;

public void CustomRegisterRadarObject(GameObject o, Image u, Image d, Image n)
    NormalImage = Instantiate(n);
    UpImage = Instantiate(u);
    DownImage = Instantiate(d);

    radObjects.Add(new RadarObject() { owner = o, icon = NormalImage });
    radObjects.Add(new RadarObject() { owner = o, icon = UpImage });
    radObjects.Add(new RadarObject() { owner = o, icon = DownImage });

public static void RemoveRadarObject(GameObject o)
    List newList = new List();
    for(int i = 0; i < radObjects.Count; i++)
        if(radObjects(i).owner == o)
    radObjects.RemoveRange(0, radObjects.Count);

private void DrawRadarDots()
    foreach (RadarObject ro in radObjects)
        Vector3 radarPos = (ro.owner.transform.position - playerPosition.position);
        float distToObject = Vector3.Distance(playerPosition.position, ro.owner.transform.position) * MapScale;
        float deltaY = Mathf.Atan2(radarPos.x, radarPos.z) * Mathf.Rad2Deg - 270 - playerPosition.eulerAngles.y;
        radarPos.x = distToObject * Mathf.Cos(deltaY * Mathf.Deg2Rad) * -1;
        radarPos.z = distToObject * Mathf.Sin(deltaY * Mathf.Deg2Rad);

        ro.icon.transform.position = new Vector3(radarPos.x, radarPos.z, 0) + transform.position;

void Update()

public void CheckHeightDifference(Transform o)
    foreach (RadarObject ro in radObjects)
        if (o.position.y > playerPosition.position.y && ro.icon.color != Color.yellow)  //if enemy is above the player
            //ro.icon.color = Color.yellow;
            ro.icon = UpImage;
        else if (o.position.y < playerPosition.position.y && ro.icon.color !=    //if enemy is below the player
            //ro.icon.color =;
            ro.icon = DownImage;
        else if (o.position.y == playerPosition.position.y && ro.icon.color != //if enemy and the player are at the same height
            //ro.icon.color =;
            ro.icon = NormalImage;


And here's the script attached to the enemy to make it visible on the radar:

public class MakeAvailableOnRadar : MonoBehaviour


(SerializeField) private Image RadarImage; //Image that shows if the player and enemy are at the same height
(SerializeField) private Image RadarImageUp; //Image that shows if the enemy is higher than the player
(SerializeField) private Image RadarImageDown; //Image that shows if the enemy is lower than the player

private Radar radar;

void Start()
    radar = Radar.Instance;

    radar.CustomRegisterRadarObject(gameObject, RadarImageUp, RadarImageDown, RadarImage);

private void Update()

void OnDisable()


It does not seem to work the way I want it to. Is there a workaround? How do I fix this?

I follow Hollistic3D's Creating a Mini Card System in Unity 5 ( as a guide.

Blockchain 51% attack – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

No. A 51% attack can not change transactions or these transactions become invalid. Blocks do not determine if a transaction is valid. Transactions have their own validation rules. If a block contains an invalid transaction, this block is invalid regardless of the proof of work.

If you want to change the details of a transaction, you must create a new signature. This can only be done by the original creator of this transaction. Therefore, attackers can not easily arbitrarily change people's transactions because they do not have the private keys needed to create those signatures. Therefore, any changes you make will result in invalid transactions.

An attacker can only remove transactions from the history and insert their own transactions. They could only replace their own transactions. The risk of a 51% attack is that the attackers can replace their own transactions that another person pays with a double-spending transaction that pays off itself, reversing a transaction.