Rust server load testing – Game Development Stack Exchange

I am looking to stress test my Rust game server and monitor CPU, RAM and FPS. I could not find much around.

I general I think I will need a good amount of compute power, bunch of cloud based VM which generate the load through UDP using some headless client.

Monitoring CPU and RAM should be fairly easy, but how about the in game FPS?
Also I could not find much about Rust clients that could simulate a player.


Comments ghosted! – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I try publishing comments on a website (MGTOW Italia) but they are all ghosted! The owner not even sees them. Please help! If it’s the wrong support section, please let me know where to get help!

trading – Crypto exchange – what do BTCUSD SELL and LTCBTC SELL mean?

I just downloaded an app that forecasts the crypto market. The app seems to be nice but I don’t understand the forecast interface. What does this mean?


Does it mean that I can sell my bitcoin to someone that has dollars?

For the second, does it also mean that I can sell my LTC to someone that has BTC that is invariably buying BTC with LTC?

BI/B2 Visa status covid-19 – Travel Stack Exchange

US Visas are a little different to those from many other countries.

You must enter the country before the expiry date on your visa – which is likely at least 1 year after the visa was issued (possibly 5 years or more).

When you enter the country you will be given a time period that you can stay for, which is generally 6 months from the date that you enter. This time is not related to the date on which your visa was issued.

However expecting to visit the US as a tourist in August or even September of 2020 is simply crazy. There is ZERO chance that COVID-19 will be under control by then, and visiting puts you and others at risk. Stay home, and re-plan your holiday for (at least) the latter half of 2021.

VoxGrid post exchange | Forum Promotion

Recently, I’ve hit 100 posts which is a great milestone for me. I would like to continue growing a bit and I’m willing to do post exchanges with other forums.
Please note: I will try and do a little bit a day as I am quite busy too. But I will keep to my word :]
Now, the posts must be to a reasonable quality. So no short, one-worded posts or attempting to bypass this through spam posting. Try and maybe engage with the posts and threads. There is a wide range of categories to discuss in and room to expand more. Read more about VoxGrid here.
I will always try and create high quality and useful threads for your page so I expect a return of something similar for mine too.
Thank you and if you are interested in this please leave a post below or PM me! :]


validation – Requirement Verification – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

According to what I understand, Requirement validation involves going over the SRS to ensure the requirements is correct with respect to user needs.

1- Could you help clarify verifiable requirement (checked during validation)?
2- What is the difference between “requirement verification” and “requirement validation”?

An example to clarify the concepts would be great. Thanks

Wallet.dat corrupted – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Like many people, I ran the blockchain during 2009 and 2010. I found an old file I had renamed to xxxx.dat. I downloaded the wallet and let it run. I get the wallet.dat corrupted, salvage failed message after I put in the file I believe to be my old wallet.dat.i have deleted the install and restarted my computer. I hope to be able to start over. Any suggestions?

maximizing a summation. – Mathematics Stack Exchange

Suppose we have $n$ nodes and $T_i(n):=$ number of visits to a node $i$ till time $n$. I have the following discrete summation, which I want to maximize:
max_{substack{ T_i(n) \ 1 leq i leq k} } sum_{i=1}^k sum_{j=1}^{T_i(n)} frac{1}{sqrt{j} } ,,,,text{s.t.} ,,,,sum_{i=1}^k T_i(n) = n,

For instance for $k=2$, this would be maximizing
$$Bigg(1+frac{1}{sqrt{2}}+cdots + frac{1}{sqrt{T_1(n)}}Bigg) + Bigg(1+frac{1}{sqrt{2}}+cdots + frac{1}{sqrt{T_2(n)}}Bigg)$$
I have the intuition that the above is maximized at $T_i(n) = frac{n}{k},,forall ,i$. Is there any way to rigorously prove this for any finite $k$?