I'm looking for someone who creates a list from an existing directory

I would like to hire someone to create a list of stores for me. The website is online so you can do it from anywhere. I need every business in an excel document.

Here is the website


Code (markup):

these cities:

North County San Diego
San Marcos
Ocean side
East County San Diego
Spring valley
La Mesa
El Cajon
lemon grove
Chula Vista
Nation city

I need this from these areas:

Name of the business
phone number
All social media accounts listed

Take a look at this and tell me how much you will charge me to make this list for me. paypal ready

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Reverse engineering and modify the existing Python script for new purposes

I'm trying to reverse engineer and modify the python script radarrsync to work in it.

Their new purpose is to retrieve a list of two separate radars via api, compare them for matches and the & # 39; tmdbid, the & # 39; hasFile & # 39; value (true / false), the & # 39; 39; id & # 39; and the & # 39; path & # 39; values ​​of the slaves radar from any matches and then send a delete request with the & # 39; id & # 39; if only & # 39; tmdbid & # 39; match and use the modified path value to send a removal command to the actual file over the delete request & # 39; hasFile & # 39; value == true.

If I did that & # 39; hasFile & # 39; comment out, the script will run, but the error message "message": "MethodNotAllowed" and will not delete anything (although trying to delete everything in the list) and when running with the & # 39; hasFile & # 39; if statement it exits early as it is unable to evaluate it.

Can someone look and see what I have missed please

import os
Import logging
Import Json
Import sys
import requests
import the configparser
import argparse
Import Shutil
import time

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser (description = & # 39; RadarrClean Compare two radar servers and remove matches from the slave. & # 39;
parser.add_argument (& # 39; - config & 39 ;, action = "store", type = str, help = & # 39; Location of the configuration file. & # 39;
parser.add_argument (& # 39; - debug & # 39 ;, help = & # 39; Enable debug logging. & # 39 ;, action = "store_true")
parser.add_argument (& # 39; - whatif & # 39 ;, help = "Read only What would happen if I did that No posts are sent Use with --debug", action = "store_true")
args = parser.parse_args ()

def ConfigSectionMap (section):
dict1 = {}
options = Config.options (section)
for option in options:
To attempt:
dict1[option] = Config.get (section, option)
if dict1[option] == -1:
logger.debug (% option "skip:% s")
print ("Exception% s!"%)
dict1[option] = None
Return dict1

Config = configparser.ConfigParser ()
settingsFilename = os.path.join (os.getcwd (), & # 39; Config.txt & # 39;
if args.config:
settingsFilename = args.config
elif not os.path.isfile (settingsFilename):
print ("Create default configuration, please edit and run again.")
shutil.copyfile (os.path.join (os.getcwd (), & # 39; config.default & # 39 ;, settingsfilename))
sys.exit (0)
Config.read (settingsfilename)

print (ConfigSectionMap (& # 39; Radarr_PQ & # 39;)['rootfolders'].Teilt (# 39 & # 39 ;;;))

######################################## ####### ## ############################################# #### #################
logger = logging.getLogger ()
if ConfigSectionMap ("General")['log_level'] == & # 39; DEBUG & # 39 ;:
logger.setLevel (logging.DEBUG)
elif ConfigSectionMap ("General")['log_level'] == & # 39; VERBOSE & # 39 ;:
logger.setLevel (logging.VERBOSE)
logger.setLevel (logging.INFO)
if args.debug:
logger.setLevel (logging.DEBUG)

logFormatter = logging.Formatter ("% (asctime) s) [%(threadName)-12.12s] [%(levelname)-5.5s]        %(Messages")

fileHandler = logging.FileHandler (ConfigSectionMap (& # 39; General & # 39;)['log_path'], & # 39; w & # 39 ;, utf-8 & # 39;)
fileHandler.setFormatter (logFormatter)
logger.addHandler (fileHandler)

consoleHandler = logging.StreamHandler (sys.stdout)
consoleHandler.setFormatter (logFormatter)
logger.addHandler (consoleHandler)
######################################## ####### ## ############################################# #### #################

Session = Requirements. Session ()
session.trust_env = false

radarr_url = ConfigSectionMap ("RadarrMaster")['url']
radarr_key = ConfigSectionMap ("RadarrMaster")['key']
radarrMovies = session.get (& # 39; {0} / api / movie? apikey = {1} & # 39; format (radarr_url, radarr_key))
If radarrMovies.status_code! = 200:
logger.error (& # 39; master radar server error - response {} & # 39; format (radarrMovies.status_code))
sys.exit (0)

Server = {}
for section in Config.sections ():
section = str (section)
if "Radarr_" in section:
server = (str.split (section & # 39; radar_ & # 39;))[1]
        server[server] = ConfigSectionMap (section)
movies = session.get (Format "{0} / api / movie? apikey = {1}". (Server[server]['url'], Server[server]['key']))
If movies.status_code! = 200:
logger.error (& # 39; {0} radar server error - response {1} & # 39;. format (server, movies.status_code))
sys.exit (0)
server[server]['movies']    = []
            server[server]['matchMovies']    = 0
server[server]['searchid']    = []
            for movie in movies.json ():
server[server]['movies'].append (movie['tmdbId'])

for a movie in radarrMovies.json ():
for name, server in servers.items ():
if movie['tmdbId'] in the server['movies']:
if movie['hasFile'] == "true":
if movie['sizeOnDisk'] ! = 0:
if & # 39; rootfolders & # 39; on the server:
allowedFolders = Server['rootfolders'].Teilt (# 39 ;; & # 39)
for folders in allowed folders:
if not folder in the movie['path']:
if & # 39; local_path & # 39; on the server:
Path = str (movie['path']) .replace (server['local_path']server['cloud_path'])
logging.debug (& # 39; Updating the movie path from {0} to {1} & # 39;). Format (movie['path']Path))
Path = movie['path']
                    logging.debug (& # 39; server: {0} & # 39; format (name))
logging.debug (& # 39; title: {0} & # 39;. format (movie['title']))
logging.debug (& # 39; hasFile: {0} & # 39;. format (movie['hasFile']))
logging.debug (& # 39; tmdbId: {0} & # 39; format (movie['tmdbId']))
logging.debug (& # 39; id: {0} & # 39; .. format (movie['id']))
logging.debug (& # 39; path: {0} & # 39;. format (path))

Payload = {str (film['id'])}

logging.debug (& # 39; payload: {0} & # 39;. format (payload))
server['matchMovies'] + = 1
if args.whatif:
logging.debug (# 39; WhatIf: The movie is not really removed from Radarr {0}. & # 39; format (name))
if server['matchMovies'] > 0:
logging.debug (Sleeping for: {0} seconds. & # 39;. format (ConfigSectionMap (& # 39; General & # 39;))['wait_between_delete']))
time.sleep (int (ConfigSectionMap (& # 39; General & # 39;))['wait_between_delete']))
r = session.delete (& # 39; {0} / api / movie? apikey = {1} & # 39;. format (server['url']server['key']), data = json.dumps (payload))
Remove logger.info (& # 39; {0} from Radarr {1} server & # 39;) .format (Movie['title'], Surname))

Example of the type of values ​​in the file that are retrieved by the call to the API

"title": "Anaconda",
"sizeOnDisk": 1289110670
"downloaded": true,
"hasFile": true,
"Path": "/ movies / Anaconda (1997)",
"profileId": 4,
"tmdbId": 9360
"titleSlug": "anaconda-9360",
"id": 206
"title": "Analyze that",
"sizeOnDisk": 628338045
"downloaded": true,
"hasFile": true,
"path": "/ movies / Analyze That (2002)",
"profileId": 4,
"tmdbId": 9932
"titleSlug": "analyze-that-9932",
"id": 207
"title": "Analyze that",
"sizeOnDisk": 756275693
"downloaded": true,
"hasFile": true,
"path": "/ movies / Analyze This (1999)",
"profileId": 4,
"tmdbId": 9535
"titleSlug": "analysis-this-9535",
"id": 208

How do I insert text between existing words?

When writing on Android, z. For example, on YouTube comments, I sometimes have to change the word order or insert words. Cutting an existing word is easy: just long press on the word and select "Cut". However, I had difficulty inserting the test in the right place.

For example, suppose I have copied "malicious" to the clipboard and would like to paste it into an existing sentence "I have seen a dog". between "a" and "dog". When I try to press the space between "a" and "dog" long, the word "dog" is selected. I can then choose "paste", but then the current selection is replaced by it, which I do not want. I can not search for a word anyway without picking something.

I use Gboard (Google Keyboard).

linux-iscsi multipath on CentOS 7 is possible with existing partition

I have an ISCSI server (NetApp) with multipath support, first I log in with a controller (iscsi login from the client) and created an iscsi partition (sdb) in CentOS 7.

I also wrote some data in it.
Now I have to configure multipathing, but I do not want to lose my data.

Is it safe / possible to log in to the next controller (sdc) and create a multipath without losing existing data?

How do I center the message processing in Laravel data tables with existing data?

Hello everybody,
In my Laravel 5.7 application, I use "yajra / laravel-datatables-oracle": "~ 8.0" library and read them
I changed the processing message in style:

.dataTables_processing {
Margin Top: -80px! important;
Upholstery: 70px! important;
Background: # F5F8FA! important;
Colour blue! important;
Border: 2px spotted dark gray;
Boundary radius: 3px! important;
Font size: xx-large! important;
Opacity: 1! important;
Text decoration: none;

Code (CSS):

and it works and I retrieve data on the open page with empty data area.
I am updating data that is not displayed. The message is not displayed.
I tried to increase with the addition of style:

        align vertically: above;
vert-align: above;

Code (CSS):

But failed.
The HTML code of my data area is:


1) Which is the right way to change style?
2) If laravel-datatables-oracle has a data range row deletion method before retrieving data?
I think that could be helpful …
Here is a live example at http://demo2.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/login
It is under credentials 111111
then SITE / admin / box-rooms URL
When uploading the page, the message is visible within 1-2 seconds
If you enter "001" in the Box Space Input Filter box and click "Search," I've added a 30-second delay for debugging in the browser.
You need to scroll down to see message processing …
Many Thanks!

sharepoint online – Setting the Default Link for "People with Existing Access"

Can anyone for SharePoint Online find a way to set the default tenant-wide link behavior to default to "People with Existing Access"?

Currently, there are only three UI options and a fourth "none" option available through PowerShell, which sets the default link to the least restrictive option.

Current tenant settings

The business requirement for this is that the other linking options break the inheritance of a document or item and create a "sharable link". This can potentially lead to unwanted release of sensitive information.

We can currently restrict this for the majority of users by updating the access request settings (Site Settings> Users and Permissions> Site Permissions> Access Requirement Settings) and disable Allow members to share the site and individual files and folders, However, site owners can bypass this setting.

The desired result would look like this:

Enter the image description here

Web Applications – How to better understand an existing Django program

I've just started a new job where I'm going to revise and update a web application written in Django. I am very knowledgeable about Django (and have read the documentation on Django and external libraries like Django REST Framework). However, I hope that someone with a lot of experience can quickly understand existing web applications so that they can update them, and he has some suggestions on how best to do that, both in general and with respect to Django.

What you should look out for in the code, tutorials to see, maybe there are some defined methods to understand old code that I can implement.

I realize that this is a subjective question, but would be pleased to receive suggestions, including the question of where to ask this question in order to get the best answers.

Any tools to improve the existing form?

I use a few types of autoresponders (eg Mailwizz), and these types of autoresponders provide the normal HTML form, for example

<form action = "https: // ....

Code (markup):

Are there any tools that I can put into the code to improve the form's GUI before I can embed it on my website?

Basically, all of this form is pretty simple and not attractive, and I do not have much idea about coding like css. I'd like to create a better form before lifting my WordPress page

This allows you to expose existing Java applications running on a single-board Linux computer to LAN on a web server

I am an electrical engineer and not a software engineer, so keep my questions. I learned Java about 2 weeks ago for this project.

I have a Java program developed by a colleague running on a single board computer (SBC) and Ubuntu. The SBC controls some devices through its I / O and various communication protocols such as UART. The GUI is designed with Swing and the backend with state machines. The Java program has no existing architecture for web server / servlet / applets or whatever.

I need to access this device via a browser using all the necessary means via LAN. There must be no external applications that need to be downloaded, but must be run through a browser. The browser changes to the GUI must be sent back to the SBC so that the device can still be controlled from the SBC.

What are my best solutions? I looked at Apache Tomcat, Java Web Start, embedded web servers, websockets, and so on. I am at the point where I just need a starting point for my research on how to achieve this. How should I tackle this problem?