Recent experience applying for a UK Fiance visa from South Africa

Just wanting to know how long between ‘Your visa application has been sent to the Decision Making Centre for processing.’ status to ‘application received by DMC’ to ‘application transferred to VAC’. At which stage are you informed of the decision? I know guide processing time is 12 weeks but just trying to establish how accurate this is?

User Experience Interaction – User Experience Stack Exchange

User Experience Interaction – User Experience Stack Exchange

dashboard – Use and display of real-time user experience data in web applications

The DTA’s Performance Dashboard seems to be the closest thing I have found that tracks user experience related performance and displays the information publicly.

As stated on the website:

The Performance Dashboard makes data open and accessible by measuring
the performance of Australian government services against the Digital
Service Standard.

This promotes government transparency and helps drive the ongoing
improvement of government services — for all Australians.

And you can see a snapshot of the information presented, and the KPIs that are measured:

  • User satisfaction – The overall satisfaction rate with the service.
  • Cost per transaction – The estimated cost to government, per transaction, for administering the service.
  • Digital take-up – The adoption rate for the digital service.
  • Completion rate – The overall rate of completion for users of the service.

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What additional processes and skills are involved in “Human Experience Design”?

It seems that the nature progression of the scope that is being covered by the HCI/UX design discipline has extended to “Human Experience Design”, which appears to be encompassing not just experiences for users of an application or customer of a company’s products and services but for all of humanity (as the term seems to imply).

The popularization of Service Design as a specialization involved broadening the lens of the UX scope from users interacting with an application to customers engaging with all of the company’s products and services. It also involves understanding the underlying support processes and systems and requires putting on the business analyst’s hat.

My guess is that Human Experience Design would involve investigating some of experiences that are not confined to the commercial or organisational environment, as suggested by some of the definitions provided.

Human experience looks beyond commercial needs to understand and meet
human desires such as freedom, identity and creation.


However, this does not feel like it would involve new skills or processes, but may require more focus on issues such as inclusiveness and diversity in design, accessibility, AI, IoT and other emergent technologies.

What are the skills and processes (and artifacts?) associated with Human Experience Design specifically and not found in SD, CX or UX design?

progress bar – User Experience for non linear steps

We are in process of creating guided user experience for simplifying onboarding on multiple processes, services and teams. End User will be tech users only.

Our web application will create multiple steps (it could be more than 7-8 to 20 steps). Some steps are independent while others are dependent on previous steps.
Steps can be grouped like 3-4 steps per group.

If I use Progress Tracker with 20 steps I am facing 2 problems.

  1. So many steps will create confusion.
  2. How can I inform user that some steps are independent can be done in parallel.

Consider I am making a group of 3-4 steps then if I use Horizontal progress tracker per group and vertical steps within group, then how can I give clear view to user about steps which can be executed in parallel ?

Is there any better intuitive UX by which we can inform users that these steps can be done in parallel and some steps can be done only after completion of previous ones ? Also how we can show overall progress ?

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