Experiences with ThemePiko ? | Web Hosting Talk

Hello all,

I would like to share my experience with ThemePiko.

I bought the WHMCS FastSpring module yesterday from ThemePiko (paid with Visa card). The order was still pending payment after a few hours so I thought it just takes a while for the payment to be confirmed (the payment was debited from the card).

Today after 24+ hours, I checked their website and the order was cancelled (no e-mail, no refund, no notification).

The amount is not a big amount, it’s only 41 EUR, but anyways. Tried to contact them via e-mail, online form, live chat and no response.

Is there anybody who had such experiences with ThemePiko? This looks to me as scam, but I still hope it’s not.

Do you know any other FastSpring WHMCS module?

Thank you !

drivers – Ubuntu installed on Presario V6000 experiences graphics failures ONLY during shutdown and system search

I have an old (2005) Compaq Presario V6000 laptop

GPU is listed as being NV45 Nvidia

I hadn’t used it in a long time, and it had a non-working version of Windows on it. I tried installing Ubuntu versions 12.04 through 16.04, and no matter which version I use I get the same error occurring: when I go to shut down, restart, or access the system search icon at the top of the menu bar, the screen goes nuts with all kinds of wild crazy garbage and random pixels, primarily involving a lot of the color yellow. It eventually ‘calms’ down and the display almost looks normal, except for a centimetre (approx) thick band of yellow around the popup window for the last selection I made (the choice to restart or shut down for example). But I can’t select anything because the machine has locked up.

Here’s the funny thing… everything else works fine. I can surf the web, look at images on the desktop, even watch MP4s stored on a thumb drive. All the other warez work swell too.

When I checked to see which graphics driver was being used after each install, the system showed that NO graphics driver had been installed, not even Nouveau. So first I tried installing Nouveau which installed successfully, but I get the same results as before. So then I tried Nvidia-304, and later Nvidia-430. After installing the Nvidia drivers I get a different result: no matter how many times I logon to the machine after starting or restarting, the logon loops forever. WTF!

I’m now wondering if this is a graphics driver issue, or if something related to booting up or system inquiries is causing these issues? Anybody have any suggestions (short of torching an ancient and no doubt underpowered laptop)?

Any experiences with Gold Armour hammocks? – Newbies Lounge

I’m looking at getting a double hammock for my fiancé and I to take hiking (it won’t be for sleeping, just lounging during the day, so I’m not worried about the two people/one hammock dilemma. Just looking for something we will both fit in!)I was considering going with the Bear Butt double hammock and the Kodiak straps because I’m seeing good things about them. Altogether they total about $50, which seems like a good deal!Then I came across Gold Armour and they have a double size that also comes with the tree straps for $31.99.Anyone have a Gold Armour hammock? Is the quality good or should I just spend the extra $20 on Bear Butt?I’m a hammock newbie and don’t need anything fancy, but I want something sturdy that will fit in my backpack.

Experiences in Parenting – The Day I Brought My Newborn Home

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security – Is there a forum where IT people talk about or review their experiences with enterprise services (provided by another company), e.g. daas

I’d like to get some recommendations and see some feedback on experiences with “device as a service,” lifecycle management and security services. HP and other companies offer these services to IT departments. I’d like the opinions of IT professionals using these services. Is there a forum that’s appropriate for this?

Life Is Too Sport! An exciting blog documenting my life and experiences. | Forum Promotion

Site Name: Life Is Too Sport
URL: https://lifeistoo.sport.blog/
Type: Personal blog.
Site Info: My first attempt dipping into the blog world. This is a personal blog where I share my views across subjects that are important to me – such as sport, mental health, university and music. The content will be diverse, including other topics too. I have an introducing article and an about me page on there too, so you can find out more about me. But I have linked my twitter in too, so feel free to get to know me. Also I encourage you to share your views through comments, and share the articles to your friends. I’m happy to take on board ideas and really get a community feel going on. :]

My bad experiences with ExoClick | Proxies-free

A few weeks ago I decided to try it out. I placed their banners on a small page and made some money. I asked for a $ 25 payment and everything went smoothly.
Everything looked fine, so I decided to put their banners on all of my websites. That was done last week.
I couldn't sign in to my account today

I sent you a message and this is your answer

Dear M*,

Thank you for contacting ExoClick customer service regarding your account.

We regret to inform you that your publication account has been closed permanently for security reasons.

No further payments will be made in accordance with our terms and conditions and we cannot provide any further information.

Please do not register any further new accounts as these will also be closed.


M *
ExoClick customer service

My websites were clear. No popups, no mobile forwarding, no viruses. Exoclick banners only.