magento2 – Magento 2.3 when exporting the product: "Message will be added to the queue, wait until your file is available soon." Export file not visible in the grid

In the new version of Magento, the export option has been queued

If you want to start these services, we need to run the services.
Use cmd below to start the services

php bin/magento queue:consumers:start exportProcessor

If you want to run in the background, then hang & that is

php bin/magento queue:consumers:start exportProcessor &

8 – Is there a way to selectively export certain relevant configurations into custom modules?

I'm learning D8 and familiarizing myself with the configuration management aspects of drush.

All my configuration is exported to mine config / sync Directory and I Cherry chose the relevant files and moved them into one config / install under my custom modules.

However, I have problems when I had to recreate my website because of issues. I came across the following types of errors:

Installation not possible. Questions due to unfulfilled dependencies: field.field.node.quiz.field_questions (node.type.quiz), views.view.quizes (node.type.quiz, rest, serialization)

Is there a way to selectively export certain relevant configurations directly into my custom modules?

How do I export MySQL routine information? Third-party tool?

Apparently, only the $ 2000 SE version of MySQL Workbench has an integrated export function for documentation. When I use the CE version of MySQL, I have to find a tool that exports all the routine information with its parameters and comments that our developers can refer to. I've been trying for hours to find such a tool, but any solution I come across costs over $ 500 or is not a real solution. I am quite shocked that there is no standard open source tool that simply generates the HTML exports of Routines for MySQL databases required for development.

Can someone recommend me something?

Data Transfer – How to export text messages from Android to iPhone

When switching from Android to iPhone, I can not transfer my text messages using the "Move to iOS" app.

About half of my text messages are missing for some reason.

I'm looking for an alternative method (either an application or steps by hand). In terms of the application, I am specifically looking for something that is not incomplete (for example, Dr. Fone or the renaming of such an app).

Ideally, open source or provided by a reputable company.

I tried to move messages by editing the SQLite database file for backups. After recovery, itunes assumes that the backup is corrupted and refuses to restore it.

What options do I have?

export – How do I write formatted data to a text file?

I have a feature written below

f(n_, w_Integer /; Positive(w)) := PaddedForm(N(n), {w, w}, NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}, NumberFormat -> (Row({#1, "e", If(#3 == "", "0", #3)}) &));

Then I defined a matrix as

a = ConstantArray(0, {3, 3});

My matrix elements are defined as:

a((1, 1)) = f(3.332567, 4);
a((1, 2)) = f(2.17530, 4);
a((1, 3)) = f(0., 4);
a((2, 1)) = f(2.64254, 4);
a((2, 2)) = f(1.6432, 4);
a((2, 3)) = f(5.2533, 4);

Then I would like to export this matrix into a txt file with the following command

Export("a.txt", a, "Table", "FieldSeperators" -> "")

Instead of getting the formatted numbers in the TXT file, I get the commands in the text file as:

PaddedForm(3.332567, {4, 4}, NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}, NumberFormat -> (Row({#1, "e", If(#3 == "", "0", #3)}) & ))    PaddedForm(2.1753, {4, 4}, NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}, NumberFormat -> (Row({#1, "e", If(#3 == "", "0", #3)}) & ))  
PaddedForm(0., {4, 4}, NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}, NumberFormat -> (Row({#1, "e", If(#3 == "", "0", #3)}) & ))

PaddedForm(2.64254, {4, 4}, NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}, NumberFormat -> (Row({#1, "e", If(#3 == "", "0", #3)}) & )) PaddedForm(1.6432, {4, 4}, NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}, NumberFormat -> (Row({#1, "e", If(#3 == "", "0", #3)}) & ))

I used a code that reads as follows:

Export("a.txt", OutputForm(a), "Table", "FieldSeperators" -> "")

However, there is not the solution as a table; there is the solution in curly braces that I do not want.

{{3.3330e0, 2.1750e0, 0.0000e0}, {2.6430e0, 1.6430e0, 5.2530e0}, {0, 0, 0}}

How could I solve this problem to get a txt file that stores data in a table format?

Many thanks.

differential equations – Export NDSolve output to .txt

I tried to store the output of the following piece of code

s = NDSolve[{u'[x] ==  v[x] , v'[x] == u[x], u[0] == 1, 
    v[0] == 1}, {u, v}, {x, 0, 1}, WorkingPrecision -> 70, 
   PrecisionGoal -> 20] ;

in a .txt file with the commands

data = Table[{x, u[x] /. s, v[x] /. s}, {x, 0, 1, 0.1}] // TableForm
Export["data.txt", data, "List"];

Unfortunately the resulting .txt had the following ugly arrangement


I want to get something like this

0.0    1.00000  1.00000
0.1    1.10517  1.10517
0.2    1.22140  1.22140 
0.3    1.34985  1.34985 

Can anyone help?

How can I export a single wallet from Bitcoind?

There are many purses on my full-knot Bitcoin wallet. These are displayed with the command dumpwallet "filename". However, if I try to export one of these private keys to another (blockchain), this new wallet service recognizes the public address for that private key, but not the amount of bitcoins that correspond to that wallet … Am I doing something not correct?