export – Exports a chart as .eps in the cloud version

Nice day,

I am an absolute beginner with Mathematica and in the desktop version I can simply select my diagram and export it as .eps. I can't figure out how to do it in the cloud version, just right click and save it as .png.
For example, I run Shift + Enter and export it to the desktop, but I have no idea how the cloud version works.

8 – Data export views – Export the URL of a referenced media element

I need to export to CSV from a range of content. Each content uses a media field that I want to refer to. The rest of the fields are exported easily, but I can't export the media field as a URL to this image.

I tried the default route to create a relationship with this asset and use the file URL field to no avail. I even tried unsuccessfully to use the image url formatting field. Does anyone have any insight into this question before I go to the rabbit hole to create a custom module for a simple thing?

Import – Export SharePoint site collections and subsites without content

I want to export the SharePoint site collection and its subsites, but only the structure and NOT the content. Then I want to import it to another SP server.

Export-SPWeb exports it with the content that I don't want because the content is so big and I have no backup space.

I just want the site and subsite structure with its site columns, content types, lists and libraries.

Import Export – Displays the data export module. The "Download CSV" icon is not displayed on the HTML page

I use the "Views data export" module on my Drupal 8 site. I created a view and added a data export to export some fields. I have attached to the (side). The CSV icon appears in the view, but when I open the HTML page, I have nothing, the div is empty ().

Latex – Google Docs export to HTML while maintaining the mathematical symbols


I use Google documents Develop explanations on mathematical topics.

There is a lot of text and there is also a lot Mathematics involved.

Google Docs has a native math mode that works pretty well:

Enter the image description here

However, if I publish the content in WordPress and want to copy / paste the content from Google Docs in Gutenberg, math becomes simple text:

Enter the image description here


Is there any way to get Google to convert this math to LaTeX when copying?

If LaTeX is not possible, images may also be possible.

Note: Export the whole LaTeX document is not an option (in my case).

export – save a file in STL format

good Morning. I wrote a spherical gyro code when I run it. He gives me a 3D drawing. Now I have to save it in STL format for 3D printing. Mathematical does not have the option to save the file in STL format. I asked this question, but I received a concrete detailed answer. If anyone can write me the full code, I'm very grateful

r = 2 Pi;
model = ContourPlot3D(
  Sin(x) Cos(y) + Sin(y) Cos(z) + Sin(z) Cos(x) == 0, {x, -r, 
   r}, {y, -r, r}, {z, -r, r},
  RegionFunction -> ({x, y, z} (Function) x^2 + y^2 + z^2 <= r^2),
  Mesh -> None)