Replace Javascript for image extension in HTML (Webp format for PNG)


I have included the following Java code in an HTML page to automatically exchange web images for PNG when the browser is on Safari but does not work.
What's happening

Is indexing possible after file extension in Windows 10?

Current version of Windows

Name of the operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362

indexing options

When I open the indexing options based on the very good example shown here.


There are only options that allow me to index folders without making any further adjustments. Eg file extensions.

The reason is that I've redesigned my PC and gotten all sorts of portable apps I can get, placing them in a path this way W: Apps (portable) and I just want to index for file extension like .exe, This will prevent other non-essential files from being displayed in searches through the Start menu.

Would there be a place in the registry where changes could be made that only allow this .exe Search files in the start menus?

Here is a screenshot of the folder structure I am working with.

Enter image description here

Complexity Theory – Proof of NP Completeness of an Extension in List Coloring Problem

The List Coloring Problem (LCP) displays an undirected graph $ G (V, E) $, every vertex $ v in V $ is given a list
Permissible colors, and try to assign colors to vertices so that each vertex is assigned a color from its own list, with adjacent vertices having different colors.

In my problem: given a diagram $ G (V, E) $ an integer $ k $For the grip we take the coloring with natural numbers from 1 to k. Each vertex must be colored with a number. The goal is to minimize the sum of the color numbers of $ v in V $ in the $ G (V, E) $ Two adjacent vertices are colored with the same number.

I want to prove that the above problem (called P1) is $ mathcal {NP} $-Complete.

Answer: Reduce the $ f $Color list color problem to P1.

I now define a decision-version problem (called P2): For an undirected graph $ G (V, E) $ and an integer $ k $ In List Coloring Problem we ask if a $ k $Colors can be found in $ G (V, E) $,

In my opinion, to solve P1 we first have to solve P2 and then determine the minimum sum from the feasible solution sets. Since LCP is a generalization of the Graph Coloring Problem (GCP), i. H. The latter is a special case of the former, and it is known that the $ k $Color problem with GCP is $ mathcal {NP} $-Complete. So we can say that the $ k $Color problem with LCP is too $ mathcal {NP} $completely, d. H. P2 is $ mathcal {NP} $-Complete. It follows that P1 is too $ mathcal {NP} $-Complete. Is this reduction correct?

I would be very happy if someone can make useful suggestions!

Share shopping cart | Magento 2 Save Shopping Cart Extension – Advertising, Deals

With this extension, your customers can easily and securely save their shopping carts and share them with friends and relatives. For this purpose, a link will be created on your shopping cart page, which you can share via e-mail, social media, she direct link etc. The extension also allows customers to manually share the link with their own circle.
While sharing on social media, you can enable / disable any of the social media buttons and configure the following options.

· Upload custom icon

· Set button caption

· Set button text

The extension also comes with the following customization options.

· Customize Button Text

· Background color

· titles button

· key position

Powerful main functions

1. Customers can share their shopping cart with just one click

Second Customers can save the shopping cart for a later purchase

Third Share with WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, Direct Link and more

4th Customize buttons, icons, and text for each sharing option

5th Configure the e-mail subject and sender for car shares

6th Customers can save the shopping cart for a later purchase

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CSS can not be loaded from the style library with the SPFx extension

I want to load the CSS file from the site's style library. I have created the Application Customizer SPFx extension.

The purpose of CSS loading is to change the UI of the Web Parts.

I have used SPComponentLoader to load the CSS.

public onInit (): promise { (LOG_SOURCE, `Initialized $ {strings.Title}`);

SPComponentLoader.loadCss (& # 39; <> /Style%20Library/css/HomePageDesign.css & # 39;);
return Promise.resolve ();

The problem is that when I run the extension I load the CSS file that I checked with the Chrome browser debugger tool.

When I make changes to the CSS file in the Chrome debugger, the CSS will be applied successfully as expected.

I think it should be the sequence change when SharePoint renders the web parts and runs the extension.

What should be the solution?

How do I get more questions about Immigration Consultants in Hong Kong?

How do I get more questions about Immigration Consultants in Hong Kong?

+ Answer on thread

  1. How do I get more questions about Immigration Consultants in Hong Kong?

    How do I get more questions about Immigration Consultants in Hong Kong? We are Visto Consultant. Canada offers visa application in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Student Visa, Hong Kong Visa Extension, Hong Kong Household Appliance etc., so suggest to me experts how to gain more leads. Many Thanks

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Decimal extension – Asymptotic formula for "Self Numbers" $ s_n $

When I rummaged in old notebooks today, I found a problem long ago that I could never solve. It is a series of positive integers called "self-numbers" and defined as such $ s_n $ is the nth positive integer to which the equation applies
$$ k + text {total of} k = s_n $$
has no solution (that's base 10, by the way). This sequence is A003052 in OEIS.

It seems that this sequence is growing asymptotically linear, and I've tried (but not) to find the asymptotic rate at which it grows:

$$ r = lim_ {n to infty} frac {s_n} {n} $$

Can someone figure out how to calculate $ r $, also in serial or integral form?

Game theory – extension of the English standard Peg Solitaire

A complete analysis of the English standard peg solitaire was carried out. See

Berlekamp, ​​E. R .; Conway, J.H .; Guy, R.K. (2001) [1981], Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays (2nd ed.), A K Peters / CRC Press, ISBN 978-1568811307.

Consider the English standard version of the game. The center pin adjoins the center pin of the far left column of a $ 3 times $ 3 Grid of pens on the right, the center pen of the rightmost column of a $ 3 times $ 3 Grid of pins on the left side and similar neighborhood in the up and down direction from the center pin. I wonder if a variation of the game was considered, say $ 2n + 1 times 2n + 1 $ Grid in the four directions from the center pin? Many questions could be asked which were thoroughly answered for the standard game $ n = 1 $How can jumps be made so that only one pin is left? If so, how many possibilities are there to win with and without symmetry? Obviously there is $ 4 (2n + 1) ^ 2 -4 + 1 = 16n ^ 2 + 16n + 1 $ Herring in this variant.

Thanks for your time!

Gener8 – (Earn money with ads with Chrome / Firefox extension) – GPT (Paid To)

Gener8 is a browser extension that lets you earn money with the ads you're displaying.
After you:
"The average user is expected to generate £ 20-40 per month."

1. Install the browser extension Gener8 under Chrome or Firefox
2. Complete your settings to generate tokens faster and earn more money. Brands pay money to show you what you are interested in. When you make your settings, ads based on your preferences will show, and you'll earn more money faster.
3. Gener8 tokens. Tokens are real money. You collect in your wallet until you want to withdraw.
4. Donate or pay out. Donate to your preferred charity or transfer to your bank account. This feature is not yet available because it is still in beta.

There is also a raffle where £ 100 will be given to a random Gener8 user on each day of the week.
You must claim your € 100 within 24 hours of winning.
Each time you invite a friend, you will receive another entry for the raffle.

Earn 10 tokens for each friend who logs in.
Get a token bonus when you reach milestones.

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