Series extension – error message if nothing is to be evaluated

When I try to define this simple function

getCoeff(SeriesData(_, _, coeff_, _, _, _)) := coeff((2))

I get an error:

SeriesData: Coefficient specification coeff_ in SeriesData(_,_,coeff_,_,_,_) is not a list.

Can someone explain what's wrong with that? My understanding was that SetDelayed One should not complain about such things until I actually evaluate an expression that contains getCoeff it should not try to evaluate Part(coeff,2),

No error is output for the similar function

f(g(_, _, x_, _, _, _)) := x((2))

and also getCoeff works as expected:

getCoeff@Series(E^((Pi) x), {x, 0, 3})

outputs $ pi $,

I know the "right" way to manipulate SeriesDataI just want to understand this case for its own sake.

Customization – add file extension to function wp_get_attachment_image_srcset ()

The function wp_get_attachment_image_srcset () returns the srcset information of an image.

Is it possible to write a separate function to add an extra extension (.webp)?

Output of the function wp_get_attachment_image_srcset ():

" 768w, 500w"

Output of the new function with the extension ".webp":

" 768w, 500w"

Thank you for your help!

My site is responding in the Chrome extension, but when I check it on my phone, it does not respond

I've developed my website for one of my clients when I review it with the Chrome Extension Mobile / Responsive Web Design Tester. She's pretty responsive, but when I look at my phone, she does not respond. If you do not find the problem, it will appreciate any help

The site line is Link

SPFX List View Command Set extension problem

I have some problems with my SPFX Command Sets Extension.

  1. Actions Buttons are still added to the list item selection toolbar.
  2. I added two different custom actions (with the same command extension, but only one action displayed)

Enter image description here

I followed this link to create the command-set extension. I added two custom user actions on the web. The following is a schema for the custom actions

{"Title": "List Print","URL": "((Action Page URL))","AllowMultipleItems": false,"ImageURL": "((png image url))","DialogTitle": "Print Manager","DialogWidth": "1040","UseSelectedItem": false,"UseDialog": true,"IsMenu": false,"AllowListTypes": "0"}



{"Title": "Item Print","URL": "((Action Page URL))","AllowMultipleItems": false,"ImageURL": "((png image url))","DialogTitle": "Print Manager","DialogWidth": "1040","UseSelectedItem": true,"UseDialog": true,"IsMenu": false,"AllowListTypes": "0"}


Please help, thanks

macos – What's the next available API for kauth and Network Kernel Extension, as both are outdated on MAC OS 10.15?

We have a solution to move all cold data (which has not been used for a long time) from expensive storage to the cloud, saving storage costs on the CIFS server. Any files that are moved to the cloud are marked offline (the file attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE specified for files).

When users access these files through the Windows CIFS client, the Windows operating system recognizes the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE attribute and does not retrieve any files from the cloud to thumbnail or preview when browsing the files, unless users explicitly open a file object.

In MacOS, the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE attribute is disregarded and all files are recalled to create a thumbnail and preview when browsing files in Finder with QuickLookSatellite, which is very expensive for customers.

We implemented the kauth API to block downloads from thumbnail processes, and the Network Kernel Extension API to track all SMB calls to inform our server via MAC OS as a client.

However, in release notes (1) to MAC 10.15, it has been found that both kauth and NKE are outdated on MAC OS 10.15 and higher.

Is there an alternative (to Kauth and NKE) or interface for accessing an offline attribute of SMBClient on the kernel and the user space?

Alternatively, can we use an API or system attribute used by Apple's iCloud to not download files while browsing?


  • The Network Kernel Extension API is now obsolete. (49284108)
  • The kauth API is outdated. (50419013)

Thank you in advance.

How can Nginx execute a JPG extension file as a PHP file?

After reading this link Arbitrary File Upload, I serve JPG as PHP.
I would like to ask a question. He said Nginx supports virtual directories. You can run

, The "one / two / 3" will be virtual subdirectories. Then he also said that if we have a malicious .jpg file, we can do the trick of executing it as a PHP file

localhost / malicious.jpg / something.php

, What I want to ask is how it can be possible. If it can go this way, is it a misconfiguration or a human error?

Logarithms – Possible for $ e ^ { log left (1 + x right)} = 1 + x $ on Taylor extension?

It is easy to prove:

$$ e ^ { ln left (1 + x right)} = 1 + x $$

in an algebraic way. But how about proving it? Taylor expansion?

Know that:
$$ ln left (1 + x right) = x- dfrac {x ^ 2} {2} + dfrac {x ^ 3} {3} – dfrac {x ^ 4} {4} + cdots \ e ^ z = 1 + z + dfrac {z ^ 2} {2} + dfrac {z ^ 3} {6} + dfrac {z ^ 4} {24} + cdots $$
$$ e ^ { ln left (1 + x right)} = e ^ {x- frac {x ^ 2} {2} + frac {x ^ 3} {3} – frac {x ^ 4} {4} + dots} = e ^ x cdot e ^ {- frac {x ^ 2} {2}} cdot e ^ frac {x ^ 3} {3} cdot e ^ {- frac {x ^ 4} {4}} cdots \ = left (1 + x + dfrac {1} {2} x ^ 2 + dfrac {1} {6} x ^ 3 + cdots right) left (1- dfrac {x ^ 2} {2} + dfrac {1} {2} left ( dfrac {x ^ 2} {2} right) ^ 2- dfrac {1} {6} left ( dfrac {x ^ 2} {2} right) ^ 3 + cdots right) left (1+ dfrac {x ^ 3} {6} + dfrac {1} {2 } left ( dfrac {x ^ 3} {6} right) ^ 2 + dfrac {1} {6} left ( dfrac {x ^ 3} {6} right) ^ 3 + cdots right) left (1+ dfrac {x ^ 4} {24} + dfrac {1} {2} left ( dfrac {x ^ 4} {24} right) ^ 2 + dfrac {1} {6} left ( dfrac {x ^ 4} {24} right) ^ 3 + cdots right) $$
So far I'm stuck. This extension is very large and I can not really simplify it. Although I find the coefficient of $ x ^ 0, x ^ 1, x ^ 2, x ^ 3 $ are $ 1,1,0,0 $ respectively. However, I can not prove the higher coefficients. If someone can answer or give tips, this is appreciated. Thanks!

magento2.3.2 – Magento 2 Apptrian Image Optimization Extension only works for GIF!

I have installed the Apptrian Image Optimizer Extension in Magento 2.3.2.

I have installed the utility on the server according to the instruction manual and configured the utility path in the configuration, but only the optimization of GIF images works.

Has anyone used this extension? Can you please suggest me where I am wrong?

Please check the screenshot that can help you understand my configuration.