networking – Using 2nd router as extension of my main router, LAN works but WLAN doesn’t and after “x” time it just refuses to work at all

I recently followed a guide how to use an old router to extend my network at home. Everything was smooth, made sure the range I have set the DHCP Server won’t conflict with anything (Main Router, from my ISP.) I’ve used –

Moving on to the old router. I’ve disabled it’s DHCP so it wouldn’t conflict with the server, set the old router’s IP Address as I’ve setup the wireless options as well, made sure it has a different SSID, even changed the channel selection so it wouldn’t collide with anything. The LAN interface works, at the moment I’m connected to it as I’m typing this question. The only problem I’ve had is whenever an I try to connect to it wirelessly via an Android or iPhone it has limited connectivity. I am connected to the network, but I do not have an internet, the LAN ports work however. The 2nd/old router acts like a switch it seems. Any advice how to set this up properly?

sharepoint online – SPFX application extension to redirect user to home page if User doesn’t has appropriate permission

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magento2 – Magento 2 API: Extension Attribute with null value not showing

I’m retrieving from the Magento API an order by its increment_id attribute like this:

I have added a plugin to add a custom attribute to the Order items like this (etc/di.xml):

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi=""
    <type name="MagentoSalesApiOrderRepositoryInterface">
        <plugin name="order_custom_extension_attribute"

And then adding the custom attribute (is_gift_card) to the OrderItem like this (etc/extension_attributes.xml)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:Api/etc/extension_attributes.xsd">
    <extension_attributes for="MagentoSalesApiDataOrderItemInterface">
        <attribute code="is_gift_card" type="boolean"/>

Finally my plugin to add the extension attribute to the order items in the afterGet and afterGetList:

    public function __construct(
         MagentoSalesApiDataOrderExtensionFactory $extensionFactory
    ) {
        $this->extensionFactory = $extensionFactory;

    public function afterGet(MagentoSalesApiOrderRepositoryInterface $subject, MagentoSalesApiDataOrderInterface $order)
        return $this->addExtensionAttributes($order);

    public function afterGetList(MagentoSalesApiOrderRepositoryInterface $subject, MagentoSalesApiDataOrderSearchResultInterface $searchResult)
        $orders = $searchResult->getItems();

        foreach ($orders as &$order) {
           $order = $this->addExtensionAttributes($order);

        return $searchResult;

    private function addExtensionAttributes($order){

        $items = $order->getAllItems();
        foreach ($items as $item){
            $giftCard = $item->getData('is_gift_card');
            $extensionAttributes = $item->getExtensionAttributes();
            $extensionAttributes = $extensionAttributes ? $extensionAttributes : $this->extensionFactory->create();

        return $order;

The thing is that is_gift_card is added to the extension_attribute segment IF that attribute has any value, but it is not showing at all if it has a null value.

Is this a normal behaviour from the Magento API?

Thanks in advanced

tls – Error Loading extension ‘copy_extensions’ in Openssl

While running the following command on Ubuntu 19.10, with OpenSSl 1.1.1c 28 May 2019:

openssl req -config ${CNF_FILE} -key ${PRIVATE_FILE} -new -x509 -days 10950 -sha384 -extensions v3_ca -out ${CERT_FILE}

I receive the following output:

Error Loading extension section v3_ca

140710502360256:error:22097082:X509 V3 routines:do_ext_nconf:unknown extension name:../crypto/x509v3/v3_conf.c:78:

140710502360256:error:22098080:X509 V3 routines:X509V3_EXT_nconf:error in extension:../crypto/x509v3/v3_conf.c:47:name=copy_extensions, value=copy

With the following config file:

(ca )
# `man ca`
default_ca = CA_default

( CA_default )
# Directory and file locations.
dir               = /home/ca
certs             = $dir/certs
crl_dir           = $dir/crl
new_certs_dir     = $dir/newcerts
database          = $dir/index.txt
serial            = $dir/serial
RANDFILE          = $dir/private/.rand

# The root key and root certificate.
private_key       = $dir/private/ca_ecc.key.pem
certificate       = $dir/certs/ca_ecc.cert.pem

# For certificate revocation lists.
crlnumber         = $dir/crlnumber
crl               = $dir/crl/ca.crl.pem
crl_extensions    = crl_ext
default_crl_days  = 30

# SHA-1 is deprecated, so use SHA-2 instead.
default_md        = sha256

name_opt          = ca_default
cert_opt          = ca_default
default_days      = 375
preserve          = no
policy            = policy_strict

( policy_strict )
# The root CA should only sign intermediate certificates that match.
# See the POLICY FORMAT section of `man ca`.
countryName             = match
stateOrProvinceName     = match
organizationName        = match
organizationalUnitName  = optional
commonName              = supplied
emailAddress            = optional

( policy_loose )
# Allow the intermediate CA to sign a more diverse range of certificates.
# See the POLICY FORMAT section of the `ca` man page.
countryName             = optional
stateOrProvinceName     = optional
localityName            = optional
organizationName        = optional
organizationalUnitName  = optional
commonName              = supplied
emailAddress            = optional

( req )
# Options for the `req` tool (`man req`).
default_bits        = 2048
distinguished_name  = req_distinguished_name
string_mask         = utf8only

# SHA-1 is deprecated, so use SHA-2 instead.
default_md          = sha256

# Extension to add when the -x509 option is used.
x509_extensions     = v3_ca

( req_distinguished_name )
# See <>.
countryName                     = Country Name (2 letter code)
stateOrProvinceName             = State or Province Name
localityName                    = Locality Name
0.organizationName              = Organization Name
organizationalUnitName          = Organizational Unit Name
commonName                      = Common Name
emailAddress                    = Email Address

# Optionally, specify some defaults.
countryName_default             = US
stateOrProvinceName_default     = My State
localityName_default            = My City
0.organizationName_default      = My Company
organizationalUnitName_default  = My Office
emailAddress_default            =

( v3_ca )
# Extensions for a typical CA (`man x509v3_config`).
subjectKeyIdentifier = hash
authorityKeyIdentifier = keyid:always,issuer
basicConstraints = critical, CA:true
keyUsage = critical, digitalSignature, cRLSign, keyCertSign
copy_extensions = copy
preserve = yes

The error eludes me, and to give some background, my attempt to is use copy_extensions so that when I pass in a subjectAltName via -addext (or via any means) to the CSR, the subjectAltName will pass into the signed cert when executing the following (the following are openssl commands for the Intermediate Cert to sign and create a client or server based cert, and it all functions fine, except for what I just stated):

openssl ${algo_GEN} -out $PRIVATE_FILE

openssl req -config $CNF_FILE -key $PRIVATE_FILE -new -addext "subjectAltName = ${SAN_LIST}" -sha384 -out $CSR_FILE << EOF



openssl ca -batch -config $CNF_FILE -extensions ${EXTENSION} -days 375 -notext -md sha384 -in 

I94 extension after passport renewal

I recently got my passport i94 expires this September 2020.. I need to apply for EAD so I need valid i94 as well.. what are my options? I live in Illinois crossing border is way long from here I have 2 kids traveling with them during covid is risky ( kids have valid i94 till 2022).. please give me solution

Chrome Automation Extension has Crashed – Using Selenium in Python

I’m trying to automate some stuffs via Chrome by using Selenium in Python

When I execute the code, I’m getting an error like in Pop-up format

Pop-up is showing

In Chrome it’s showing like below

enter image description here

Note: I found some similar stuffs but which is in C# reference here which is not actually solved my problem!

So based on my debugging I’ve added some chrome options in my code

from import Options
chrome_options = Options()

After ran my code I’m getting an error in IDE like

WebDriverException: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: exited normally.
  (chrome not reachable)

As I’m new to Automation so unable to deep dive into the error can anyone help me here to move forward in my carrier

Additinal Information

  • IDE Used: Spyder
  • Chrome Version: Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Chrome Driver: 83.0.4103.39
  • Python Version: Python 3.7.0

Thanks in Advance