Extensions – Magento2.3 installs the extension via Composer, but in App / Code

I believe that this is a normal scenario where the plugin you want to install should have the folder structure so that it is automatically placed in App / Code.

If you try to install it manually, you can always check in a controller what the path should have been and create the route accordingly.

This seems to be a good explanation for what I'm trying to say: https://magently.com/blog/magento-2-the-right-way-to-install-external-modules/

api – O365 Extensions – Bulk attachment of e-mail messages to CRM via an Outlook plug-in

Background – I am PM for a SaaS company and have the responsibility to oversee our extensions. To save some time and to have a basic understanding of what can be done / not, I thought I would do some research – NOOB alarm.

I am trying to find information / documentation on whether it is possible to create a plugin (available through MS AppSource) that allows a person (user) to select large amounts of emails and attach them to their CRM. I know that it is possible to interact with individual e-mails and then upload them (our current option), but I am very interested in one Dimensions Option If someone can point me in the right direction, it would be very grateful.

Top 10 Global Domain Extensions

Top 10 Global Domain Extensions | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. thumbs up Top 10 Global Domain Extensions

    Hello. We have a separate local hosting company and offer domain registration services. We have been selling only .com .net .org .biz .info and .name extensions for years. I would like to expand our portfolio with some extensions. However, the rules (requirements, renewal period, redemption deadline, etc.) must be the same (for example, they may not be .us .eu domains or country-based domains). Can you recommend about 10 of the most popular additional extensions (according to your sales volume)? Many thanks.

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Extensions – Magento 2: Create a custom module for the banner slider

I'll share some links with you, I hope you find them helpful. You can also customize them as needed. You can also see tutorials from them if you want to learn how to create them yourself.

Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension FREE by Mageplaza

Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2 by PHP-Cuong

PHP Cuong Youtube Tutorials

Many thanks.

fa.functional analysis – Analogous to Friedrich's extensions to Hilbert $ C ^ * $ modules

Suppose you have a well-defined symmetric operator $ T: mathcal {M} rightarrow mathcal {M} $, from where $ mathcal {M} $ is a Hilbert $ A $Module for a $ C ^ * $-Algebra $ A $, Suppose that $ T $ is not negative, so for all $ x in mathcal {M} $.
$$ langle x, Tx rangle _ { mathcal {M}} geq 0. $$

When $ A = mathbb {C} $. $ T $ has a Friedrichs extension to an independent operator.

Question: Has an analogous result proven itself? $ A $ A general $ C ^ * $-Algebra?

Command line – Deploy Firefox, including extensions for LiveCD

I am working on a customized LiveCD and would like offer Firefox with some preinstalled extensions, The steps to customize LiveCD are done in a self-written .sh script.

I found this question where an approach to my requirement is discussed.
Following this approach, what I did then chroot in the path edit/ is:

  1. Download the XPI file I want to install.
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Read the extension ID in manifest.json (a string like this) 'id': '{idstring}').
  4. Create a folder {idstring} in the /usr/share/mozilla/extensions and insert all the files retrieved by unzipping the XPI file.

Unfortunately, if I test the generated ISO file and run Firefox, the extension is not available and will not be installed even when Firefox is started.

How can I extend Firefox for the LiveCD via an .sh script? If there are several approaches I would prefer if the installation is already complete when Firefox is first run on the LiveCD.

Thanks for your help!

Probability – convergence of gPC extensions for random variables over the entire range of variation

Suppose a random variable $ Y $ can be written as $ Y = g (Z) $, from where $ g $ is a function and $ Z $ is a random variable. When $ Z $ If a continuous random variable with finite absolute moments, we consider a sequence of orthogonal polynomials with respect to the density function $ f_Z $. $ { phi_m (Z) } _ {m = 0} ^ infty $This is called a generalized polynomial chaos (gPC) basis. Then $ Y $ has the following gPC extension:
$$ Y = sum_ {m = 0} ^ infty y_m phi_m (Z), quad y_m = frac {E (f (Z) phi_m (Z))} {E ( phi_m (Z) ^ 2)}. $$
These extensions can be generalized to random vectors $ Z $ and have many applications in solving stochastic systems. An introduction will be presented in the book Numerical methods for stochastic calculations, a spectral method approach, by Dongbin Xiu (2010).

As discussed in the book, the convergence of gPC extensions in the middle quadratic sense applies when supporting $ Z $ is limited. In addition, this convergence is spectral (the smoother $ g $ is, holds a faster convergence; if $ g $ is analytic, exponential convergence applies). In the newspaper About the convergence of generalized polynomial chaos extensions, ESAIM: M2AN 46 (2012) 317-339, it is proved that the mean square convergence holds when the instantaneous problem for $ Z $ is clearly solvable.

My question is whether there is a theoretical result in the literature that guarantees the convergence of the gPC expansions throughout the variation distance.

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