Eye zone 20 for 20 after the exchange Forum promotion

Hello, my forum is very new. I would like to see some members and activities there.
I was wondering if we can help each other. My forum is called Eye Zone and is a general discussion forum with an entertainment touch.

Eye zone: www.eyezone.createaforum.com

(Please note, if I don't know the genre of your forum, please have an off-topic area where I can post.)

Unit – shader is only reproduced in the left eye of head-mounted displays

I followed a tutorial on how to create a geometric grass shader and the shader works fine. However, if you use my Samsung Odyssey + HMD to view the scene in playback mode, the left eye is the only eye that can see objects with materials that use this shader. The right eye sees nothing. I placed a primitive cube next to the object by rendering the shader and cube as expected.

Can someone help me find a solution? The source code for the shader is here.

Can anyone suggest a few tips to avoid eye problems? – Everything else

After decades of service, I retired from CAF. We have an apartment near Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario. I stay with my daughter and grandchildren. My health is getting weak these days. I don't know what's going on inside me. Too much work pressure and tension make my body weak.

I went to a laser clinic in Toronto and the eye doctor did an eye exam. The ophthalmologist diagnosed farsightedness and suggested wearing glasses. It is a common eye condition that occurs when the light is not focused on the retina of the eye. He asked me to avoid stressful situations. Can anyone suggest a few tips to avoid eye problems? Do contact lenses help me? Do you think that such lenses are difficult to use? Please let me know your views.

Set the SteamVR camera target eye before installing SteamVR in Unity

I am writing a plugin that can be used in both VR and non-VR projects. I have a camera that displays the UI with some game information on a secondary monitor. My problem is that when the end user adds my plugin and then imports Steam VR, the target eye of that UI camera is set to "Both" by default.

I can not have SteamVR code in my plugin. But I can not set the target feature of the camera without it. I just want the camera to not change when a user imports SteamVR. I want it to always render to the main ad (target eye = none)

So just to clarify

  1. I wrote my plugin in a non-VR project using a standard Unity camera. There is no aiming eye adjustment for this standard camera.
  2. User wants to use it in VR project, import plugin into SteamVR project
  3. The camera used to render the user interface is automatically (incorrectly) converted to a SteamVR camera
  4. By default, Target Eye = Both
  5. Must be Target Eye = None

To prevent users from submitting countless bug reports, I need to provide warnings in 6 places so users can dive into my built-in prefabs and manually adjust this setting when using SteamVR. It's not easy for new Unity users, and I want to make the launch as easy as possible.

dnd 5e – Using Arcane Eye Under Water

The water resistance will not prevent it, but other factors will do it

Water is not a solid if it does not freeze. If you fall into the water from a high enough height, it feels solid, but it is not. The phenomenon that it feels "firm" is the fact that the object (s) has less binding energy than the kinetic energy at impact. Therefore, water that is not solid would not prevent the Arcane Eye. Depending on how clear the water is, it can affect or alter the view of the eye in the water.

Water and the arcane eye

The Arcane Eye spell says:

They create an invisible, magical eye within reach floats in the air for the duration.

Since spells do what they say, and nothing else, the Arcane Eye does not hover or hover in the air, so it can not be used under water.


The strength of the water does not matter in this case. What matters is that the eye can not be used underwater due to the formulation of the spell.

Outbound Travel – Things to visit in the UK not only in world famous places like the London Eye and others

I plan to travel to the UK for 15 days at the end of November 2019, considering all the weather except London Eye is all places I can visit. Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Museum, etc.
In and around London or any other part of the UK (3-4 hours by car from London).

Thank you so much!

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