logic – validity of proof (100 green eyes riddle)

Here is the 100 green eyes riddle:

Imagine an island where 100 people,all perfect logicians,are imprisoned by a mad dictator.There’s no escape,except for one strange rule. Any prisoner can approach the guards at night and ask to leave. If they have green eyes, they’ll be released. If not, they’ll be tossed into the volcano. As it happens, all 100 prisoners have green eyes, but they’ve lived there since birth, and the dictator has ensured they can’t learn their own eye color. There are no reflective surfaces, all water is in opaque containers, and most importantly, they’re not allowed to communicate among themselves. Though they do see each other during each morning’s head count. Nevertheless, they all know no one would
ever risk trying to leave without absolute certainty of success.

On a morning, they are provided the information that “At least one of you has green eyes.”
causing that on the hundredth morning after the sentence all the prisoners are gone.

The riddle and solution were available here:

In their proof, they consider that having the information that “At least one of you has green eyes.”in case of 2 green-eyes people causes them to leave on the second day. This same element being used to prove the same conclusion for 3 green-eyed people on the third day etc.. which leads to conclusion that on the 100th day, all the 100 green eyed people have left.

My question is:

Is it valid that a group of 2 green eyed people would escape on the second day, since actually the sentence “At least one of you has green eyes.”, was only pronounced in front of the group of 100 ?

dnd 5e – What qualifies as an accurate image of a medusa’s eyes?

A medusa has a complex gaze-attack that turns creatures to stone should they fail the DC14 save partially or completely.

This gaze attack works IFF (if and only if) all the following are met:

Note: medusa stat block / RAW specifies the medusa is ONLY gaze-impacted if her reflective image is within 30′ of herself – contrasted with RAW above.

Why This Is Relevant:

Medusae are smart, wise and never-aging – they seek any means to attack enemies and not get slain by such jock-blocks as Perseus. Effective use of smoke &/or mirrors forces enemies to save vs. petrification whilst keeping her VERY safe. She will also seek means to project accurate images of her eyes to grant herself yet more safety.

A Brief List Of Possible Eye Projections:

  • a familiar (from spell-ritual) sees target creatures

  • an illusion spell-magic provides an accurate image of this medusa

  • the medusa is using a scrying spell &/or item with target-creatures using True Sight, observing a fist-sized glowing-floating orb that represents her eyes

  • a person calls forth a medusa in one of the cells of a Mirror of Life Trapping – she is on another plane of existence but her image is very real – another medusa stands nearby within 30′ of this creature

  • possible clones, simulacra and other renditions of medusa eyes

  • a doppelgänger in the shape of a medusa

  • a pair of eyeballs from some other medusa inside of a Gibbering Mouther

  • a face of another medusa with Gentle Repose magic on it

These are mere examples / i get most of these do NOT work. There are thousands of ways to replicate accurate images of a medusa’s eyes… far superior to anything reflected in crude medieval mirrors, polished glass or watery pools. Which ones work for the purposes of this one condition specified above?

Request: I already fathom this can be decided / adjudicated by any DM! Looking for a RAW answer here.

Please suggest any RAW sources if you know of them.

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dnd 5e – Does wearing a cloak over the Robe of Eyes “close” those eyes, preventing you from seeing out of the robe?

There is a case to be made either way.

This is a great question, and it is going to come down to a DM ruling, as there is a compelling case to be made for either ruling. Unfortunately, I cannot give a definitive answer either way, but I can offer some arguments and let you decide. The first is a more strict rule-oriented approach, that is, let’s just go by what is written without trying to make sense of it; and the other is a more “simulationist” approach, that is, what makes the most sense in the context of the narrative. The DM and the players should just work out how they want to rule on the Robe, and apply that ruling consistently over the course of the campaign.

Interpretation 1: You can still see in all directions, even while the robe is covered by another article of clothing.

There is a case to be made here based on the Robe’s interaction with creatures that have abilities that trigger when they are seen. The medusa has an ability called Petrifying Gaze:

When a creature that can see the medusa’s eyes starts its turn within 30 feet of the medusa, the medusa can force it to make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw if the medusa isn’t incapacitated and can see the creature.

To avoid this, a creature can usually avert its eyes:

Unless surprised, a creature can avert its eyes to avoid the saving throw at the start of its turn. If the creature does so, it can’t see the medusa until the start of its next turn, when it can avert its eyes again.

While wearing the Robe of Eyes, a creature is never considered to be averting their eyes:

Although you can close or avert your own eyes, you are never considered to be doing so while wearing this robe.

If you can never avert your eyes from the Medusa, you can always see the medusa, even while wearing another article of clothing over the robe.

Interpretation 2: The eyes on the robe are doing the seeing, so they would see only the article of clothing that covers them.

Alternatively, we can make an argument from the spell description that the eyes are function as points of sight, and what you see is relative to their position on the robe. Usually magic items don’t tell us how they work – magic be magic. But with the Robe, it seems to indicate how it works:

The eyes on the robe can’t be closed or averted.

This seems to indicate that the position of the eyes matters, so covering the eyes with another robe would mean they see the inside of the robe only.

dnd 5e – Does wearing a cloak over the Robe of Eyes “close” those eyes?

The text on the cloak says:
“ The eyes on the robe can’t be closed or averted. Although you can close or avert your own eyes, you are never considered to be doing so while wearing this robe.”

Does this mean that the robe can see through a cloak that you’re wearing over your robes? Or would a cloak, or a blanket for that matter, obscure the robes to the point that you wouldn’t be able to see out of the robe of eyes and actually consider your eyes closed while wearing the robes?

photoshop – Is it possible to add manual “bright spots” in the eyes in profile size photo?

I’m taking a photo of myself for passport size. Now, the problem is, for some reason I feel the eyes are not looking at me. I feel eyes are looking a bit to right side (I maybe wrong, but that’s what I feel). I don’t know why.

Here’s a crop of my face photo:

First I thought it could be that eye disease. But my sight is pretty good so far. I can read most of the 20/20 letters on Snellen’s chart. Further, I never found my eyes weird in mirror. Third, nobody ever complained or commented about my eyes. So definitely, it’s not that case. It could be just a photography mistake. But I’m not sure about photography here.

1) So, could it be a reason that there is currently only 1 bright spot (in each eye), that also is very tiny?

When I Googled many photos, I could see at least 2 bright spots in each eye. And sizes were bigger too. Even if there was only one bright spot, it was bigger than mine.

Here are a few examples from Unsplash:

enter image description here

I feel that’s because they use multiple lights. In my case, all I can use is camera flash and room light. For some reasons, there are no other options. I like my photo overall, but I just feel it’s not focusing on viewer, possibly due to lack of those bright spots or the size of bright spot. (again, I can be wrong too, because it’s just my personal opinion or I’m overthinking)

2) If that’s the reason, is it possible to fix it at some extent in Photoshop, like adding manual brightness? Not very significant (so it doesn’t look weird), but just to give hint that there is more lights in room, so it looks more focusing?

Note: I didn’t want to upload my own photo, but I couldn’t find any other way. If you feel you understood my problem, please let me know if the photo is unnecessary here. Thanks.

Expert Eyes needed to proof read an ER-Diagram and relationship Schedule

Myself and my fellow students are working on a covid-19, ER-diagram, and relational databaseschedule. As it is the first time we’re working with UML, we are a tad bit unsure if our work is lacking in any way or form.

Would a kind soul take a look at what’ve made.

Relational Database Schedule:
Green: Primary Key
Yellow: Foreign Keenter image description herey
enter image description here
Thank you in advance.

dnd 5e – Can the Dread Helm make additional eyes (not the wearer’s) that are attached to it glow red as well?

dnd 5e – Can the Dread Helm make additional eyes (not the wearer’s) that are attached to it glow red as well? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Tor – Which torrc file do I need to edit to exclude the 14 eyes?

I have a question regarding the torrc files on my pc. I have a number of them and would like to know which one I need to edit to exclude certain countries. For instance if I would like to exclude the 14 eyes I would add
ExcludeNodes {},{}

Here is a list of all my torrc files on my pc


Thank you

collision detection – How to make googly eyes

I want to make googly eyes in Game Maker Studio 2 and I’m kind of close to what I want.

I have a white circle object and a black circle object. When my black circle is colliding with the white circle its vspeed is positive, but it stops moving before it leaves the white circle.

I want the googly eyes to be attached to my player and enemies, but react randomly to walking, jumping, falling, etc.

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