Privacy – How do social networks (such as Facebook) prevent their face recognition software from being used to render witness protection programs useless?

We are now near or already at a stage where large social networks can recognize people with face recognition even without context, such as mutual friends. Facebook has announced recognizing faces without being tagged over a year ago. We can only expect that the technology has improved since then.

When someone enters a witness protection program and gets a new identity, building a new life, even from the other side of the world, is now potentially at risk. Previously, big criminal organizations may have paid out the Witness Protection Program agents, but this is an expected attack vector, and I'm sure government programs will protect against it.
But what would it take for a criminal organization to pay out some high-ranking Facebook engineers to see if there's been any lingering latency for a series of portraits they're delivering? Could you confidently limit access to such searches to those on the infrastructure side that only require access to low-level databases?

How can these networks protect people from abuse of their system?

Average cost of app development

Which factors determine the costs of the ERP system?

An ERP system is a complex solution that can consist of different modules, each of which implements the respective functionality. Therefore, the average cost of app development can not be explicitly evaluated. Nevertheless, we can divide the development and deployment process into several parts, allowing us to do more or less accurate calculations:

1. Implementation

If you want to deploy an ERP system to your company's servers, there are a few things you should consider about how this decision affects your overall costs. Every ERP system is a fairly complex system. Therefore, such a system requires the due attention of experienced professionals who need to be installed and configured. It is very likely that you need to update or change your servers to get the ERP system started properly. You must consider these implementation costs in the total price of the ERP system.

2. Training.

It may not be easy for your employees to immediately start using a new ERP system. Because of this, your staff may need additional training to use such a system. Frequently, the ERP provider offers training on a standardized hourly rate upon request, which also increases the overall cost.

3. Reorganization of business processes.

If your company is upgrading to a complex ERP system, you will have to redesign many processes, which can increase the overall cost of implementing an ERP system. Many daily tasks that are done manually are automated by the ERP system to increase accuracy and efficiency. Such changes take time and effort, so you can expect some changes in your organization's business processes to be consistent with the software processes.

4. Maintenance.

Your ERP system needs to be maintained, so you must also consider these costs. This factor includes the IT department's hardware, network, and labor costs to ensure the system is working properly.

5. Upgrades.

Your ERP system should be constantly updated, which can increase the overall cost. Otherwise it will become outdated and less useful. You should consider how often you update your ERP system and how much the costs are. Also note that any upgrade may affect business processes or may require additional hardware or software.

6. Support.

Your employees will probably encounter some problems while working with the ERP system. Therefore, you should make sure that your software vendor provides you with technical support to help resolve these issues. Ask the software developer if the technical support is included in the license fee or incurs additional costs.


What are the potential dangerous side effects that you may face when using the overdose?

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What are the potential dangerous side effects that you may face when using the overdose?

On a sentence on the face of Hardy's book

I wonder what the geometry set on the green face is at the following website: imgrc = hBZJcysX7IsL-M: & spf = 1547282635834

It does NOT seem to be Samson's phrase in a circle. Please teach me.

The hosts are fighting for the final test

Four surpluses of the second innings had to survive before the weather intervened.

Latest avant-garde news

Fourth Test, Sydney Cricket Ground (Day Four)

India 622-7 Dec: Pujara 193, Pant 159 *, Jadeja 81, Lyon 4-178

Australia 300 (Harris 79, Labuschagne 38, Yadav 5-99) & 6-0

India leads today with 316 runs for avant-garde sports news.

Australia faces a final day of fighting for the final test after being forced out of India in Sydney.

The tail offered some resistance, but left-handed wrestler Kuldeep Yadav (5-99) closed the innings for 300.

The hosts resumed on 236-6 in response to India's 622-7, but lost Pat Cummins to the sixth ball of the fourth day, and Peter Handscomb soon followed for 37.

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Neural Networks – Recognizing emotion from machine vision through a drawn face?

Can someone tell me how to modify this code to recognize more facial expressions? … Thanks for your help.

 eyeMat = {{1/(eyeRadius - pupilRadius/2), 0}, {0, 
    1/(0.15 + eyes - pupilRadius/2)}};
 If[Norm[eyeMat.(pup - eyeCenter[[left]])]<1,
pupNow = pup - eyeCenter[[left]];];
If[Norm[eyeMat.(pup - eyeCenter[[right]])] < 1, 
  pupNow = pup - eyeCenter[[right]];];
 Column[{g = 
    Graphics[{face, eye[left, eyes], eye[right, eyes], Blue, 
      pupil[left, pupNow, eyes], pupil[right, pupNow, eyes], Black, 
      browDraw[left, brows, eyes], browDraw[right, brows, eyes], 
      Inset[mouthDraw[mouth], {0, -0.5}]}, ImageSize -> {400, 450}],
Classify["FacialExpression", g]}],
{{brows, {-Pi / 20, 0}}, {-0,6, 0}, {0,6, 0,15},
ControlPlacement -> Left}, {{eyes, 0}, -0.07, 0.07,
ControlPlacement -> Links,
ControlType -> VerticalSlider}, {{mouth, 0.15}, -0.401, 0.4, 0.01,
ControlPlacement -> Links,
ControlType -> VerticalSlider}, {{pup, {0, 0}}, Locator,
Appearance -> None},
Initialization:> (face = circle[{0, 0}, {1, 1.2}]; pupNow = {0, 0};
left = 1; right = 2;
eye radius = 0.18; eyeCenter = {{-0.4, 0.15}, {0.4, 0.15}};
pupilRadius = 0.09;
browUp = 0.25; Forehead = 0.2; browAng = Pi / 20;
eye[side_, eccen_] : = {Black,
circle[eyeCenter[[side]]{eyeRadius + 0.05, eyeRadius + eccen}]};
student[side_, pup_, 
     eccen_] : = {Disk[eyeCenter[[side]]+ Puppy + {0, puppy[[2]]Eccen}
Pupil radius + Max[0, eccen/3]]black
plate[eyeCenter[[side]]+ Puppy + {0, puppy[[2]]eccen}, 0,03]};
browDraw[side_, {browAng_, browLift_}, eccen_] : =
line[{{eyeCenter[[side]]+ {-browW,
browLift + browUp + 0.5 eccen}
Eye center[[side]]+ {browW,
browLift + browUp + 0.5 eccen}}}]}, 2 (Page - 1.5) browAng];
mouthDraw[s_] : =
ParametricPlot[{Cos[u]-s Sin[u]}, {u, Pi / 6, Pi - Pi / 6},
Axes -> False, PlotStyle -> {Red, Thick[0.02]},
PlotRange -> All])]

I want me to experience more emotions than neutral, fear and sadness.

dnd 5e – Can a small creature not move through it in the face of a field occupied by a small enemy, although a middle creature could?

PHB p. 191 states:

[Y]You can only move through an enemy creature if the creature is at least two sizes larger or smaller than you.

Consider a tiny enemy like a crawling claw, MM p. 44, occupying a 5 foot space containing a door. Next to him are two PCs, a little gnome and a middle man. Man, in turn, uses his movement to move through the door, even though the crawling claw is in this room. Although the optional rules for excess and fall (see DMG p. 272) are involved, she does not need to use them because she is two sizes taller than her enemy. However, she regards the space of the crawling claw as a difficult terrain.

Next is the gnome's turn. The dwarf is not two sizes bigger than the enemy, so he can not move through the door. Period.

Is that really correct?

How come that a medium-sized person can get past a tiny enemy, but a creature smaller as the middle-sized person can not? Of course, the rules are an abstraction, but would not a smaller creature have an easier time gliding over from common sense?

For weeks I face a threat

Hello everyone,

For weeks I face a threat.

Let me explain that.

Two weeks ago the registry blocked my domain due to a false positives.

I wrote a blog post about it.…r-domain-name/

If you read the blog post, you will surely get more information.

Since then, I have received visits to my site with invalid URLs and the like.…fonts/vti1.php…ification.html

You can click on the URL. it will not do anything harmful.

After my domain name, the IP / domain name is added without a dot, since none of the human visitors receive such links.

If you remove my domain name, the remaining URL is harmful / phishing and many security providers have been added to their blacklist.

Are these visits from any bots? Or do you all think there are some security analysts trying to find their crown among my A * s?

Have you experienced such threats? If yes or no, what should I do?