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The 1990s heralded an era in which the North Face Outlet broadened the outdoor world and helped athletes explore it. The decade was our debut in the sportswear market with the launch of Tekware, an innovative collection that offers climbers, backpackers, hikers, trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts the ultimate in fit and function. The North Face Half Dome logo has become more regular on ultra-marathon trails, highland trails and large walls. And as the calendar headed for a new millenium, The North Face launched its own line of trekking and trail running shoes, ultimately meeting the needs of those who are always seeking the next horizon.

Now, more than 50 years after its modest opening, The North Face Store offers a full line of functional apparel, gear and shoes. We are pushing the boundaries of innovation so you can push the boundaries of exploration. We are still proud to be the first choice of the world's best climbers, climbers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners and explorers. However, there is a reason to be certain: The North Face works tirelessly to push the boundaries of innovation and design so you can move your boundaries outdoors. Never stop discovering.

When the snow threatens to get your holiday shopping under control, put on North Face Womens Sale boots and put winter back in its place. The PrimaLoft ThermoBall insulation stores the heat, so your feet stay warm even in bad weather. A water-repellent upper and a synthetic fender protect your feet from moisture and cold. This boot features a slip-on design with button details for style and versatility when worn. IcePick rubber laces provide improved traction in variable conditions, while the OrthoLite ReBound footbed provides all-day comfort so you can come and go safely and in style.

If you are traveling long distances, regardless of the weather, the north-facing hiking boot is the shoe you want to be a trailblazer. It features a waterproof and breathable HydroSeal membrane that keeps your feet dry even in rainy skies and river crossings. TNF's new EXTS outsole system provides powerful traction on both wet and dry track surfaces. A padded EVA midsole provides soft cushioning underfoot so your feet stay comfortable over long distances. The supportive and stabilizing heel mount helps you master even the roughest and most technical stretches.

Reuse face recognition library in Lightroom on another PC?

Face recognition is stored somewhere in the LR catalog, which is just a regular SQLite database.
Here's a related question about editing the LR catalog database.

Theoretically, you could back up the original catalog, find the correct table (s) in the catalog database, isolate the relevant rows, and copy them to the new database.

However, there is no database documentation and the tables refer to each other across different columns. All these references should match, otherwise the catalog will be considered damaged.

If you succeed, please share the method and documentation here 🙂

To speed up Lightroom face detection

I use Lightroom (Windows) to tag all my pictures using face recognition. However, I have 80,000 pictures and it is very slow progress. When you look at Task Manager, it seems to process an image and then leave the CPU idle for 8 or 9 seconds. Any ideas what the bottleneck could be? Or what to speed it up? I suspect LR just does not have a good face recognition pipeline (like queuing images or parallelizing processing).

My images / lrcatalog / cache are all on a large NVME SSD. Below is a screenshot of Task Manager. After I found that the GPU matched the CPU, I disabled GPU usage just in case the transfer of data from the CPU to the GPU caused problems but did not help. The C drive is the primary drive with all the data.

Enter image description here

How does face recognition with different frame rates work in Sony 7Alpha RIII?

I have a Sony Alpha 7R III. I am a little confused. If I register 1080 (because I want to do slow motion) with a frame rate of 100 (video), the camera does not recognize the faces. If I set to 50 frames then it recognizes the faces. Also the face registration does not work with 100frame. If I want to register a face, do I have to keep the frame at 50, or am I missing something?

Data Structures – How Do You Identify Unlimited Face Given DCEL?

I have a DCEL using the in How do I create a double connected edge list with a series of line segments? Described procedure created.

This will correctly identify all faces. However, I have difficulty finding a way to identify the infinite face surrounding my chart.

So far, my only idea is to find the face polygon that contains all the others by creating a polygonal representation of each face, but this seems somehow chaotic.