How do I invite you to a secret Facebook group?

I run a secret Facebook group. If I need to add a new member, I'll add an email address in the Invite Members field in the right pane:

Enter the image description here

Sometimes it works as expected.

In 90% of the cases in which I send an invitation, the intended recipients tell me that they have never received a notification or email from Facebook about the invitation, and therefore remain excluded from the group.

Then my fallback approach (the only sure way I invite someone into the secret group) is to first connect with them as a "friend." then Insert your e-mail address in this field Invite members. That always works. (But I do not want to connect as friends.)

This problem has existed since last year.

I wonder if that worked a few times due to certain Facebook profile / privacy / notification settings or preferences of the people I invited.

If I could narrow down to understand which settings allow someone to seamlessly receive invitations, I could direct potential members to adjust their settings first.

Any ideas?

Facebook page can not be posted in groups

I can not share my Facebook page link with some groups. I can post things in the groups. As long as this link does not exist, everything is fine. As soon as I've posted the link to my Facebook page, I get a notification that my post is basically spam. I tried etc., but to no avail. My posts are not spam, I'm just trying to promote a few local Facebook groups for a local business. Anyway, to clarify that?

Many Thanks

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Data Loss – I found a website that lists the email addresses of Facebook users in the UK. What am I doing?

I do not know the legal system of your country and ask your legal system.

Normally, users can hide their e-mail address and make it publicly available. If the user e-mail is public, anyone can capture the e-mail address. Yahoo offers the ability to retrieve emails from Facebook (public emails only).

If emails are public, this is not an illegal situation (to my knowledge).

Android Facebook messenger emojis are gone

I have a serious problem 🙂 I am used to being able to choose between emoji / sticker / gif when I press on the small smile next to the place where you enter the news on iOS. On my Android phone, however, there are only stickers and no selection box in which I could choose GIF or Emoji. How can I select an emoji or gif on Android?

Please help …

Many Thanks,

Why is not the right image displayed on Facebook Open Graph?

I've set up the Facebook Open Graph meta tags on my website, but when I use the Facebook debugger, the image I want to use is not displayed – it just gets the second image on my homepage (the I test it out: is the top picture on the start page of the mountains, but it takes instead the picture of the man with glasses).

I recorded those og: image: safe_url Information required for an https: // connection.

I'd like to quickly add a specific image to my website that can be used by Facebook Open Graph, but I do not get the impression that a picture of my choice is displayed.

Any help would be wonderful.

php – How do I create a social media site like Facebook and Twitter without overthrowing the servers?

In order for Twitter and Facebook to be able to send a tweet / message to all users in a follower list, every time a person posts something that needs to be included in the feeds of each follower. This can be done in PHP with "write" or "put_contents". The problem is, if a person has 1 million followers, the servers must write in 1 million different files / feeds each time a person tweets or sends a message.

So my question is, to create a social media site that acts as Twitter and Facebook, do I really have to send the post to each follower, even if there are 1 million followers? Is it the way Facebook and Twitter do it, or is there a better way I do not know? And if so, did they set up their companies with the most incredible and unattainable servers, and is there no way for ordinary people to do so many things on a simple server?

I think I know how to code a site like Twitter and Facebook, I just could not fathom that the servers could do these things without crashing. Any thoughts?

Wordor Pro does not display a Facebook business page in WordPress

When I try to view a Facebook business page ( without logging in, the page will not be displayed. It only appears if you are logged in to an account. My initial problem was loading the business page with Elementor in WordPress, but it did not appear. Every other side does this so far. Example (displayed if you are not logged in to Facebook.) So the problem is not in Elementor, but in Facebook. I have checked all privacy settings (everything is open) and can not see what causes them to not be displayed. Any ideas on how to solve this irritating / frustrating problem would make us happy.

Where are files stored on Facebook App stored? [duplicate]

This question is an exact duplicate of:

  • Why is my downloaded file not displayed in the download folder?

I downloaded a set of files (pdfs all) from a Facebook group in the Facebook app and a notification about "Download Management" was displayed on my Android phone. However, I can open this file with any PDF viewer (Google) / Adobe / …), I can not find the PDF file on my phone. Where do saved files go from the Facebook app? (Saved images from the Facebook app go to DCIM / Facebook, but it seems that pdfs of groups are not going there …)