How to open facebook page in native app?

I am currently trying to find a solution to open a Facebook page in the native app instead of browser without using any Deeplinks (i am not sure if Deeplinks might even help).

I have a page
My intention is to open the native Facebook app instead of the browser when I click the link in my website (eg, how can I achieve this? Currently for facebook when i click the link it just opens the browser.

The problem only exists with Facebook; Instagram/twitter seems to open native apps with normal https link i.e

I have come across several examples i.e using fb://xxxxx more info at this link, however, this seems to be really hacky way and there is a chance this might not work and also some devices might or might not support. Has anyone been able to achieve this without any workaround but a simple link?

Any suggestions or hints are much appreciated.

Transfer Facebook App to Different User

I have some apps that are integrated with Facebook for OAuth and some for a bit more.

I was attempting to take a break from the platform but was halted in my tracks when it reminded me that I first have to delete or transfer ownership of the apps. I can’t delete them as they’re active, but I can’t find any guidance on transferring ownership.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to transfer the apps to another account?

facebook – I can’t post on a group I created and admin! Fb is limiting my posts! What do I do?

I can’t post on a group I created and admin! Fb is limiting my posts!

I post couple times daily to keep my time line light and now I can’t anymore.this is strange! I tried going as myself then as the fan page but I’m unable to post either way!
Has anyone encountered this issue?
What do I do? HELP please!

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privacy – How does Facebook know I am the same person/computer trying to make separate accounts using different browsers?

It appears Facebook doesn’t approve of my pages (or some other reason), and has deactivated my primary account. The message is “doesn’t follow our community standards” (it’s worth noting that another user posted a reply to one of my comments that I should engaged in a graphic perverted act with my son, and yet for some reason Facebook moderators have found that “it doesn’t go against community standards”). Now, we could go back and forth all day about that point, but it isn’t my question, I only provide the back story for some context.

What I am trying to achieve:

  • Create an entirely new and different user account.

What I have tried:

  1. CHROME: Logging out, trying to create a new account using a new email. Produces the same message, and it doesn’t work.
  2. CHROME: Deleting everything, every cookie, history, and cached content. Create new user with a different email. Same problem, my account has been deactivated (see screenshot)
  3. Installed OPERA, started from scratch. New username, new email. I switch wi-fi from my phone tether to my house wi-fi. Now I have a completely brand new browser, with a completely different IP. I create a brand new user, new name, birthday, email, password. Whamo! – same message. Definitely not cached. They are tracking me in some way other than a browser cookie.

Browser cookies only work within the same browser. But I started from scratch using a newly installed different browser (Opera), connected to a completely different network, and used completely different credentials. They still have identified me. How?

Your account has been disabled

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