Share Facebook links on Twitter: Why wasn't a link preview or snippet generated?

I want to share a Facebook page or even any Facebook URL, on
Twitter. (That is, I want to "tweet a link to a Facebook page, etc.")

  • Why is no "link preview" generated?
  • Why isn't a "snippet" generated?

Is it

Conversely, sharing a Twitter link on Facebook works properly

No, I don't want to link my Twitter and Facebook accounts and then share the link on Facebook and have it automatically published on Twitter. All I want to do is occasionally hit the tweet button and enter and tweet a Facebook URL and create a correct link preview and snippet from Twitter.

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Facebook disables accounts for no reason

At least 3 people have permanently deactivated their accounts for no reason. They are real accounts and even provided IDs to restore them, but it doesn't work. The page that deals with it doesn't allow them to post.
I went to this part of Facebook to reactivate it:
And I get that as an answer:


Even their linked Instagram accounts have been disabled with them.
There is no way to reactivate them, as they obviously cannot log in because their accounts are deactivated.

Does anyone else experience this? Any remedies?

How do I set up Facebook ads for my blog?

Hello everyone, I've been considering switching to Facebook ads for the past few weeks, but it seems that I need some guidance on how Facebook ads can be successfully run.

One of the critical issues I've heard when running paid ads is getting many clicks but zero conversions at all times. I don't want this to happen to me. So I need the experience of online entrepreneurs in this great forum to get the most out of Facebook advertising campaigns without losing conversions with just clicks. Your answer will be appreciated!

Why can't my Facebook friend and I invite ourselves to secret groups?

I made friends with someone to invite me to join a secret group. She tries to invite me through the app, but when she clicks "Invite" and enters my name, he won't be added to the list of suggested friends. I have the same problem when I try to invite them to a secret group. Why? Do you have to be friends with someone for a period of time before you can invite them to a secret group?

I have two copyright strikes on Facebook. What now?

Can you help me please? We run a business site and have two copyright strikes there. These violations are a year apart (the second came yesterday). What happens if we get a third hit? Or how many strikes can a company site get? Do these strikes last forever or do they go away after a while?

It is difficult for me to remain completely clear. We publish 10 posts a day on sports news. That two copyright infringements are due to things that we and many …

I have two copyright strikes on Facebook. What now?