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Facebook is a leading social network that is popular with both home and business users. It offers several advantages, whether you need to use it for personal or professional reasons. It allows its users to share the current status, the latest images, artwork and video files. Users can even share web links to important online pages. These features help companies to reach their customers easily.

Even the leading social network is helpless when it comes to offering users 100% trouble-free services. There are several issues that can cause a user to stop the services. For this reason, it is very important that he has access to such a Facebook help number that provides him with a reliable solution without having to wait. We understand the problem very well, which is why we offer users even better customer support through third parties. We're available 24/7 via the Facebook help number, as well as email and live chat, so the user can always find a solution.

Problem loading the Facebook page: There are many Facebook users who have had the problem with their Facebook pages. If your Facebook page does not load properly, you can contact us for a quick and permanent fix to the page loading issue.

Pictures and videos can not be shared in your profile: There can be a variety of issues that may prevent you from publishing your favorite pictures or videos on your own whiteboard. Our experienced and qualified technical support experts from Facebook are able to instantly eliminate the issues that provide you with relief.

Facebook Chat Issues: Chat with friends is one of the most attractive features of Facebook. However, if you can not chat with your friends or your contact list does not open, you can count on our experienced Facebook experts to provide you with a quick fix to the issue.

Profile picture or banner can not be changed: It can be annoying if you change the profile picture or the banner of your account, but encounter a problem. Our experienced Facebook customer service can solve the problem for you right away and give you easy access to the Facebook feature.

Problems with Facebook games: Facebook offers a variety of attractive games to its users, but there can be a number of issues that may make it impossible for you to enjoy the games anymore. Regardless of whether you can not access a game or crash it during the game, our experienced experts can easily solve the problem and give you complete and easy access to the Facebook games.

Problems with your privacy settings: Facebook lets its users customize the privacy settings to their needs. If you do not understand the options available or have problems saving the changes, you can always contact the experts on the Facebook Help Center. You know all the settings like the back of the hand, so you can easily adjust the settings to the needs of the user.


Social Network – How to set up webhooks and the Send Messenger API for the Facebook Messenger platform

I'm trying to set up a Facebook chat bot for mysite users to check their own activity history. In Drupal 7 or Drupal 8.

On my site I have separate pages that have been created via views. For example, I have pages like / content (displays nodes created by the current user), / comments (comments made by the current user), / new-comments (contents whose comments are unread by the current user), and so on.

Now I've seen some messenger modules for Drupal, but I'm not sure which ones will work for my situation.

I've read https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform several times and set up the app as well as possible on Facebook. But now I'm not sure how to set up the webhooks or use the send API to actually send the messages through the bot. What I can say Webhooks are used for Facebook to send a post request to my server containing data from a message. Does my server then answer the message via the send API?

The example in which Facebook specifies https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/getting-started/webhook-setup uses node.js to set up the webhook. Can Drupal set up webhooks without node.js? Second, how does my server receive and send the data, can this also be done through Drupal?

Wi-Fi – Facebook can not access the Internet

I use Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. Facebook has not been able to access the internet for 2 days. I tried:

  1. Give him all possible permissions
  2. Uninstall all updates and reinstall them
  3. Restart my phone
  4. Create a strong high-speed Internet connection

Nevertheless, nothing works. It keeps saying: Check your internet connection and try again.

Does anyone have an explanation of what happens?

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On my homepage, the selected image will not be displayed as a thumbnail when sharing on Facebook

On my homepage, the selected image will not be displayed as a thumbnail when sharing on Facebook. I have also posted image on Facebook in the social setting of the page.
My home page is also my shop page. And when I share my shop link, I get what I want. Please help me.
thank you in advance
My website is https://shopgiayhd.com
Link the shop page https://shopgiayhd.com/shop