I will create or setup and optimize your Facebook Business Page with impressive design for $5

I will create or setup and optimize your Facebook Business Page with impressive design

Hello ,Welcome to my Gig

Facebook Business page is a important things to promote business and product. By creating a business page you can attract your potential customers. It also helps you to obtain a good position in social media.

I can create and seo optimize Facebook business page or Facebook fan page professionally. I have been working in this sector for a long period of time.

Services I Provide:

  • Create and Set up
  • Optimization
  • Add CTA Buttons
  • Add Contact & Location
  • Install custom tabs and setting
  • Link to Website
  • Targeted Hashtags

Why Choose Me:

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • On-time delivery
  • High-quality service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Impressive cover image

Note:Feel free to contact before placing an order if you have any question.





facebook – Google Sheets importxml help

I am trying to scrape the number of photos statistic from a Facebook group (currently 432,780) at:


I have copied the relevant xpath and used the following formula in Google Sheets:


However, it doesn’t work and keeps showing the error message “imported content is empty”

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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facebook – How to get to an FB post made on some give date in the past?

I want to find one FB user post that he made a bit more than one year ago. I began to scroll down the line of his posts hoping to reach the desired one, but quite soon I discovered that it’s a daunting task. The posts don’t get loaded at the speed of the mouse wheel, so I had to stop and wait every 30 seconds or so to wait till the next portion of posts is loaded into the browser’s screen. Since the user made more than one posts a day, this turned out to be quite a tedious process. It took at the beginning about 5 minutes to scroll back in time only one month of his posts, but later, to my horror, I realized that the loading time for each portion of posts becomes longer the further back in time you go. All in all, it took me about one hour and a half to get to the post that was made 10 months ago and then the posts simply stopped loading. So I never got down to the desired post.

So is there any way to get to some particular post or a collection of posts made by FB user on a given date in the past?

Is there a script or any 3rd party software that will expand all comments on a Facebook post with thousands of comments?

One of my Facebook posts went viral a few years back. Over the years it has garnered over 57,000 comments and I would love to go back and read my actual friends’ comments prior to it going viral, but it’s just so tedious to click the load comments button over and over. I’ve tried doing that on a couple occasions but gave up quickly and probably didn’t even put a dent in the comment thread. Is there any 3rd party software or a script, or any way to expand the entire comment thread?

How to get the data associated to a post I started on a private Facebook group?

Let’s say I have done a post on a Facebook private group, and that many people have answered/commented on it.

How to retrieve this data, i.e. the whole conversation/comments for a post?

Example of data I’d like to retrieve:

Date                  User    Type       Content
2021-01-01 12:00      UserA   post       Hello! What do you think about XYZ?
2021-01-01 12:01      UserB   comment    I think that...
2021-01-01 12:02      UserC   comment    UserC: Yes I agree that...

I know the personal history Activity log, but it doesn’t contain all of this.