I want to connect my Facebook Pixel with the direct integration with Magento, but it does not work

I know that there should be a direct integration between Facebook Pixel and Magento. When I go to "Partner Integrations" on Facebook, I can download a zip file that I should upload to Magento Connect Manager.

However, the download file name and the file I need to upload do not seem to match. Therefore, when I upload it to Magento CM, I get the message "No strings available".

Can one of you help me?

Thank you so much!

Facebook messages: instant response does not always work

For messages sent to the inbox of our corporate site, the immediate response is enabled.
But unfortunately the Immediate answer only answers 60-70% incoming messages. For the other messages Instant Reply simply does not answer.

As soon as we notice, we turn the instant answer off and on again. However, there is no guarantee that it will work next time.

Does anybody have the same Problem?

Any ideas why Instant Reply might skip work?

Thank you very much

Why is the user interface of Facebook Ads Manager so frustrating?

Here is the list of things that frustrate me.

  1. List of campaigns with horizontal scroll bar. You only need to scroll to see other information, and the other terms are in ellipsis.
  2. The home button. I expect it to bring me to my campaign list as it was the first screen I see when I click on the Facebook ad manager. Instead, it brings me to Business Home.
  3. Visit the list of campaigns and ads as a TABLE. Why can not you just add the Campaigns menu to the page navigation?
  4. The export option field is located behind the reduced page navigation. You can not see the entire field and no other labels.
  5. You want to unsubscribe? It is not on the top right of the screen. It is located at the bottom left and the title is "Your personal ad account ..". Her name is elliptical.

I'm sure Facebook can do better, it's just not what I expected.

Facebook verification code

I've been locked out for Facebook and Messenger for the past 5 days for some reason. He asked me to confirm my phone number and confirm that a verification code was sent. I have not received it yet or have not yet found a way to connect with Facebook and talk to someone to solve this problem. Most of the help links found require access to Facebook, which I do not have.
Any advice on how to fix it or how to get in touch with Facebook.
Thank you very much

url rewriting – Virtual page that uses URL parameters to solve Facebook sharing problems

I reach for help while my head is spinning! On my site, I can dynamically generate pages and use URL parameters to specify the database and record used to retrieve the information for the ad, artwork, and so on.

The page that uses these parameters is a single page, but can display thousands of different versions depending on the records you use.

The layout is currently: domain.com/details/?ls=00A&ls2=00B

BUT Facebook does not play a ball with the sharing of such a defined page. So I need to convert this into a virtual page that's more of this layout:

 Where parameter 1 is 00A and parameter 2 is 00B

I think this has something to do with changing the rewrite rules or creating endpoints, but since the number of extensions on the page called "Details" can be thousands, this seems to be the point of the dynamically generated pages and to bypass the self-government.

How would anyone suggest to get a wildcard effect of the extension:


It seems to be similar to this post:
Passing and reading URL parameters with rewriting the URL

However, this and similar posts are more for a "fixed" extension, and I am looking for a placeholder extension that can be read via a custom code (via a shortcode) on the Details page.

Other posts like this: Facebook sharers and parameters in URL did not give any useful answer.

On the facebook of I have modified all open meta tags via Javascript and confirmed the existence. It's just a question of this virtual page, which uses parameters as a definition.

Need help.

Do Facebook and Twitter block or monetize copyrighted content?

Are Facebook and Twitter currently monetizing or blocking copyrighted content? (such as music used as background in a video).

If you search on Google, only old messages (two to three years ago) about how Facebook is going to start with how Facebook is developing its own Content ID system or how Facebook is negotiating with music labels, but nothing about current policies.