Facebook pixel info

I have not found a way to ask this directly to facebook assistance because there is not an email address or chat/phone support.

I am testing facebook pixel event trigger on the ads control panel and I found that on every refresh a PageView event is triggered and on the thank you page a Purchase event too.
When the ads will be published officially, do facebook automatically recognize someone refresh the page and so will not charge me every time or I have to write some php code to avoid that?


Does Disable Facebook Recommendations for a Business Page – Negative Impact on SMO?

Hello everyone,
I want to know, Does Disable Facebook Recommendations for a Business Page creates a Negative Impact on SMO or SEO?
I’d say that such a move will surely have some impact.


Implementing Facebook pixel

I need an help in implementing facebook pixel.
I have setup a basic html store. The pixel respond well to page view and purchase completion. The payment is made with stripe that redirect to my thank you page when the payment is completed. The pixel is set that the thank you page trigger the completion of the transaction. The problem is that simply refreshing that page or navigate directly to that web page and another 'purchase' event is triggered.

How to avoid this and make it safe?

How can I reduce the number of Facebook Messenger notification sounds on Android?

I have recently switched from an iOS device to a Samsung S20+. On my old iPhone, when I received 10 consecutive messages on Facebook Messenger I would only hear the sound of the first and second notification. On Android I hear all 10 sounds, and it is extremely annoying. Does anyone know how can I reduce the number of notification sounds on Android, so they work the same way as they did on my old iPhone?

Thank you.

How do I maximize my report weight on Facebook?

I try to help out as best I can by reporting racist, homophobic, and other bigotted posts on Facebook. Unfortunately, none of my reports are triggering anything.

Does reporting too many things reduce the weight of my reports? If I held off on the isolated comments that may not be seen by other people, would my reports be more likely to trigger the algorithm on more visible posts?