Aborted FaceTime calls – ask differently

FaceTime ends my call every evening between 9:50 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. I can get it back in minutes, but even texting is slowed down in that time. It doesn't matter who I'm talking to or what device I'm on, MacBook Pro, iPad or iPhone. I tried to turn off everything but the device I use without success. My ISP says something is uploading every night at this time, but what if the devices are off? Do I have malware? If you have some wisdom I would appreciate it! (In lay terms please?)

Settings – FaceTime photos must be activated on both devices in order to use this function

When I have a FaceTime video call, there is a camera button.

When I press the FaceTime camera button to take a photo, I get the following message:

FaceTime photos must be activated on both devices in order to use this function.

What are FaceTime photos? How can I activate this function?

macos – Prevents FaceTime from answering a call with the play / pause key F8

When a call comes in via FaceTime in macOS Catalina, the call is answered with the pause / play key (usually f8). The problem is that if you are listening to music with something like Tidal and are used to controlling it using the same pause / play button, you are trying to pause the music that you can accept. If you do this, the music will continue to play, but FaceTime will answer the call.

I've checked the FaceTime settings and general keyboard shortcut settings, but apparently can't find anything anywhere to turn this off.

Is there a way to disable the pause / play key (F8) for answering / ending calls in Catalina?

Networking – Block FaceTime / WhatsApp Video

I want to avoid video calls on my network, mainly from WhatsApp and FaceTime.

Ideally, the phone should not even receive the ringtone, but this may not be possible because the ringtone is certainly different than the others. 2nd choice is simple: no video.

According to online found document (ie H .:
https://support.apple.com/en-US/HT202078) I know which ports are used, but not which ones for which use. How can I tell if it is possible?

apple id – Can I be reached with FaceTime on the Mac using my phone number, which is not for the iPhone?

I have a Mac and an Android phone. I can use FaceTime and people can call me at my e-mail address.

I want people to talk to me through my phone number.

So I've added my phone number to my Apple ID, as explained in "Choosing How to Call in FaceTime on a Mac." Have received an SMS with validation code, the thing validated and now the phone is assigned there. So far, so good.

Then I logged off FaceTime and restarted the Mac, but to no avail: In the FaceTime settings, the number is not displayed.

Is it simply because FaceTime needs an iPhone and there is no way around it? (The support page does not say this)
Or do I miss something?

I'm on MacOS 10.15 Catalina Beta, as a developer I needed this to work with the latest Xcode beta features.

webcam – FaceTime HD Camera can not be used on the guest operating system of VirtualBox Ubuntu 18.04

I've installed Virtualbox & Extension Pack 6.0.6 on the OSX host (on Mackbook Pro with Type-c, 2018 15 ". Mojave 10.14.4).
In this VBox configuration, I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed as a guest with default configuration (no change of settings except "Enable USB Controller").

I've enabled Facetime HD Camera VirtualBox (Menu Bar> Devices> Webcams> Facetime HD Camera check box), but if I test that / dev / video0 and / dev / video1 With cheese The command on the empty guest screen is displayed with this error:

** Message: 15: 09: 30.041: cheese-application.vala: 211: Error while setting up the camera: No device found
... (left out: One common thing was the claim: device! = NULL failed)
** (cheese: 1592): CRITICAL **: 15: 09: 30.053: cheese_preferences_dialog_setup_resolutions_for_device: assertion & # 39; device! = NULL & # 39; failed

The green light on the Macbook indicating that the camera is in use does not flash at all during the entire process. In addition, there is no application that is registered in the privacy settings under OSX and has requested camera access.

I reinstalled VirtualBox but did not change it afterwards. I have also reinstalled guest Ubuntu, but the problem persists.

I also tried connecting the camera manually to the terminal command VBoxManage controlvm (vmname) hangs on .1 (or its hardware ID begins with 0x)but that does not change anything.