sharepoint online – Use WPQ2FormCtx to read list item information [FAIL]

One day I was just reading a topic [SharePoint 2013: Using WPQ2FormCtx to read list item information] – that contains a lot of useful information, and I applied one in my code and it works perfectly.

And now it's booming, my page is dead. I don't know why and I'm starting to track and debug my code on my custom web part. The object "WPQ2FormCtx" is no longer available in my source, it was changed to WPQ3FormCtx.

Does anyone have an idea? I wonder if Microsoft has updated some things.

Can someone give me a hint how to get the name of this object? Or how did you read list item information?

Have a nice day
Thanks a lot

postgresql – Under what conditions can REINDEX INDEX CONCURRENTLY fail in Postgres?

For example, I believe that creating a unique index at the same time may fail if the index is UNIQUE and an ambiguous entry is inserted in the middle of the process.

REINDEX INDEX CONCURRENTLY can fail if you run it on two different indexes in the same table at the same time because some rows are blocked. This has not been documented anywhere. Are there other scenarios where REINDEX INDEX CONCURRENTLY can fail?

dnd 5e – Players are frustrated when they fail to solve a tough diplomatic problem of how to get them to think outside the box


Players got into a diplomatic problem that they know is likely to be above their salary level in terms of difficulty. They spent one session figuring out this problem by speaking to people and performing various charisma checks to convince people they were unlikely to have a business with (roles were average, arguments were not particularly convincing). The party had no big plans, no extraordinary strategies, no clever ideas on site, but tried a very simple head-first dialogue.

This has happened in the past in relation to the fight, and the party had to think outside the box on a recent fatal encounter (one player even said, "Guys, we have to plan more and think less about it, sometimes just hacking and to cut up. "") Now it's a more diplomatic problem that doesn't seem to be as easy as doing a single charisma check and hoping it works.

In the end, the party failed to solve the diplomatic problem (although there will be room to try again with the upper hand in the future), and one of the players said they had not enjoyed the session. Player enjoyment is my top priority. But I also think dnd is best when there is risk, when you can roll the dice, when the PCs don't always win (not that I am actively looking for it).

How can I get the party to act less linearly on dialog related issues?

An example problem:

P: When you try to make a bad person with a lot of influence in the city smart

ON: There are ways to accuse the person, bribe people, spot them to find their weakness, tarnish their reputation, prove their wrongdoing by looking for evidence, and a number of other ways.

I tried to have a short session 0 discussion again about whether they would like to have problems related to the dialogue and they didn't seem to accept it but felt like they tried everything and didn't know what else to do. I also post-mortemed this issue and tried to provide various options that they could have tried, but I feel that the players still feel they have tried and failed and the session was "a waste" (although they're still exp, I still have loot and more action.

A bit of a clue as to how to address this issue, not just "Watch some podcasts for ideas, or read the X, Y, and Z resources on the subject."

Why did the overpriced, profit-making healthcare system fail us?

This is not a failure of the for-profit healthcare system. The rest of the countries with spike cases are completely closed and only allow essential trips. Without drastic measures, the number of people infected will result in 100 to 200 million Americans being infected. With a mortality rate of 3.6%, we can expect 4 to 8 million (mostly older) American deaths.

Due to the lack of respirators in Italy, Italians over 65 don't even get the respirators they need, so the mortality rate may become even higher. The only question is whether and when the demand for respirators increases, who gets the respirators, will they go to the highest bidder?

ubuntu 18.04 – MongoDB continues to fail when starting with the exit code status = 100

Every time I start MongoDB, it runs for about 1 second before crashing with the following error:

Active: failed (result: exit code) since Thu 2020-03-12 09:47:17 EDT; 6s ago
Process: 1931 ExecStart = / usr / bin / mongod –config /etc/mongod.conf (code = finished, status = 100)
Main PID: 1931 (code = finished, status = 100)
March 12 9:47:14 am myServer systemd (1): MongoDB database server started.
March 12 9:47:17 am myServer systemd (1): mongod.service: main process ended, code = ended, status = 100 / n / a
March 12, 9:47:17 am myServer systemd (1): mongod.service: error with result & # 39; exit code & # 39 ;.

I tried to reinstall MongoDB, give the Mongodb user ownership of / var / lib / mongodb and remove the mongodb.lock file to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Migration Assistant – Why does the Citrix Workspace installer fail on macOS 15 (Catalina)?

The installation log view showed that a file not found Error occurred in /private/tmp.

Inspect directly, /tmp was a symlink too /private/tmpthat was itself a symlink too private/tmp, this means /private/private/tmp! This goal did not exist. The faulty symlink had a modification date in 2016, which led me to suspect a problem with the migration assistant.

I think system integrity protection prevented me from making changes /private/tmp, also as sudo and with System Settings> Security & Privacy> Full Disk Access issued to I didn't really want to disable it.

In the end I just created the missing target sudo mkdir -p /private/private/tmp and the installer worked.

It would be nice to know how the faulty symlink came about. The migration assistant theory is currently just a theory.

Character creation – Are people from Reikland all doomed to fail?

In the chapter "Characters" in "Skills and Talents, People (Reiklander)" (p. 36) the list of talents suggests that you have to choose between a few talents.
Here's how it's written:

Talents: doomed, savvy or Suave, 3 random talents

When I read this line, I see a symmetry that groups the selection: (Doomed, Savvy, Suave) and (3 Random Talents).
I thought we had to choose between Doomed, Savvy and Suave. The character Salundra from Drakenburg has only Savvy character in the starter set.
Enter the image description here

Why does authorization assignment tacitly fail in a workflow?

I am a newbie to SharePoint, but my job is to fix this in one of our workflows. We have SP 2010. The problem is on the second line here (I used underscores at the end of the book to show underlined links in Designer):

Log _Setting Permissions_ to the workflow history list
then Add _(a permission list)_ to item in _Current Item_
then Stop the workflow and log _workflow ended_

The logging of the first and last line is displayed in the workflow log / history, but the authorization changes are not effective. If an account mentioned in the authorization list already had an authorization in the workflow before this point, this authorization will be lost because no authorization entries are available for this account / group as soon as this point has been executed in the code. Other accounts that are not on the list of permissions in this code can keep their permissions on the item.

I was told that this could have something to do with an attitude in SP that is limited something (Number of items?) To 5000. This type of makes sense because this workflow runs every time a new one of these items is created, and I wouldn't be surprised if we now have 5000 of these items. The workflow has existed for years and has only recently had this problem. Does this sound reasonable due to the symptoms? If so, can there be anything other than increasing this limit of 5000 or deleting older items (neither of which sounds like I can do it)? Any clever workarounds? Or is the problem something else? Thank you very much.

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Testing – How can Travis CI be informed to expect a mistake and not to fail?

I have a sample repo that shows how to use a package.

To indicate the spread of the error, code is written so that an error is output. Some lines are written to stderr that Travis CI considers to be errors and tests fail.
How can I tell Travis CI to expect an error on this line and not to fail?

PS: I don't want to write and define tests to expect an error.