dnd 3.5e – Who is dazzled when daylight falls on an eyecup?

The 3.5 robe states that you can cast certain spells on the robe to cause blindness. The exact wording is

A light or persistent flame spell cast directly on an eye garb
causes it be blinded for 1W3 minutes. A daylight magic blinds it
for 2d4 minutes.

A player argues that because the description says "it," the garment blinds and becomes useless, while in my opinion it makes no sense, as the garment is not a smart item and can not suffer such effects. So it is the character who carries it who is blinded. Although D & D 3.5 is not known to have the best rules, it seems strange to me that you'd rather write that the robe is dazzled than write that the robe will be disabled for x minutes if you blah blah blah, if they meant that.

What is the correct interpretation?

Is abstraction in C # .NET with abstract class the same concept that falls under object-oriented conceptual abstraction?

Is abstraction using the abstract class in C # similar to conceptual abstraction, which is an important pillar of object-oriented concepts? Some links in the Web suggest that the abstraction concept of object-oriented programming differs from the abstract class concept in C #.

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Edit an item in a filtered list that falls out of the filter

  • I have a list of items (such as tasks).
  • I filter her for a property like her name.
  • In the filtered list I opted for inline editing (at the touch of a button)
  • The new name is outside the above filter

What should I do?

  1. Leave the element with the new name and a name that does not match the filter criteria. Give it up only if I change the filter criteria.
  2. Immediately put it off the list.

I am looking for guidance on best practices and common examples.

Many thanks.

dnd 5e – What happens if your party falls prey to a surprise attack but you can not be surprised?

Surprise works in D & D 5e so that if you are surprised, you will not perform any action (or move, bonus action, etc.) in your first round of combat. You also can not respond before your first round ends. You still roll the initiative at the beginning of the fight, before any action has been taken, as usual.

So in short, YesIt is your turn before the enemies do it, when your initiative is high enough. Yes, this can also lead to narrative incongruities if you think about it in the most naive way. If you want to justify this, there are a few ways you can try this. A simple way would be to say that the character recognizes the attackers when they launch their surprise attack, and can react quickly enough to take action before they are able to do anything effective.

Do you agree with Trump? It does not bother you to pay more for almost everything that is imported from China. You do not mind if the stock market falls?

Well, there you have it: Trump supporters willing to suffer (and make everyone else suffer), just to avoid admitting that Trump is a dangerous idiot.

Edit: At the moment, everyone is paying these tariffs to finance the tax cuts that only benefit the millionaires.


seo – The mysterious rank falls from page 1 after the subdomain has become roguish

In order to convey some background knowledge, we are a web design agency that places a high value on web design in our region. We had a lot of traffic from this and other smaller subdomains.

We host client test / review sites in a subdomain of our primary Web site domain (for example, client.example.com) to display their Web site to the client. After launching a client site, we made the mistake of not removing the DNS-A record pointing to a VPS we no longer own. Someone uploaded a lot of PDFs to this server, and all 40,000 files were indexed on Google as part of our domain (for example, client.example.com/file.pdf).

This happened around November, based on the Google Search Console. However, as we have been very busy in recent months, we did not notice it until our rank fell. First, it was during the Christmas holidays, when we were completely gone from Google for a few days, but then came back. And then again in early March, where we have no rank except for a URL for our own brand name.

I noticed this a few months ago and deleted the DNS record some time ago and made sure that the URLs returned an HTTP 404 status. Nevertheless, Google kept over 1000 indexed URLs. It was not until I submitted a manual removal request using the old GSC tool that they were removed. However, we know that they may come back for search, as this is not the purpose of the tool.

A few weeks later, and we're still not up to anything in the ranking like it used to be – despite healthy backlinks, domain age, etc.

Is this a Google penalty for the rogue subdomains, or could it actually be due to a change in the algorithm? We are completely lost, because the URLs are gone, our pages are actually indexed by Google – just no more ranking.

How do you recover best? Our thoughts are to rebrand on a new domain and move all our subdomains. We are also redesigning our website and rewriting the content. This could be helpful on the new website when algorithm changes are the cause. We believe that it is best not to use the Google address change tool to avoid penalties (if that was the problem).

dnd 5e – What happens if a gelatin cube takes up the entire space of a pit trap? What happens when a creature falls into the trap but succeeds at the save throw?

They jump.

The Gelatinous Cube Engulf Action text states that the backup is DEX.

Whenever the cube enters a creature's space, the creature must complete a DC 12 Dexterity roll.

Being a DEX memory, I'm assuming the pc is trying to fall flat on his back or stomach to try to spread his weight and not break through the surface of the gel.

You know how to jump a spoon with Jello, but can easily pierce it with a fork? When the PC enters first, as on its side or feet, it does not have enough contact surface to distribute its weight so that it slides to the right. If they fall face first or on their backs, they have plenty of area to spread their weight so that they barely break the surface tension of the gel.

That's a nice trap, because when the PC decides to stand on the gel, they fall right in. They will be forced to crawl slowly as they try to come out.