Should women who falsely accuse men of rape be prosecuted for this?

Why? Because it wrongly destroys a man's reputation, casts a large shadow of doubt on all real rape victims, and doing nothing causes many bastard women to believe that they can make it and get away with it, which means that there are simply more cases of it will give. Why not? On the other hand, it can prevent real victims from speaking about their bad experiences when it is difficult enough for them to do so. It is terrible that a man is falsely accused and essentially wrongly accused of being destroyed, even if he is not sent to prison, it usually ruins a man's life and it is obviously terrible to be raped, and on top of that worse that you are so much doubted yourself thrown into jail. I as a man would see the latter as worse, but both are horrible scenarios, terrible scenarios created by bad men and bad women.

Should men think twice about helping women as this could lead to them being falsely accused of rape?

As your linked story shows, this can and must be done. This man was lucky. The police believed the woman who lied. He was only released after weeks in jail because her interaction happened to be caught on camera to prove his innocence.

The problem is not only that women lie, but that they are believed more when they lie. So it is not innocent until it turns out that they are guilty of false allegations. This guy was innocent, but was still jailed.

Can a man be released if a colleague falsely charges him with sexual harassment if the allegation is not true?

There were many cases in the news of this event. More cases in which men were thrown out of school without evidence that they had committed the crime they were accused of. Fortunately, we see that some of these unjustly accused men complain and win.

The problem is that women who falsely blame men have virtually no negative consequences, which makes it easier for any woman to track down a man with whom she has a problem. Consider yourself the woman who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse players in court of never being blamed for their lies.

Of course, most women would never do that, but it only takes one to turn a man's life upside down. As others have said, employers in such cases tend to be on the side of women.

ios appstore – The iOS App Store falsely claims that I do not have a payment method when giving away the app

I want to give away an app from the iOS App Store. I've checked if I have enough prepaid account credit, set up the gift purchase, and clicked the Buy button.

The iOS App Store returns an incorrect error message:

Payment information required

Purchasing an iTunes gift requires a payment method. You can add one
Payment method from your account information page.

I have reviewed my account information and there is enough credit to buy the app as a gift.

What is the cause and how do I fix it?

Web application – PHP | The exploitation of falsely hidden `mysql_query () or the (mysql_error ())` is used to filter data?

I came across an old code that is being used mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error())

Was curious and noticed that with a correctly placed " in the e-mail input … the output of mysql_error () is shown to me as a user.

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '"""' at line 1

mysql_query('SELECT * FROM users WHERE users_email_address = "'.$email.'") or die(mysql_error());

I was able to crash the browser" OR "" = … because I assume that this has caused an infinite loop

The first part of the question is … how would I filter information with it? " State have I found? Is there any special name other than SQL Injection that I can read about?

The second part of the question is: mysql_error The output seems to be of benefit to a would-be attacker, but I do not know what depth of information it could provide.

Should I be concerned about a security breach if Google Maps falsely indicates that I am more than 650 miles from home?

I was shocked to discover that Google Maps showed last month that I was home one day, driving over 650 miles to Chicago from a neighboring town the next day and home the next day.

Can this indicate that someone has cloned my phone?

I know that inaccuracies can occur on-site, but 650 miles? And Google Maps even shows the route that I supposedly took.

I was looking for similar questions. Either they have not answered this specific question or they have been marked as already answered. If anyone feels that this question has already been answered, please include a link in the comments.

Google Map Snafu

seo – Website falsely categorized as "adult content"

In recent months, I've been posting my microblogging site content, such as zapier, tumblr, etc., and have featured the same on many such sites.

However, very few of these sites have not posted the content of my site as "adult content" and have asked for explanations. This is often true for the homepage (I'm surprised why it is).

In some of the customer's offices where I browse and use their Internet over Wi-Fi, a similar message is displayed for the site that the site falls under the "pornography" category.

I have read all the pages, but the content of the site does not contain adult words. How could I solve this?

Why do liberals falsely believe that America was founded as a melting pot when by 1870 ONLY white people could become US citizens?

The "crucible" did not refer to race, but to ethnicity. They had Germans, Italians, Serbs, Irish and Russians in a few square kilometers. Each ethnic group built their own churches, started their own social clubs and slowly began to integrate into the larger American culture. At that time, they wanted their kids to become Americans and speak perfect English. When my grandfather came here from Mexico in the 1920s. He moved to a Polish-Jewish neighborhood.

Today it is exactly the opposite. The people (especially the Mexicans) do not want to assimilate, they do not want to learn proper English. They want to recreate the old world in the new world.


Why does every woman on earth falsely accuse men of rape and ruin their lives?

NOT every woman on earth mistakenly accuses men of rape and ruins their lives. BUT the reason why some women do this is that sexual abuse by men has often been swept under the carpet in the past. I think the reason why some women are falsely accusing men of sexual assault is because they believe that men today have to pay for what abusive men have done in the past. The whole concept is embroiled in identity politics that are polarizing and ruining America today.
Ultimately, the women who hate men enough to falsely accuse them of sexual assault do not realize that every man is his own person and does not have to pay for what men have done in the past. Men are not a clan or a political group. They are only one gender.
I do not know if that answers your question or if it gets confused, but I hope it helps. 🙂