❕NEWS – Famous Bitcoin Bull: Bitcoin Supply Crisis Will Take BTC To The Top | Proxies-free

It could be true as I would say bitcoin is still in its infancy only and is growing at a rapid rate. Many huge whales are still to come aboard on this ship.

But on the contrary, due to its nature of being highly volatile, which has been proven again and again over the past years, one cannot be certain.

❕NEWS – 500 BTC Donation Fund From Two World Famous Names | Proxies-free

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey said she and her famous rapper Jay-Z gave 500 Bitcoins to create a new donation fund. She wrote that the new fund, called the Blind trust, is ready to fund Bitcoin development, initially focusing on teams in Africa and India.
What do you think about this donation fund?

❕NEWS – Famous Fund Manager: Bitcoin Price Target $ 100,000 | Proxies-free

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of investment firm SkyBridge Capital, said Bitcoin could rise much more in the current cycle. In a new interview with Yahoo Finance, Scaramucci stated that Bitcoin could easily exceed $ 100,000.
According to her, given the macroeconomic backdrop, the Bitcoin price could reach $ 100,000 by February 2022.
What do you think of this prediction?

What Is The Famous Search Engine?


❕NEWS – World Famous Payment Company Can Add Crypto Money To Its Network | Proxies-free

While financial services giant Visa is already partnering with cryptocurrency wallets, the next step will be to equate Bitcoin with 160 fiat currencies on the Visa network. Visa’s CEO stated that the firm can directly support certain cryptocurrencies.
What do you think of this big improvement?

❕NEWS – Famous analyst Peter Brandt: ” Bitcoin is fascinating ” | Proxies-free

Analyst Peter Brandt says in her recent tweets that Bitcoin is in the midst of a supply crisis.
The famous analyst, using his fascinating statements for Bitcoin, continues his comments as: The market owes nobody – and that includes you and me – nothing. Market speculation is not an annual payment and it is definitely not an ATM machine.

❕NEWS – Famous Names Starts Bitcoin (BTC) Movement | Proxies-free

Today, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk added the hashtag #Bitcoin to his Twitter bio. After that, many names started adding #Bitcoin tags to their profile.
Reddit CEO Alexis Ohanian, founder of SkyBridge and world-renowned hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci, famous YouTuber Mr. Beast, Jimmy Donaldson also added a #Bitcoin hashtag. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also has the hashtag #Bitcoin in his biography.
What do you think about these interesting developments?

Famous Digital Asset Management Company: XRP Will Be History At The End Of 2021

Phil Liu, co-founder of New York-based digital asset management company Arca, thinks XRP will "be history" by the end of this year.
Liu made the following statements:
—- "I don’t see a viable alternative to replace XRP sales, other than the U.S. investors getting out of the U.S. They will have to start from scratch because Ripple will lose all profits it made when it was a US-based company. " —-
What do you think about these statements?