Create a new farm user

I have an onpremises Sharepoint Server 2016 and I want to create a new farm user. If I create a new one with the same permissions that the old farm user has, is that enough to work? Or do I have to set something in the Sharepoint configuration?

Sharepoint Enterprise – Unable to reconnect farm and site

I use several SharePoint 2016 servers, WFE, APP, Search & DB. Because of so many problems, I decided to separate everyone from the farm.

After that, I reconnect them to the existing farm (previous farm not deleted) and everything works fine, including Central Administration, but an error message appeared on the site "Site can not be reached",

CA access via internet and intranet possible, but not for the site. Please note that the site is accessible via the internet before I disconnected.

CA accessed through my telephone (Internet)

Site called from my phone (Internet)

Hope you have a solution. I will appreciate it.


$ 75 brand design for the farm

My family owns a small farm where cows and chickens are kept and hunted on the property. Wanted to look for an updated design for "Rainbow Rock Farm".

Our current logo looks like this: (IMG)

We like and want to keep the double R (one is upside down and the other is straight). We'd like to clean this up a bit and maybe have some options with Rainbow Rock underneath or something. As you can see, the edges of the logo are a bit blurry and not well defined.

I'm looking for the other following articles – a bit more stylized t-shirt design and business card design.
Our current website is if you want to see / understand what we do a bit more.

Payment is by Paypal.

sharepoint enterprise – Retrieve the message "No user profile application available to process the request. Contact your farm administrator."

I get the message "No user profile application available to process the request. Contact your farm administrator." when enabling Self-Service Site Creation

The user profile application has been created and associated with the web application.

"Use Self-Service Site Creation" has been enabled in "User Permissions"

I also checked the following link, but no luck.

Please suggest.

Agrosoft Farm – – HYIPs

I am not an administrator or owner of this program!

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2010 – Restore from a completely different farm backup

I'm sure this will sound like a very inexperienced question, and many will wonder about using such an action, but here it goes.

Suppose I have two different SharePoint instances with one server (two different servers, each with its own databases). If I ran a farm backup on Server A, I can then select Server A's backup under Server B> Central Administrator> Restore From Backup. Now, Server B with SharePoint looks just like Server A., Inc Mining Farm |

I am not an administrator!
Beginning 18.07.2019



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