fastboot – How to unlock the bootloader of Samsung galaxy grand 2?

I searched the whole internet and couldn’t find any guide for unlocking the bootloader of this specific model. my main goal is to install Lineage OS but the instructions on the page don’t seem to be for this device.

Page Link:

(can’t find a way to make fastboot find my device – it seems grand 2 doesn’t have an actual fastboot mode. it has a download mode).

It says you need to enable OEM in developer mode but there is no such an option available.

I’ve also found a TWRP for my device here:

do I need to unlock the bootloader to replace it with the recovery mode of device?

fastboot – How to display Boot Flow message in sample application android?

From the BootLoader,

I get the message as

read_is_device_unlocked() ops returned that device is UNLOCKED
Starting kernel …

Kernel command line: console=ttySC0,115200 androidboot.console=ttySC0 init=/init loop.max_part=7 androidboot.boottime=4.145 androidboot.bootreason=unknown init_time=1563524635 blkdevparts=mmcblk0boot0:4194304(bootloader_a);mmcblk0boot1:4194304(bootloader_b) androidboot.revision=1.1 androidboot.board_id=0x774b100 init_invert_y=1 video=HDMI-A-1:d init_time=158928361 androidboot.selinux=permissive setenv bootargs init_invert_y=1 video=HDMI-A-1:d init_time=158928361 androidboot.selinux=permissive androidboot.serialno=00000011 androidboot.force_normal_boot=1 root=PARTUUID=$(ANDROID_SYSTEM_PARTUUID) **androidboot.verifiedbootstate=orange**

Then from kernel command line, I get message as androidboot.verifiedbootstate=”orange”

Now how I can intimate from kernal command line to framework/sample application to display this below message in UI. If it is orange, I need to display the message to end user.

Below is the description given from the link

YELLOW: Warning screen for LOCKED devices with custom root of trust set
ORANGE: Warning screen for UNLOCKED devices
RED (eio): Warning screen for dm-verity corruption
RED (no os found): No valid OS found

fastboot – How to get information parameters from kernel after boot loads android?

when an (Android) bootloader starts loading kernel, it passes some parameters to the kernel (for example androidboot.verifiedbootstate, …),how to get the information whether boot gets successful or failed and it should notifies to the user application?

I have gone through this article how it will communicate Verified Boot state to users? it means user application? Is there any sample application to communicate from verified boot state to user as toast message?

bootloader – Troubleshoot fastboot error ‘remote: ‘ command not defined

Device: iMX 7ULP evaluation kit

Platform-tools: r28.0.3

Image: O8.1.0_1.4.0_ANDROID_TOOL_7ULP_GA (ARM 32 Android 8.1)

I used the image provided by nxp website on the device. Then I tried unlocking it.

According to a tutorial, I used adb to bring the system in bootloader via

> ./adb reboot bootloader

The device goes to the splash screen and stop there (Not sure if that’s how it should be). adb does not recognize the device anymore and fastboot fails on any command as fowllows

> ./fastboot.exe oem unlock
                                FAILED (remote: ' unlock device failed.')
fastboot: error: Command failed
> ./fastboot oem device-info
                                FAILED (remote: ' command not defined')
fastboot: error: Command failed
> ./fastboot flashing unlock
                                FAILED (remote: ' unlock device failed.')
fastboot: error: Command failed

How can I troubleshoot that and unlock the device?

samsung – Note 10+ not showing up in Device Manager while in fastboot

I’m trying to unlock my bootloader so that I can root my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus.

The problem is that fastboot devices doesn’t show any devices, so I found out that I need to install new fastboot drivers.

The first step is to locate your phone in Device Manager while it is in fastboot, but my phone is not showing up in in Device Manager at all while in fastboot.

Usually when I plug in my phone (or any device) into my PC the Device Manager refreshes and I hear the sound Windows makes when a new device is detected, but none of those thing happen if I connect my phone that is in fastboot.

I know that the USB port and cable are working because adb devices and Device Manager work fine and actually show my phone when it’s not in fastboot.

So how do I install new fastboot drivers without the Device Manager?


How do I make the Device Manager detect my phone while it’s in fastboot?

encryption – Unable to mount fastboot boot twrp.img backup unable to mount storage?

I was trying to load fastboot boot twrp.img and take backup of stock rom it loaded successfully but while taking backup its not able to take backup its giving error that cant mount storage its not able to select sdcard microsdcard and internal memory to showing 0 free space

I googled and finded it said its due to encryption and recommended to put screenlock pin and use those pinto uncrypt but tiried invain and it said to use wipe and change filesystem to ext2 ext4 but all invain

is there any way to mount and show the internal memory or external sd card and decrypt any suggestions

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My mobile device have

OS Android 6.0.1 Marshellow Processor Qualcomm Family cortex a53
Machine arrch 64 Architecture arm cortex a53 External memory card 64GB

thank for your suggestion time and advice

adb – Why isn’t my phone recognized by my computer in Fastboot mode?

I have recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S42 5G, and was messing around with boot combinations. While I was doing this, I found out that the phone had Download mode, but also a Fastboot mode. I was trying to get this to work with my ADB and FastBoot tools on my computer, but it doesn’t seem to be recognized by Fastboot, and in the device manager, my phone shows up as “Android” With a yellow warning mark. Anyone know what is happening?
I can’t really find much info on this device.

Will the fastboot boot ramdisk command boot the U-boot secondary recovery to boot from usb/ sd card without mods?

Of course it has to be signed and not exceed a size-limit, but I think that custom roms or os’s should come to a bigger audience without the limiting security and guarantee risks, disabling the ability to update for example.

I like u-boot because it’s used by multiple os like chrome os and linux.

I hope one day a u-boot ramdisk would available for various android gaming devices using fastboot.

Then U-boot can then detect the usb/ sd card and fire the os.

Would this be possible?

Edit: Ofc not on Samsung, not even utilizing the fastboot mode.

usb – Can I flash a custom fastboot mode image on a Samsung device to boot custom devices without tripping Knox

I’m a noob and don’t even know if these are seperate images, but I do know that Samsung has no fastboot mode as it is stuck entering it and instead has a download mode.

The question is, can I still put something there to boot, like u-boot, will it trip knox and will it be able to boot from sd card or an usb stick.