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QUOTE(alex175 @ Nov 8 2016, 12:50 PM) *
The best part of this faucet is its fast server , hardly any downtime ( i never saw this faucet down ) , also because they are paying weekly hardly user face there dry condition. Since 2015 when i joined ( i guess ) got paid frequently every week without delay.

Let me tell you this faucet is good for those who are doing side by side some other work , because this site 1 hour time based.

For Beginners i like to tell them how to join site step by step , so that they too can get benefit from this site.


Yup, i did see, its the best faucet at all of earning free bitcoins.

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Simple Tutorial on How To Enjoy and Play With Your Own Bitcoin Faucet | Proxies-free

Hello there brothers and sisters

Simple Tutorial on How To Enjoy and Play With Your Own Bitcoin Faucet

This is a simple live tutorial on how you can enjoy being a bitcoin faucet owner without the need for expensive bitcoin faucet scripts and here’s how. This tutorial assumes that you already have wordpress latest version installed on your web hosting account.

1. Login to your wordpress.

2. Go to Plugins and search for bitcoin faucet to install it, make sure you find a plugin that works with your wordpress version.


Try the Simple Bitcoin (Altcoin) Faucets with all those bells and rings attached to it. It is rated 5-stars after all and free most importantly. Activate after download and install.


Register, and get your API key from cryptoo.me, it’s free. Create an applications first after logging into your account there, then name it wisely I used my name for it then save and then generated an API key then copy/paste it in the fields provided for the API key.


Make sure you put in your API key across all tabs.


Afterwards, click on Tab Faucets and generate your faucet page, and it’s all done.
Don’t forget for it to work, fund it with satoshi.

Here’s my simple bitcoin faucet.


Here’s my referral page for bitcoin faucet:


I’ve shown you my bitcoin address for a purpose you know what to do.
Until my next tutorial


Has anyone made reason amount from faucet? | Proxies-free

I like to know if anyone here has made any reason amount from faucet. I had thought that making money from faucet would be an easy task. I had planned to spend 3 hours for 6 months to accumulate coins from faucet. My idea then was i could get up to $500 worth. That’s combination of btc and altcoin. I searched out for best faucet the manual and auto together, i selected based on my knowledge.
My the end of first month , i didn’t calculate my earnings, by the end of 2nd month. I decided to check my earnings lo and behold it was less than 10% of my total expected return.
I was disappointed. I (understatement). I abandoned it. So please share your experience here