Probability – Two machines produce 30%, 70% materials with 3%, 5% faulty units, probably a randomly selected material is faulty

If I have no idea how to start. Two machines A, B produce 30.70% material for one company respectively 3%, 5% defective units.
a] What is the probability that a material of the entire output is faulty?
b] Probability that the defective material was produced by machine A.
c] Probability that this faulty material was produced by Machine B.

my faulty offline strategy!

I tried to do this a little differently ..
My offline approach was this ..
I've created a website and ranked it for specific keywords that interest the local market. but none of these service sites have been ranking ..

I thought that instead of offering SEO to existing companies, it would be better if I could qualify and then collect money for advertising on my website, and I thought that would be a longer solution

Unfortunately I came across a roadblock when I found no advertisers for it …

my faulty offline strategy!

Artifacts – Possibly faulty SLR cameras may cause strange red spots / blobs

I've gotten some weird reddish dots and blobs on most of my recordings with my old Yashica Super FX3. They seem to work with any lens and film rolls with different ISO values ​​(200/400) and also cause a general loss of sharpness and color quality.

Do you think that this may be due to a leak in my camera body? I used to think that leaks would lead to a "rectangular" glow rather than to these arbitrary patterns. However, this seems to be the only possible cause, as I have tested different lenses and used film rolls with different sensitivities.

Example 3


example 1

php – PDO update query neither successful nor faulty

Here's the way I'm doing an update query, the query is running but to no avail and without errors. While I have manually tested the query in MySql Workbench with parameters and all work well. I also do not know why it does not raise an exception or error if it does not succeed.

Function UpdateLeaveDetailRequestStatus () {

global $ connPDO;
date_default_timezone_set ("Asia / Karachi");
// $ connPDO-> beginTransaction ();
$ currentDate = date (Y Y-m-d H: i: s #);

$ binds = array (
": leave_start_date" => $ _POST["leaveStartDate"].
": leave_end_date" => $ _POST["leaveEndDate"].
": leave_total_days" => $ _POST["leaveTotalDays"].
": leave_type" => $ _POST["leaveType"].
": leave_in_out_time" => $ _POST["leaveInOutTime"].
": leave_duration" => $ _POST["leaveDuration"].
": leave_reason" => $ _POST["leaveReason"].
": leave_current_status_id" => $ _POST["leaveCurrentStatusId"].
": leave_current_status_set_by" => $ _COOKIE["userID"].
": leave_current_status_set_dateTime" => $ currentDate,
": leave_detail_id" => $ _POST["leaveDetailId"]


echo $ _POST["empId"] " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveStartDate"], " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveEndDate"], " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveTotalDays"], " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveType"], " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveInOutTime"], " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveDuration"], " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveReason"], " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveCurrentStatusId"], " n";
echo $ _COOKIE["userID"], " n";
echo $ currentDate. " n";
echo $ _POST["leaveDetailId"], " n";

$ sqlProjectQueueUpdate =
"Update` ttl_employee_switch`.`tbl_emp_leave_details`
`leave_start_date` =`: leave_start_date`,
`leave_end_date` =`: leave_end_date`,
`leave_total_days` =`: leave_total_days`,
`leave_type` =`: leave_type`,
`leave_in_out_time` =`: leave_in_out_time`,
`leave_duration` =`: leave_duration`,
`leave_reason` =`: leave_reason`,
`leave_current_status_id` =`: leave_current_status_id`,
`leave_current_status_set_by` =`: leave_current_status_set_by`,
`leave_current_status_set_dateTime` =`: leave_current_status_set_dateTime`
WHERE `leave_detail_id` =`: leave_detail_id` ";

echo $ sqlProjectQueueUpdate;
$ statement = $ connPDO-> prepare ($ sqlProjectQueueUpdate);
$ output = $ statement-> execute ($ binds);

// $ output = CustomPDO ($ connPDO, $ sqlProjectQueueUpdate, $ binds);
echo $ output;

magento2 – Magento 2 payment method faulty request 400

When I try to pay with the Mastercard credit card module, an error message appears bad request 400
When I go to my var / log / exception.log file, the following error message appears:

main.CRITICAL: The HOME or COMPOSER_HOME environment variable must be set for Composer to run properly in /var/www/html/emall/vendor/composer/composer/src/Composer/Factory.php:641) "}. []

I have tried many commands from the internet, but I do not know if the problem lies with the Composer or the module itself.
This is the module I am using:

Hope someone can help.
Thanks and regards!

Canon EOS 70D – Err 01 – Communication between camera and lens is faulty

I have the Canon EOS 70D with the standard lens 18-135. The camera worked perfectly and I lowered the bezel when taking a picture and the camera froze. I turned it off and when I turn it back on I get the following message:

Err 01 – The communication between camera and lens is faulty. Clean the lens contacts.

I took the lens off and put it back on – no change.

I then cleaned the lens contacts – no change.

I tried another lens, if it was the lens – no change.

I tried it with a lens attached – the same error occurred.

I can not access any menu options etc as soon as I turn on the camera. This error occurs and I can not do anything on the camera.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this, since I have a shoot in about 5 hours and this happened.

Many Thanks

Software installation – xfce4 on Ubuntu Server 19.04. Update or faulty installation?

I've just installed Ubuntu Server and XFCE4, but the desktop is completely different than any other XFCE I've installed. It has a gnome-like launcher, Ubuntu and Debian wallpaper, no startup menu and no control bar. But Thunar is here.

I understand that there have been a lot of changes to Xubuntu 19.04, but nothing I've read about said anything about it. So take a look at my screenshot of reinstalling Ubuntu Server + xfce4 (and some utilities).

Note the launcher, the presence of Thunar and the two wallpapers (they are on different GPUs).

Is this expected (no matter what has to do with the checkerboard pattern, sometimes my graphics card does)?

Additional Notes: This happened in two installations in a row. The mouse tracking and stuff is also very slow, though that might be because there are five monitors spread across three graphics cards, but I do not remember that this was a problem in the past.

The autofocus in the Nikon menu of the Sigma 18-50 f2.8-4.5 lens is faulty

I have sold my lens (Sigma 18-50 f2.8-4.5 OS HSM) to an internet shopper. The lens worked flawlessly and after receiving it, he said that he had encountered this problem:

Whenever the autofocus on the lens is turned on, the camera has an error in the autofocus area, which quickly switches between AF and M in the menu.

Link to the topic:

I've never encountered such a problem with the lens. I think it might be that the AF / M switch is broken or that something electrical does not work.

I am in a really ugly situation as a salesman.

Please help me with every suggestion.

Many Thanks

System Bootloader not found. Faulty security header

I updated my Ubuntu from 18.04 to 19.04 on my Toshiba laptop. by graphical updater, so first update on 18.10. Everything worked out here. During the update to 19.04 I received some hints that a part was not installed. Including something with EFI. After the restart I have this message
Unlike other similar issues described here in the forum, I can not access the BIOS.

Before this happened, I had a note about the small disk space of the EFI partition. And every time I wanted to boot, I had to do manual fsck. This was also a reason why I wanted 19:04. Hope problem is solved.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

Hardware – is faulty RAM a security risk?

Possible? Yes. Probably? Barely. It is much more a problem of reliability (or availability) than a security problem.

Faulty RAM can cause data corruption, and this corruption almost always results in segmentation failure and process crash. If the process is the kernel or a critical process (like in it on Linux systems) crashes the entire computer.

A less common effect is essentially a hardware-induced RowHammer attack. This attack intentionally changes the value of a cell. If your RAM banks are broken, there is an infinitesimal (but greater than zero) chance that the byte that was changed will not crash the application and give it superpowers. ON bash Shell with UID 0 or a cmd.exe Instances with administrative privileges are possible but so unlikely that you can not count on them.

But using a faulty memory chip to actually attack the computer is almost out of the question. An attacker who can run code on the computer can run countless privilege escalation attacks for more access, and a physically-attacking attacker can easily remove the disk, create an image, and then go away.