cryptography – What are your favorite features of any crypto, and what features do you feel should be implemented?

The community is a huge aspect of cryptocurrency, but no one ever seems to ask what’s missing from crypto. There seem to be plenty of BIPS that have potential that get rejected by developers before they make it to the community for a vote. Don’t you think that the community should be able to reject these proposals or accept them instead of having these be filtered out?

dungeons and dragons – What is your favorite RPG for younger people?

I have played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons with my younger siblings, but I have found that they can lose interest quickly with all of the complicated rules and slow combat. They want more of the story and less of the rules. I did some research into other games, but many of them are just as complicated. I want the game to have plenty of action, but it should be clean action as my siblings are all 12 years old and under. I looked into GURPS, as I thought that it would be simpler and more customizable, but it was still very complicated and is so rules-based that I feel that it is lacking the story element. I want to make a campaign myself, and I want it to be based on a great storyline that will allow my siblings to enjoy themselves and get very involved in the story. Any ideas?

php – how to favorite posts in wordpress?

Implementing this functionality is not a difficult task, but it requires some work.

I am going to help you out with a guideline of what I would do:

You first need to think of a way to make a relationship between a user and the list of favorite posts.

For example, you could have a user_meta field with key favorite_posts which contains an array of all the user favorite posts.

Then, when you display a post in your single.php theme file, you check the post id against the array of favorite posts for the current user.

In your single.php theme file you may get the post id by accessing the global $post WP Post object.

global $post;
// Your post id is $post->ID

You will also need to implement the controller that adds and removes the current post id to and from your favorite posts array.

To do that, you will need to use update_user_meta(), which will also add the meta if it does not exist.

Note that you will not have to serialize the array of favorite posts to save it into the user meta table, since WordPress already does this for you, if you provide an array.

So, one way to go to update your favorite posts list is:

Of course you will have to put in some effort to make it happen, but hey, you can do it!

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applications – Device with Android OS on which I can open my favorite Camera app straight from Lock Screen, without PIN

I keep losing Photo/Video opportunities on great moments, for two reasons:

  1. My device doesn’t let me choose which Camera app to open from Lock Screen’s shortcut.
    (only the native Camera app, which sucks)

  2. I must type my PIN to be able to even open the native Camera app.

I keep telling myself that my next phone must have a way to be able to open my favorite Camera app straight from the Lock Screen, without having to type my PIN or struggling with the “swipe up” gesture to actually show the keypad (which many times doesn’t display on first try). It’s just frustrating.

Is there any device that actually does this?

And as a bonus question… why are all native Camera apps now forcing us to “swipe” to move from “Photo” to “Video” mode, which just slows down everything even more? Why can’t the “Take Photo” and “Start Recording” buttons be on the SAME screen?