Transaction size limit across a single path in a Lightning Network and fee earned

Given MPP is included in the current version of lnd, an arbitrarily large transaction can be processed in the network. What is the transaction size limit across a single path? Is it still bounded to 0.0429 BTC (limited by max_concurrent_htlc)? What is the estimated fee earned (average as well as maximum) by a lightning node per day?

How to find what is suitable transaction fee to send 10 mBTC?

Using MultiBit Desktop Wallet, I can see that the default transaction fee is set to 0.5 mBTC per KB.

Usually that default rate worked fine. But yesterday, when I tried that and my transaction has not been confirmed for over 12 hours now.

So today I increased the fee to 1mBTC per KB and tried to send another 10mBTC to the same destination wallet. It is half an hour now and it has not confirmed either.

It is really frustrating. I’m wondering what is wrong here, and how can I choose a fee that make near instant transaction possible.

mining reward – Why miners choose low fee transactions sometimes?

Miners prefer high fee transactions to low fee ones, but the part which I don’t understand is that why miners put a low fee transaction has been waiting for hours in mempool, into their blocks While they can find higher fee transactions in terms of sat/byte in mempool.
Is it some kind of moral thing to help those transactions to get confirmed or what?

replace with fee – Can entries in a transaction have different values ​​for the order?

Enter the image description here

Nice day. Please I have an account with BlockChain, but I find that my account withdraws all of my BTC, which was not done by me. It has replace-by-fee

What could have happened
How can I get my money back?

BTC sent
May 21, 2020 at 2:22 am
Replace with fee
To: bc1q52vem2cnzps34reymhw0v07wgzme8gq92dzc5p
From: My Bitcoin Wallet
$ 3,461.91
0.38223108 BTC
Add a description
Value when sending
$ 3,645.37
Sent by
Receive from
Transaction confirmed
Transaction fee
0.00113524 BTC
$ 10.28

wallet – Explain Coinomi and Edge fee difference?

Given that you are looking at two different wallets on two different pieces of software, the transactions that the wallets are proposing are different:

  • they may be using a different count of inputs
  • one may be using segwit inputs while the other uses non-segwit
  • one might be a multisig wallet while the other is single-sig
  • one of them might be able to avoid a change output, while the other doesn’t

This will cause the two transactions to have a differing size. Lastly, the two wallets may be using different price sources to translate it to dollars.

As the transactions’ priority is determined by their fee rate, both of these transactions are equivalently prioritized at 200 sat/B. The size difference is unlikely to make a big difference for block inclusion.

Nikon D7100 fEE Error code with Nikon 300mm F4

Im experiencing a flashing fEE error code with my Nikon D7100 cam when attached to my Nikon 300 mm f4 lens. Ive watched the fix it videos ( manual ring to F32 and lock) on youtube and its not working.All parts and pieces on the cam and lens are intact.

Funny thing is the lens is working on my d750 and my 70/200 is working on the d7100 camera.

Any suggestions or help would be highly appreciated.



blockchain – Problems Setting a Transaction Fee on a Per Transaction Basis Bitcoind

I’ve spent hours and hours trying to find a solution to this problem, with no success.

Using Bitcoin Core on a Linux machine, so using bitcoin-cli to process commands back to the daemon.

Here’s what I want to achieve: I want to send a transaction and be able to specify a custom transaction fee in Bitcoin/KB on a “per transaction basis”.

So far, I haven’t found a solution. These are the areas I have been looking at:

Change the paytxfee global variable and then just send the transaction. —> If I do this, the resultant fee once the transaction has been sent is about 40% lower than what I specified in the paytxfee variable. Why is it smaller?

So…. does anyone please have any ideas how I can just send a transaction and specify a custom fee which is the actual fee used when the transaction is broadcast to the network?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi. Thank you for your reply. I’m panicking a bit as I have to get this sorted by tomorrow. I’ve tried setting “paytxfee” with the “settxfee” command. In the last example I sent a dummy transaction using “sendtoaddress”. I entered “0.00170” in the “paytxfee” global variable (170 satoshis per byte). Having looked at the resultant transaction on explorer, only 114 sat/B were used instead of the requested 170. When I used “fundrawtransaction” and specified a “feeRate” option, it was calcultaing the fee on the virtual size rather than the total size, so once again I was getting about a 40% reduction in fees once the transaction was broadcast. I now have loads of transactions stuck!! Anyway, that’s not a problem as they were only tests… Any ideas how I can resolve this? Happy to send screenshots or maybe we can email/use messenger? Desperate to get this sorted …. Thank you so much!

mining profitability – In the future, if I pay a coffee with a very low fee, will it ever be paid?

So this is the thing, I am just learning about feedrates and how the miners pick their transactions with higher fees, so they can get more money. But, what will happen in the future when people pay really small things in the daily basis and the fees are insignificant, does this mean that I would get my coffee but it will be never paid?

Bitcoin COT fee – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I have recently tried Bitcoin through someone I met, I was told I could turn £100 in to £700 in a week. I tried this, then I got told I had to put more money in etc etc. I now have apparently $14,500 in an account somewhere. I was then told to log on to a bank called SwitCity bank and yes it showed the $14,500 in the account, I tried to withdraw but was told I had to pay a COT fee which is going to cost $2,500. Can anyone help, the more this drags on the more gullible and stupid I am feeling, any advice is greatly appreciated.