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php – WooCommerce – Reset quantity entry field when the variation changes

Is there a way or a plugin to reset the input field for the set each time a user changes the variation? I have searched, but I have not found anything similar or any hook.

I tried the following jQuery event, but it does not seem to fire

Function variant_select_change () {
global $ woocommerce;

2010 – SharePoint Calculated Field Error updating the value for all items in the large list

So that's the problem:

I have a list of about 1 million records

I've added a calculated column with a very simple formula:

"0" + (textfield)

and return as number

The request returned an update conflict error. However, when browsing the list, I found that the items were updated from oldest to newest with the newly calculated field value over time. But some time later, it stopped leaving more than half of the articles without their value being calculated. They are returned as -4XXXXXXX.

I checked the logs and found that the ULS logged the following error every 20 seconds for 3 hours:

A large block with literal text was sent to sql. This can result in SQL blocking and excessive front-end memory usage. Make sure that no binary parameters are passed as literals, and divide the stacks into smaller components. If this request affects a SharePoint list or list item, you may be able to fix it by reducing the number of fields.

And finally, a request timeout error log with the same correlation ID as the previous one

Is there a safe way to add the calculated field?

Do I have to increase a timeout variable to give the computed field enough time to compute all elements?

How can I recalculate the remaining fields without affecting the modification date and the modification date of the elements?


Node – How to automatically add a PHP code field at the end of a content type when new content is created

I'd like to allow users to add content, but every time they create a new content page, I'll end up automatically adding a field. for example:

When a user presses Add Content, the following is displayed:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3

when the user fills and saves it. It indicates something like this:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
PHP Field

7 – How do I add a currency field?

Can anyone suggest a cure for the question.
How do I create a currency field (with selection of currency and text field for entering the amount), considering the fact that there are multiple currencies?

I tried to add a prefix, but only one value can be entered (for example, $ or pounds, and so on). I also tried the currency module, but there is a single multi-currency page.

views – Serialize entity reference field

I am trying to perform a REST export of my content with an entity reference field. I tried using the REST view module to serialize the entity reference.

[{"title":"My contacts","contacts":[[],[]]}]


[{"title":"My contacts","contacts":[[{"first_name":"John", "email":""}],[{"first_name":"Chris", "email":""}]]}] 

Can anyone suggest how I can achieve this?

sharepoint online – Update the yes / no field if the date is today

I'm trying to create an automated SLA field

I have a field "Request Date" and a field "Outside the SLA".

The requested date is formatted as a date. Outside the SLA, it is formatted as Yes / No / Correct / False.

I'm trying to automatically update the field "Outside the SLA" if the "Requested Date" is "Today".

I understand that it will have something to do with the IsToday () field, but I'm not sure if the logic I want to apply works in PowerApps / Sharepoint.

Is that even possible? I feel like I'm handling this too much like Excel, but that's pretty new to me. Sorry

Thanks for any advice

Rest View: Serialize entity reference field

I'm trying to make a REST export of my content that has an entity reference field. I tried using the REST view module to serialize the entity reference.

[{"title":"My contacts","contacts":[[],[]]}]


[{"title":"My contacts","contacts":[[{"first_name":"John", "email":""}],[{"first_name":"Chris", "email":""}]]}] 

Can anyone suggest to me how I can achieve this.

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