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magento2 – Magento 2 limits the maximum length in the Quantity field

What you are describing is a limitation of the HTML 5 element, not Magento or your process. This is indeed the place you would need to change, and when I perform the editing you are describing, it will appear on my front end when I look at the source code. The problem you are describing is that the input type "number" ignores the maximum length.

There are solutions to the regular stack overflow in this thread. I would not recommend changing the field to text (although this would work), as it will affect the mobile experience. This link describes some simple JavaScript validation techniques.

sharepoint online – programmatically changing a date field

I have a form / web part where the user can edit columns. It works, but if the user needs to change the value in a date column, it will not work.

First, I have the input form:


The value sends back to a function that saves it in a state with the type "Date":

public setDate = e => this.setState({ changeDate: e});

I then try to pass it to the list with the following function:

 if (this.state.changeDate) {

      eventList.items   //my list
    .then(async item => {

            FieldName: "EventDate",
            FieldValue: JSON.stringify(this.state.changeDate)

        .then(result => {

It does not work and the column is not updated with the new values. Why is not the column being updated with the value from the status?

javascript – Automatically fill in field based on your ID

I have been trying for days to solve a problem that I have in a sharepoint list. I'm new to Javascript, so I can not do many complex things, and I think that's why I still can not get an answer.

So I have a sharepoint list where I have the login of the person who submits the form with the formula = [ME], and then wants to automatically fill in the line manager field with the line manager's e-mail. This email is in another list named "LineManagers Email," to which all email addresses of supervisors are assigned.
I search the web for ways to do that, but I can only search for answers through search engines. This is not possible because I can not give the person submitting the form the opportunity to choose their ID.

Let me know if you can help me.

Thank you very much

pathfinder 1e – The hex field & # 39; Arcane enlightenment & # 39; The shaman's wandering mind grants additional Arcane spells. Is there a limit to the magic level for which spells can be selected?

No, there is no limit, but selecting higher level spells will not do you much until you reach a level that will enable you to actually prepare them. The Hex does not give the shaman the high-level magic slots he needs to prepare as far as they can "prepare" them, provided they have enough intelligence, they still need slots to prepare them, and they do not have any anyway, until they are high enough.

A second-level shaman is welcome arcane enlightenment and choose to include time stop in their list of wizards / wizards to add them to their spell list, but until they reach the 17th level and actually prepare and cast spells of the 9th level time stop they do not do much good on their magic list. (Theoretically, it would allow them to throw time stop from a staff that had it, or to staff one Stop scroll of time with a relatively simple caster level check instead of the relatively difficult use magic device checks, but that would be the only advantage.)

How do I activate the default value of a custom field created through Advanced Custom Fields?

I'm using the ACF plug-in to add a custom field for each page that determines whether the header image is displayed or not.

The field type is true / false and the default value is true. The problem is that this default value It seems to take effect only after I update an existing one, In other words, it does not apply to an existing page until the administrator / user has updated this page.

This is the logic I use in my template:

$show_header = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'show_header', true);   
    if ($show_header && $show_header == 1) {
        if (has_post_thumbnail()) {
          $url =get_the_post_thumbnail_url();  

        } else {

How can I force the default value to take effect on every page without republishing it manually?

The 2010 workflow for sending emails in the event of a field change continues to send on every field change

I have a 2010 SharePoint workflow to start when I modify an item. Within the workflow, there is a logic that checks if a particular field has changed, and in that case sends an e-mail. To do this, I save the "before" value in a hidden field, compare it to the new value, and send the email if they are not equal. The problem is that the e-mail will be sent, even if this field does not change. I can not figure out why. I moved logic in the workflow because I thought that could be the cause, but it did not fix that problem. I have confirmed that both the hidden field and the specific field values ​​are the same. Then I edit the article using a form, leaving the field in question the same, but editing another field and continuing to send the email. Below is a snapshot.


entity – Drupal 8.7 Change the field type for the custom entity (from integer to decimal) with existing data

Yes, I have seen previous answers, but I am looking for a new answer:

I do not know the Drupal 8 memory system well enough, so I'm looking for insights too.

I looked at a lot of documentation, including:

What caught my attention is this: "Starting with Drupal 8.7.0, the entity system provides a new update API for converting the schema of a content entity type from (not) revisable / (untranslatable) to auditable / translatable. This works even if there is already data for the entity type whose schema is being changed.. "

This was an indication of how to change a field type with existing data without having to write a lot of code.

So I've tried to change a field type of my custom entity that already contains data (~ 10000 lines).

function mymodule_post_update_0011_field_conversion(array $sandbox) {
    $definition_update_manager = Drupal::entityDefinitionUpdateManager();
    $last_installed_schema_repository = Drupal::service('entity.last_installed_schema.repository');

    $entity_type = $definition_update_manager->getEntityType('my_entity_id');
    $field_storage_definitions = $last_installed_schema_repository->getLastInstalledFieldStorageDefinitions('my_entity_id');

    // Update field already existing in $field_storage_definitions
   // I also tried to create a new field, with the same outcome.
    $field_storage_definitions('order_vat') = BaseFieldDefinition::create('decimal')
      ->setLabel(t('Order VAT Rate'))
      ->setDescription(t('Order VAT Rate.'))
      ->setSettings(('precision' => 5, 'scale' => 2));

      ->updateFieldableEntityType($entity_type, $field_storage_definitions,$sandbox);

What ends with one DrupalCoreEntityEntityStorageException : Unsupported entity type

I tried using the same function to insert a new field into the entity, with the same error as the result.

Something is wrong with my attempt, and this can only be done manually in one post_update_hookto create a new field with the appropriate type, copy all values ​​from old to new, clear the old one and delete the old field?

This seems to be a lot of a simple operation that I could do in my case with a fairly simple SQL statement.

Last precision, this is a custom entity created from code only (ContentEntityBase), without revision (for now), which contents are manipulated only programmatically.

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