php – Change billing fullname with a custom field in Woocommerce emails

I using Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce to make 25 custom field.
I have problem billing_fullname not show in customer details but show in billing address.
So i have thinking about a solution that i create another Name custom field.

I will hide my Name custom field using css in the frontend but i wondering how can i copy value in the billing_fullname into my custom field billing_name in the backend

Beside how can i hide billing details in Emails

I try remove some code in admin-new-order.php
But when remove customer details remove too

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java – Passing object or using the field

I would like to know what is a more appropriate way to code in Java. Is it generally better to pass entire objects in the method’s parameters or just using the fields from the class?

  1. Using the field:
public class Dictionary {
    ArrayList<Definition> list;

    public Dictionary() {
        this.list = new ArrayList<Definition>();

    public void newEntry(String key, String value) {
        this.list.add(new Definition(key, value)); 
public class SampleTests {
    public void Tests()
        Dictionary d = new Dictionary();

        d.newEntry("Apple", "A fruit");
  1. Passing an object:
public class Dictionary {

    public Dictionary() {
        //this.list = new ArrayList<Definition>();

    public void newEntry(String key, String value, ArrayList<Definition> list) {
        list.add(new Definition(key, value)); //I'm using field from this class!
public class SampleTests {
    public void Tests()
        Dictionary d = new Dictionary();
        ArrayList<Definition> list = new ArrayList<>();

        d.newEntry("Apple", "A fruit", list);

I’ve checked this related question, but the guys’ answers do not help me much

sharepoint online – How to set field as hidden in list content type using API?

I need to set field as hidden (not visible on list form) using REST API. I don’t know how to setup command. I found location of this parameter in xml but I don’t know how to refer and update them, you can see on screenshots Hidden=”TRUE” in <d:Schemaxml> – by default it is “FALSE” – how to update it?




nt.number theory – Saturating the finite field analogue of the Babenko-Beckner inequality

My question is a follow-up to Abdelmalek Abdesselam’s recent post

What makes Gaussian distributions special? Local field version?

asking about various characterizations of (real-valued) Gaussian distributions which remain valid for other analogues of Gaussian distributions/functions (e.g. in the p-adic context). One interesting
characterization of this kind arises with Babenko-Beckner’s fine-tuning of the Hausdorff inequality (see–Beckner_inequality). For real numbers $s, t$ with ${1 over s} + {1 over t} = 1$ and $1 < s leq 2$ it is known that
the Fourier transform $f mapsto hat{f}$ maps $L^s(Bbb{R}^n)$
to $L^t(Bbb{R}^n)$ and satisfies the inequality

| hat{f} , |_t leq Big( s^{1 over s} , t^{-{1 over t}} Big)^{n over 2} , | f |_s quad
left( {scriptstyle begin{array}{l} text{Babenko}
\ text{Beckner} \ text{inequality} end{array}} right)

When $s = t = 2$ this inequality becomes an equality which is
valid for all $f in L^2(Bbb{R}^n)$. For $s < 2$ equality
is achieved if and only if $f$ is a Gaussian function.

My question concerns an analogue of this inequality
for finite fields: Let $q$ be a power of a prime $p$
and let $Bbb{F}_q$ be the finite field with $q$ elements.
Choose a non-square $delta in Bbb{F}_q$ and form the
quadratic extension $Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big)$.
We view elements of $Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big)$
as linear combinations of the form $z = x + sqrt{delta} y$
with $x, y in Bbb{F}_q$ subject to the usual rules of
addition and multiplication. Conjugation and norm are
expressed, respectively, as $bar{z} = x – sqrt{delta} y$
and $mathrm{N}(z)= x^2 – delta y^2$. Furthermore
define $mathrm{Tr}(z) := z + bar{z}$. Choose any non-trivial
additive character $psi: Bbb{F}_q longrightarrow Bbb{C}^*$
and define the $Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big)$-Fourier transform
$widehat{f}$ of a complex-valued function $f: Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big) longrightarrow Bbb{C}$ by

widehat{f}(z) :=
{1 over q} , sum_{w in Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big)} ,
f(w) , psi Big(-mathrm{Tr}(zw) Big)

If we endow the function space $Bbb{C}big( Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big) big)$ with the hermitian inner product

langle f , g rangle := {1 over q} , sum_{w in Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big)} ,
f(w) , overline{g(w)} end{equation}

then Plancherel holds, i.e. $| widehat{f} , |_2 = | f |_2$ and the Babenko-Beckner inequality should take the form

begin{equation} (dagger)
quad | widehat{f} , |_t leq |f , |_s

for any pair of real numbers $s,t$ with ${1 over s} + {1 over t} = 1$ and $1 < s leq 2$. This is a finite field rendering of a more general version of the Babenko-Beckner inequality that holds for
finite abelian groups (see for example As a side note, I would very keen to learn what shape this equality takes in the non-abelian setting.

For $s<2$ inequality is not strict. Indeed $(dagger)$ becomes
an equality for what I’ll call the
$Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big)$-Gaussian functions
defined by $G_x(z) := psi big( x, mathrm{N}(z) big)$
with $x in Bbb{F}_q$. This is because $G_x$is an eigenfunction of the $Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big)$-Fourier transform whose
eigenvalue will be a unit complex number; indeed the Fourier
transform is unitary!

Question: Within the range $1 < s < 2$
does inequality $(dagger)$ become an equality
if and only if $f(z) = c ,G_x(z-w)$ for some parameter $x in Bbb{F}_q$, some shift $w in Bbb{F}_qbig( sqrt{delta} big)$, and some overall scalar factor $c in Bbb{C}$?

thanks, ines.

commerce – How to add a field to an order that only the administrator can view/edit in the orders admin?

I am looking for help in reference to commerce 2, not commerce 1. The requirement is to add a field (select list) to the order admin area, not the customer order form. The administrator should be able to input via a select list some additional tracking on an existing order. However the requirement is to not use the STATE field/functionality. The requirement is also that this field should not be visible or editable by non-admins. I know how to add a field to the order through the order types > manage fields but that will create a field for the customer order form (and doesn’t even seem editable by admin). Anyone know how to accomplish this?

wp query – How to create loop of posts except post ID defined via ACF field

I am creating a custom news page with two columns –

1st column – featured post – using a ACF text field to add post ID to show, ie: 12345 – works fine.
2nd column – remaining news, showing all other news. works fine.

Question is – how do i exclude the featured post (ACF FIELD) in column 1, being shown in newsfeed on column 2.

Thank you,


php – Symfony / Doctrine field level permissions

How would you go about implementing field level permissions in Doctrine?

I want to achieve that whenever I get an entity from the database, the entity should be populated only with the properties that the current user has permission to access.

I’m not interested in solutions involving the controller layer / any controller logic. Also, just a simple general entity repository wouldn’t help, because a notable part of the db queries happen through Doctrine’s Query Builder.

Entity reference additional field

In D7 I have two new node type defined e.g. branch and leaf. The branch is a collection of leaves that I’m referring to using the entity_reference module. In the picture below the leaves are the nodes representing the colors. The leaves could be re-used in several branches.

Here is a picture of my collection enter image description here

I would like to add for each of the referenced leaves, two checkboxes to add some information about that leaf that is referenced in that branch. I have added on the picture manually the checkboxes. This is what I would like to achieve. Then, programmatically when I read the branch and all its leaves, I want to be able to retrieve the checkboxes value as well. Everything is working far, I just need to know how to add the leaves, so that at edit time when I edit a branch I can tick the checkboxes as needed.

How could I do that? If there is no module that exists, which hooks should I use for adding this fields to the referred leaf node in the branch?
I do not want to add new fields for the leaf node type, I need the new fields/chekboxes to be added to a branch for each leaf thus at the moment of referring to the leaf and for each leaf.

8 – How do I get field values in module.php?

I am new to Drupal 8 and I can’t find any information about how to do PHP logic operations with fields in a view.

I’ve found instructions on how to create a custom module with a custom field for views (in How to include PHP code in Drupal 8 Views), but I can’t find any example or instructions on how to get field values in my module.php to work with them.

For example this code returns nothing.

enter image description here

Please help.