Theming – Conditional display of suite fields

In D8, I'm trying to use Display Suite fields to create a twig field for outputting an anonymous user string. However, this snippet will also be displayed to logged in users.

{% if not logged in%}
… field content …
{% endif%}

I will also restrict more to user role than to "when logged in".

I tried to create a DS block field, but the rendered d field does not take into account the visibility settings of the custom d block.

Control Fields | Web Hosting Talk

What is the reluctance of the hosting industry to say goodbye !! free control panels !! Does that cost you nothing more than a few minutes or even seconds to keep you up to date?

They work better and use less resources than cpanel. There is Vesta, Zpanel, webmin, webmuzo, ajenti, Sendora. & You cost $ 0 dollars !!

jsom – CAML query, where the clause for checking all fields is the same value

Level1  |  Level2   |  Level2Status  | Level3
SPA1    |   SPA4    |    Yes         |  SPA6
SPA2    |   SPA5    |    Yes         |  SPA6
SPA3    |   SPA5    |    No          |  SPA6


The current query returns the rows SPA1 and SPA2.

I would like to add another WHERE clause so that the data is returned only if the same Level2 values ​​are Yes.

In this case, if all Level2Status for a given Level2 value (SPA5) is set to Yes, only this should return the data.

The desired output is therefore only the line SPA1.

What where I can add clause here ??

Attempt to read data from the SQL database and display it in text fields (syntax error)

First of all, I know that my coding methods are awful, but that's what I can do now, extremely novice on C #.

I'm trying to read data from SQL Server and display it in text boxes.
The user will write some data (and select from the cmbbox);

cmbIl.Text, cmbIlce.Text, cmbMahalle.Text, txtAda.Text, txtPafta.Text

and press the search key.

If this data matches the values ​​in the SQL database (true), some other data is collected and displayed below

txtTapuKodu.Text, txtPafta.Text, txtTapuAlani.Text, txtNitelik.Text,

But the following code gives this error:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: & # 39; Incorrect syntax near & # 39 ;, & 39; & # 39;

 private void btnSorgula_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string source = @"Data Source=YAGIZ-PC;Initial Catalog=imar_sorgu;Integrated Security=True";
            SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(source);

            string sqlSelectQuery = "SELECT * FROM tablo_arsa WHERE il = '" + cmbIl.Text + "', ilce = '" + cmbIlce.Text + "', mahalle = '" + cmbMahalle.Text + "', ada = '" + txtAda.Text + "', parsel = '" + txtParsel.Text + "'";

            /* string sqlSelectQuery2 = "SELECT * FROM tablo_arsa WHERE ilce ='" + cmbIlce.Text + "'";
            string sqlSelectQuery3 = "SELECT * FROM tablo_arsa WHERE mahalle ='" + cmbMahalle.Text + "'";
            string sqlSelectQuery4 = "SELECT * FROM tablo_arsa WHERE ada = " + txtAda.Text;
            string sqlSelectQuery5 = "SELECT * FROM tablo_arsa WHERE parsel = " + txtParsel.Text; */

            SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sqlSelectQuery, con);
            SqlDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();
            if (dr.Read())
                txtTapuKodu.Text = (dr("tapu_kodu").ToString());
                txtPafta.Text = (dr("pafta").ToString());
                txtTapuAlani.Text = (dr("tapu_alani").ToString());
                txtNitelik.Text = (dr("nitelik").ToString());
                rtxtImarDurumu.Text = (dr("imar_durumu").ToString());

                MessageBox.Show("İstek başarıyla okundu.");


                MessageBox.Show("Okuma başarısız.");

View a table based on data from a custom content type with custom fields

I've created a new content type called Casinos with the following custom fields:

Bonus Offer
Aff Link
Casino logo

I have created 10 "Casino" type posts containing information about each casino. I would now like to display a table with these details on my homepage, so that the table is always generated from this data, whatever I do with these 10 casinos regarding future changes.

I can not even find a plugin to do this or any information. Does anyone know where I would start with this or a custom code mission?

An example, as I would like to see this on the frontend, is here:

Enter image description here

8 – Type specific fields for different categories of content types

I have a contract content type on my Drupal 8 site and I want to use the same content type for several different contract types.

95% of the fields are the same for all types (contact information, prices, etc.), but there are some fields that are specific to a contract type.

I just wanted to do this by using a contract type field and then using form changes, etc., to hide / clear fields and, if necessary, set other fields.

I am sure there is a much better way to do this. What would be the best approach here?

Reference Request – The self-duality of non-Archimedean local fields

The following question has already been asked by the OP at Due to a lack of feedback, the OP was forced to ask the same question in the hope of getting better feedback.

To let $ K $ to be a non-Archimedean local field. His additive group $ K ^ + $ is a locally compact abelian Hausdorff group. My question is this:

is $ K ^ + $ isomorphic to its pontryagin dual $ forbid {K ^ +} $ as a topological group?


1) Fix a nontrivial unitary character $ psi: K ^ + rightarrow mathbb {C} ^ { times} $, For each $ a in K $, the map $ a psi: K ^ + rightarrow mathbb {C} ^ { times}, ; x mapsto psi (ax) $ is a unified character of $ K ^ + $and the card $ a mapsto a psi $ is an isomorphism of abstract groups $ K ^ + $ on to $ forbid {K ^ +} $ (see e.g. (1, Section 1.17 Prop.)). Unfortunately, the argument in (1, Section 1.17 Prop.) Does not prove (as far as I can see) that the previous map is a homeomorphism.

2) Leave $ p in mathbb {N} $ be the feature of the residual field of $ K $, It is known that as a topological field, $ K $ is either isomorphic to a finite extent $ mathbb {Q} _p $ or to an area of ​​the formal Laurent series $ mathbb {F} _q ((t)) $ from where $ q $ is a power of $ p $, Since the additive group of $ mathbb {Q} _p $ It is known that it is (as a topological group) isomorphic to its pontryagin – dual (cf. e.g. In the introductory paragraphs in (2), the question can be reduced to the case in which $ K = mathbb {F} _q ((t)) $, But I can not find clues or arguments that indicate a positive answer.

Thank you in advance.


(1) C.J. BUSHNELL AND G. HENNIART, The local Langlands conjecture for GL (2), Springer, 2006.

(2) L. CORWIN, Some remarks on locally compact abelian groups that double themselves, Trans. Amer. Mathematics. Soc. 148 (1970), 613? 622nd

html – How do you align input fields vertically in an Angle dialog box?

I have a dialog box, and I have two input boxes in the dialog along with the Cancel and Send buttons. This is what my box looks like:


The input fields are horizontally side by side, and I really want them to be stacked vertically.

Clicking on this button opens my modal popups:


This is my modal template html:




In my component,

constructor(private matDialog:MatDialog){}

  openModal(templateRef: TemplateRef){
      width: '400px',

8 – Regular expression in the Drupal module Conditional fields do not store any values

I use Conditional Fields 8.x-1.0-alpha4.

Is there a problem with conditional fields that use regular expressions? The values ​​become invalid after saving the node. My control panel is a list type with multiple values: 1,2,3,4. The conditional field is a picklist, and the regular expression looks like this: ^ (2 | 3 | 4) $.

I use Conditional Fields 8.x-1.0-alpha4