PHPLIST – Pass variables through wildcards to link to the PHP file


I'm using phplist and need to send a newsletter asking you to click yes or no. I need to forward the e-mail to register in db, but to forward the e-mail, it must be via a URL or a form. Phplist always encrypts the URL or code with a click of the button to count statistics …

Therefore, I can not pass the email variable to the PHP file where I have the code for the DB.

Can someone help me?
Thank you very much

SQL Server – SSMS – OpenRowset maximum file size

Sorry, if this was answered elsewhere, but I found nothing here or online.

Does openrowset have a file size limit? I'm trying to write a stored procedure that partially checks for certain characters in the file, and if they exist, I'll have to jump to the next section of the stored procedure. So far, I've just pasted the entire file into a single-column table and then did the following:


It is reliable, but very slow in handling large files (sometimes over 10GB). I think the following query would be faster for large files

select @FILE = BULKCOLUMN from (
select * from openrowset(BULK N'filpath', single_clob) (a)


But as I said, bulk insert is reliable and I would hate risking that the file will be truncated if OPENROWSET is used, if there is any kind of file size restriction.

Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.

Change the error message about the maximum upload file size

I want to change the default error message for the maximum upload file size, but I can not find the configuration.
I looked at the general Webform settings, custom settings, and media file settings, but found nothing about them. In forum questions it is only about the configuration of the maximum file size, not about the adjustment of the error message.

Can someone help me?

File Upload – Reads only one line from a txt file in c ++

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How do I unlock the file Keyboard-en.plist on a MacBook with macOS Catalina?

File path:

/System/Library/Input Methods/  

After disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP) in macOS Catalina, the Keyboard-en.plist File remains locked. Each time I deactivate the check mark in the "Locked" menu in the title bar of the opened file, the following message appears:

"You don't have permissions to unlock the file "Keyboard-en.plist." You can duplicate this document and edit the duplicate.

My goal is to unlock the original Keyboard-en.plist File so that I can edit text in the file or unlock the original file so I can replace it with a duplicate file of edited text.

DropMega.Com File Sharing & Video Streaming Super | Proxies-free

drop Mega

Hello WJ User

I want to introduce Beta drop Mega File Sharing and Video Hosting site, where you can share your files or stream your videos online to any device.
We do not have PPD, but we only have 1 pop-up ad in the video stream

  • Maximum upload file size : 30 GB / free users -100 GB / Premium
  • storage room : Unlimited / free Unlimited / Premium
  • Video streaming : we convert file to mp4 720
  • download volume : Unlimited
  • Remote URL upload : Youtube, verystream,, openload, streamango, streamcherry and all website supported by youtube-dl
  • Download-Accelerators support : Yes
  • Downloads will continue : Yes
  • No delay in downloading : Yes
  • No downloads Captcha : No
  • No advertising : 1 Pop-up / Free User – No / Premium
  • When will your files be deleted? 100 / users – never / premium
  • Maximum stream speed : 2 MB / s

Example of a video stream:
mp3 audio:
zip file:
show pictures

magento2 file exists, but 404 for jquery-ui- only one file

I have updated Magento 2.3.2 from 2.3.0. And get this error in the admin panel.
GET https:///pub/static/adminhtml/Magento/backend/nl_NL/jquery/jquery-ui-1.9.2.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found),
I have already tried it:

sudo php bin / magento setup: upgrade
sudo php bin / magento setup: di: compile
php bin / magento setup: static content: deploy -f
php bin / magento setup: static content: deploy -f –theme Magento / backend
sudo php bin / magento cache: clean
sudo chmod -R 0777 pub var generated

Folder files and other files in the same folder work. Same file permissions and user groups.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Network – Setting up file server / backup for a small organization

I was hired to set up a file sharing / backup solution for a small organization with up to three Windows boxes. Although I am reasonably well-versed in the networking of things, it is not really my area of ​​expertise and the effort here is entirely voluntary.

Since I've tried sorting out the options, I've listed the following issues that need fixing:

  1. Eliminate Google Drive and ad hoc drive mappings as the primary method of sharing internal document files
  2. Provide a backup solution
  3. Make sure that the solution is scalable for some vaguely defined potential future requirements (eg, local media streaming).

Since I can not predict what future requirements will be required, I add number 3 only because I do not want to commit to a solution that supports numbers 1 and 2, but otherwise is not scalable (so the hardware has to be replaced ).

Nevertheless, I have looked through a few solutions myself. My first thought was to set up an Ubuntu file server on a NUC or something similar. However, this does not really solve the backup problem.

Second, a NAS was used. Certainly easier to handle than to build a file server. Also, some come with software for backing up Windows computers. However, the problem remains that there is no separate backup for the file server part.

So I can do both – a separate NUC file server and a NAS to back up all the data on the network. That seems to me the cheapest and simplest solution. The NUC would certainly provide enough power to act as a file or media server – maybe even both in a virtual configuration.

Seriously, a Pi 4 with external memory would be a big improvement – there's nothing terribly complex to deal with. I usually only try to review my thinking process.

Can I stop Lightroom from creating a TIFF file when exporting to Photoshop?

Whenever you choose to edit with Photoshop and the ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) versions do not match, you'll have the option "Render with Lightroom" or "Open anyway." First, upgrade to Lightroom and Photoshop and download the latest version of ACR for both. Once synced, photoshop editing should be seamless.

If, for some reason, you can not get synchronized versions of ACR for both applications, there are still some options available. The first option is "Open anyway," which will open the RAW image in Photoshop as it is. Often the differences in ACR engines are small and apply only to certain image formats. The ACR version check does not check if the differences in the versions actually affect the RAW format for your particular camera, but only displays the warning.

If you experience significant differences in appearance compared to Lightroom when opening in Photoshop, you can try to manually select the RAW processing engine in Lightroom first. In development mode, you can select the process in the Camera Calibration section. You can try the 2003 process if you are using an older version of Photoshop instead of the 2010 version. This will only really help you if your version of Photoshop / ACR is quite old.

If all this leads to unwanted results, your only real option is to render with Lightroom, which will create the current snapshot and create a TIFF file from it.

After all, you might try to invest in a blur burner. I have a 4TB NetGear ReadyNAS NVX on my network where I can back up all my content. In general, however, it is not advisable to use a NAS RAID device as the sole backup. I regularly burn archive photos onto 25 GB Blu-ray discs and store them in a multi-page DVD case. I also try to create and print an index card that belongs to each CD and identifies the photo sets that are burned on it. The archiving life of bluray is more stable and usually longer than with a network backup device. However, it is recommended to rewrite the content to new media every few years to ensure a long life.