Dear Moderator, I propose to prohibit representative file-sharing service for disrespect

Dear Moderator, I suggest blocking the representative file-sharing service for disregard
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Dear participants of this forum, at the moment maxspace behaves like a pig!
Dear Moderator, I propose to ban representatives of this file-sharing service for disregard! – Ultimate Filesharing Experience – PPD / PPS / Mixed | Proxies-free

We are pleased to announce our relaunch.

Since late November 2013, RadicalShare has been providing cloud storage and affiliate programs to many satisfied customers and partners. We guarantee a stable quality service, tons of unique selling points, timely payments, satisfied downloaders and uploaders, best revenue and great, dedicated support!

We reward you

  • 60% of the sale of each valid initial order
  • 60% of the sale of all rebills!
  • You get 5% of every person you call us!
  • 7% of all sales from your website!

Download speed at PPS: 55 kb / s
1 file every 2 hours



Download speed at mixed: 110 kb / s
1 file every hour
No waiting between downloads!



Download speed with PPD: 300kb / s
No waiting between downloads!

General rules

  • Payments are made with: Paypal (2% fee), Skrill (2% fee), Bank transfer (5% fee, minimum amount 150 €), Bitcoin (5% fee)
  • Payments are completed within 14 business days.
  • We check every sale and traffic before we pay off. Fraud leads to a permanent ban.
  • Your uploads must comply with our Terms of Use.
  • Chargebacks and refunds are deducted from the account balance.
  • Spaming links via e-mail or messanger are strictly prohibited
  • FTP, remote, zoom and browser upload
  • Minimum payment: 10, – EUR for PPD, 20, – € for mixed, 30, – € for PPS
  • We count only completed downloads and 1 IP every 24 hours.
  • Adult content is allowed

Sales & Rebills

All sales and replications are very accurate and are counted

  • 60% of all sales and 60% of all rebills are activated for all payment methods
  • Secure transactions
  • Very low percentage of rejected transactions
  • Many payment methods
  • Statistical site
  • Turn off the 1-day premium

References and webmasters

All plans include Webmaster Sales 7% and Referral 5%.
Website owners receive special rates. Contact us. Many banners available.


Skype: Radical release support
E-mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 131534