google sheets – Using a query and tick boxes to auto fill another tab

Please use the following query formula:

=QUERY('R&MCollections'!J1:Q," SELECT * WHERE P = TRUE ")

(you can change ranges to your needs)

Normally, when referring to text, the WHERE clause should be wrapped with single quotes ' '
But, when the clause depends on a Tick box, we MUST NOT use the single quotes.

As an example:
If one would look for John the WHERE clause should be WHERE P = 'John'

Functions used:

Google-sheets Auto fill another tab

I’m new to this and I’m racking my brains over how to get this to work, I can do basic IF & V lookup but I believe I need the merge the 2 for this one.

Is there a formula I can use on the “NLN” tab that will drag across all the data from the “R&MCollections” tab once the Tick-box on column P is True?

rsync two remote servers causing local servers disk to fill

I am currently syncing from two remote servers using:

rsync -a remote1 remote2

The problem I have is remote1 connection is better than remote2 so files seem to be downloading and storing locally causing disk space to fill up and cancel the process.

How could I go about avoiding this problem? (syncing from remote 1 > 2 or vice versa is not an option)

Google Sheets – Fill filter function more than once based on conditions

A somewhat strange request, but I'm trying to use Google Sheets' filtering feature to filter data in one tab based on criteria in another.

I have 2 different dishes called A&B that have the same list of ingredients x, y, z, …
In each dish we have different products A_2 & A_1. I want the filter to populate the same list of ingredients for A_2 and A_1 twice. An example table can be found here:

It's not an option to populate the Ingredients List tab by product type, not by dish type, since we have a lot of dishes, so multiple product entries are added.
Maybe there is a way to count? e.g. If count = 2, return all ingredients twice

I hope that makes sense thanks!

Ease of use – Fill out the form by viewing the document in the same interface

What could be the best user interface if we had to provide a user with a single user interface where the user could view the document uploaded to the backend and fill out the form by showing the details available in the documents.

You will also learn how to highlight at each field level whether some fields have already been checked, failed, or are on hold, and provide the summary view.


  • Survey form
  • Document view
  • Status at field level
  • List of pending actions

Basic wire model:

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