Should I fill out the US TOURIST VISA FORM separately?

My mother and I are planning to apply for a US tourist visa (B1 / B2) and my mother will pay for our trip. My question is: Do I have to fill out the DS160 form separately? She filled out the form and put my name in the attendant. Now I'm just confused, whether I should fill out the form separately or not. Thanks for the help in advance! God speed!

Forms – Why do radio buttons not fill the entire outer circle?

This is a nice article about the history of radio buttons:

As stated in the article:

Radio buttons are named after the actual buttons used in old radios to switch between radio waves and sometimes preset frequencies. When a key was pressed, all the other keys jumped out.

So it was a skeuomorphic reason.

I believe that a completed radio button would confuse users based on the "system-real world" principle. It says that:

Interfaces that follow real conventions and display information in a natural and logical order show empathy and appreciation to users.

Users are used to option buttons in this format. So if you have a really good reason to change that, you should use the default.

Fill in automatically – Write list to list to promote next element

I have an InfoPath form that automatically populates items from another list. Information pulls into shape, but I have two problems. The one I want to solve first is the status. Initially, the list that pulls the form has a status blank. I want the form to write back to the list, update the state, and push the next empty element to work. Any ideas???

The second problem is the automatic occupation of problems. I would like to fill in the article ID first and then the issue ID automatically. However, an article ID can contain up to 6 IDs, which may need a different status.

New to the tools guys. Thank you for any help.

magento 1.9 – Custom Bulk Fill Script for Customers

I've installed an extension that separates normal person information from company information.

The Taxvat field is still used by ordinary people, but companies must fill in a new field and indicate that the customer is a company.

The problem is: ok for new users, no problem, but old companies have problems because the new extension says the "Taxvat" number is wrong. That's right, because the Taxvat number format varies between people and companies.

I have moved all the information from Taxvat to this new field, but I still have to specify that these customers are companies by filling a field called "tipopessoa".

My question is: Is there a way to create a script for it?

I need all customers who have the pattern 0001 in the CNPJ field to have filled the field Tipopessoa with "Jurídica".

Automatically fill search fields in Infopath List Form 2013

Environment: SharePoint 2013
Application: Infopath List Form 2013
We have a list (Suppose ListA) with different search columns from different lists, and we connect a list (ListA) as a data connection to the infopath list.
And we'll need an autofill if Dropdown is selected in Infopath List Form (if Dropdown is selected, the search box values ​​must be set accordingly).
Please help us to fulfill the requirement.
Thank you in advance.

Fill in an empty list. Best webhosting!

Hello everybody,

Do you need your expert advice / suggestions?

I know, this is a repeatable question, over and over, and you get bored of reading the same questions over and over again. I'm sorry, people

When I decided to buy a web host, I did a really deep search for almost two weeks. This is my girlfriend, who spends all my time working all my time looking for the right company to choose!
It is not easy for me to choose a webhosting …
Usually, everyone does the same thing, I think, so as not to be cheated, to deal with bad web hosts and / or not to offer you the services that you think are likely.

So basically … start from the beginning!
First I created an empty list (which is still empty) ) of BEST web hosting companies to compare and choose which one is best for my needs.

When I start searching, I end up with a whole bunch of review pages:
…. endless list

The strangest thing I noticed is that all of these review sites check "THE SAME" web hosting companies. WTF?

That really makes me confused and complicated; There are millions of good, trusted web hosting companies that are not available for business, and better than those worn lists like (2slick, A2Hosting, Inmotion, Ionos, DomainHost, GoDaddy, PowWeb, Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Hostinger). … etc)
Personally, I have no problems at all with these web hosts, but I keep thinking. Why do most reviewers "if not all" always stay on the same list?

I understand that some of the non-commercial reviewers are doing their best and spending time and money on testing to get the end result in terms of service, security, speed, support, pricing, storage space, uptime, and so on.
Not all EIG brands are the same and I am unable to be with or against the reviewers, neither at EIG nor at numerous hosting companies …

I knew something was wrong, and I get a headache when I fill up my empty list to compare myself!

Then I decided to look for a forum where real people can share and exchange ideas based on personal experiences, knowledge and views "without advertising".

I've been browsing for a few days, but it was not profound yet, but I found these answers:

Quote Quote by JayNL
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Stop using these poor hosts. Stop using it now. Do not fall for the "referrals" on the woo page as they are Bullcrap recommendations that bring money to Woo.

Go with a good host like knownhost or HostXNow. great experience with both.

Quote Quote by asgard
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– Do not know WebAir.
– Avoid TMDHosting – they have tried to cheat me and pay double the extension fee. They insisted, even though I have proved that I have confirmed my statements.
– Avoid HostGator (and all EIG brands) like Bubble Blast, they are the Cesspit at the bottom of the hosting world.

Quote Quote by AdelinaHost
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If you are a risky type, try using EIG brands.)))

Quote Quote by WPCYCLE
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+1 to avoid the EIG screen. In your list, refer to these websites (…national_Group) and remove all entries listed on your list in the wiki. Wiki is not absolute, but the usual suspects are confirmed in their possession.

That's why I avoid EIG hosting, but the question is where to start.

I suppose to get the right answers from you? To help out the best companies, fill my list and make a comparison

I already have domains that I can use, so I need web hosting for multiple domains to run 3+ websites for my website small local business and others are for personally Like websites blog, Share informationmy designs and such things ….

Do I have to buy separate packages for each domain with my own logins and FTP? I think that Gona cost me more money? is not
Or can I use a web host to run multiple separate cpanles / websites / domains?

I would like to receive ideas, advice and suggestions.
Many Thanks!

7 – Translating a taxonomy term does not fill content into fields

When translating a node into another language, all fields are automatically filled with the contents of the source node.

For taxonomy conditions, an empty form is loaded (as if you were adding a new term).

Is there a way to duplicate the behavior of the node translation? We have taxonomy conditions with significant amounts of images and custom data.

python – Fill plot area without basemap


I am having trouble planning a map with the basemap.

I use the following code:

cMap = c.ListedColormap (['white'])
cMap.set_bad (color = & # 39; red & # 39;)
x, y = [to_np(lons), to_np(lats)]

fig = plt.figure (figsize = (8,5))
ax = fig.gca ()
m = base map (llcrnrlon = -30, llcrnrlat = 30, urrnrlon = 30, urcrnrlat = 70).
Projection = "Zyl", resolution = "L")
m.drawmapboundary ()
m.drawcoastlines (color = & # 39; black & # 39 ;, line width = 0.4)
m.drawings (color = & # 39; black & # 39 ;, line width = 0.4)
m.drawcountries (line width = 0.4)
m.Drawmeridians ((np.arange (x.min (), x.max (), 5)), labels = 
[0,0,0,1], Font size = 8, line width = 0.5)
m.Assets ((np.range (y.min (), y.max (), 5)), labels = 
[1,0,0,0], Font size = 8, line width = 0.5)

mapash = m.pcolormesh (x, y, v_masked)[0,:,:], cmap = cMap)

Which produces the following graphic:

Insert here the description of the picture

Instead of displaying the area I need in red (as shown on this map), I would like to know if I just need to draw the red outline without fills in the middle

Does anyone know how this works?

Javascript – Fill in the radio input with data from the database

When I query the form, the input radio filled with the data of the database is returned.

Insert here the description of the picture

However, when I click on the "Edit" button, the filled input radio changes and should not, because it does not fill up according to the data in the database, as I show in the image:

Insert here the description of the picture


    $ (document) .on (& # 39; click & # 39 ;, & # 39; eded_data6 & # 39;), function () {
var employee_id6 = $ (this) .attr ("Id");
$ .ajax ({
URL: "./fetch26",
Method: "POST",
Date: {employee_id6: employee_id6},
Data type: "Json",
Success: Function (Data) {

$ (& # 39; # data6 & # 39;). val (data.data6);
$ (& # 39; # Contributor6 & # 39;). Val (data.Colador6);
$ (& # 39; # Observation6 & # 39;). Val (data.Observation6);
$ (# State1 #) .prop ("checked", data.Estado);
$ (# # Conclusion & # 39;). Val (Date Conclusion);
$ (& # 39; # employee_id6 & # 39;). val (data.Id6);
$ (# Insert6 #). val ("Save");
$ (# ExampleModal6 #). modal (& # 39; show & # 39;);

$ (# Insert_form6). on ("submit", function (event) {
event.preventDefault ();
if ($ (# contributor6). val () == "")
alert ("Employee is required");
$ .ajax ({
url: ".connection26",
Method: "POST",
Date: $ (# insert_form6 #). serialize ()
beforeSend: function () {

$ (# Insert6 #). val ("insert");

Success: Function (Data) {

$ (& # 39; # insert_form6 & # 39;[0].reset ();
$ (# ExampleModal6 #). modal (& # 39; hide & # 39;);
$ (& # 39; # employee_table & # 39;). html (data);
location.reload ("exampleModal6");


<input type = "date" name = "data6" id = "data6" value = "">
Pending & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Completed