Do you need help to find a short domain name?

Do you need help to find a short domain name? Web Hosting Talk

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  1. * * Do you need help to find a short domain name?

    Need help finding a short and good name for the social networking site?

  2. There are a number of websites that generate and suggest domain names, search for them on Google and try to generate a domain name with the keywords you want. should help you.

  3. Thanks for the answer . I'll do it for sure.

  4. Try namestation dot com, which helps you generate social network site names, and then search for popular domain names in popular registrars like godaddy, enom, etc.

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Performance – C # code to find all divisors of an integer

I did this so that I could feed it with integers and return an array with all the divisors of that integer. I check if the integer is less than 2. The order of the integers in the array must be small to large. The code works. I have to optimize this code so that it is as fast as possible. At the moment I get about 40 ms on an online IDE against the given test. I have to reduce that as much as possible.

using System.Collections.Generic;

public class Divisors
    public static bool IsPrime(int n)
        if (n == 2) return true;
        if (n % 2 == 0) return false;

        for (int x = 3; x * x <= n; x += 2)
            if (n % x == 0)
                return false;

        return true;

    public static int() GetDivisors(int n)
        List divisors = new List();

        if (n < 2)
            return null;
        else if (IsPrime(n))
            return null;
            for (int i = 2; i < n; i++)
                if (n % i == 0)

        return divisors.ToArray();
namespace Solution 
  using NUnit.Framework;
  using System;

  public class SolutionTest
    public void SampleTest()
      Assert.AreEqual(new int() {3, 5}, Divisors.Divisors(15));
      Assert.AreEqual(new int() {2, 4, 8}, Divisors.Divisors(16));
      Assert.AreEqual(new int() {11, 23}, Divisors.Divisors(253));
      Assert.AreEqual(new int() {2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12}, Divisors.Divisors(24));

GM techniques – How do I play masks to find out what's changing instead of figuring out what's going on?

Many Powered by the Apocalypse games make an agenda item to play with to find out what happens by discarding the notions of "This will be my bow and a certain scene will be made of it" and look at the unexpected for maximum fun and excitement to achieve.

Masks: a new generation has a particularly different phrase: "play to find out what changes", and the long description tells me many things that are more like "play to find out what happens" with a new coat of paint.

They don't know exactly what will happen in the course of the game. You don't know who the PCs will be. They don't know how they will change the city. That's why you play primarily – because you're excited to find out! MASKS is a game about change, about growing up young people, about reacting and reshaping the city in response to the people in it. Don't plan for a single course of events to come true – just plan to push and nudge the characters and setting to see what could become of them.

What is the key to understanding this agenda item and how can I best fulfill it without relying too heavily on a? Dungeon World Background (as a GM and as a player)?

Integration – Is there a way to find "polynomrational functions" with turning points in their graphs?

For example, if the derivative of $ f (x) $ is$$ f & (39) (x) = frac {(x-1) ^ 2 (x-3)} {(x-2)} $$
then $ f (x) $ has a turning point at $ x = 1 $,

But $ f (x) $ is not a polynomial rational!

Is there a way to determine which antiderivatives are polynomial relations?

Find common elements in arrays

My goal is to get a list of relatives setnteceIds repeated in the order of most.

In my database I have strains (words):

|  Stem   |   SentenceId    |
| Hello   | (2,46,62)       |
| Good    | (1,123,45)      |
| Morning | (23,2436,12312) |

My steps:

  1. Take all SatzIds

    (6, 86),(6),(4),(3, 86),(...)
  2. Create a blank object and increase its value each time I see a number (or set it to 1 if it hasn't been seen before).

     {2: 1, 3: 4, 4: 1, 6: 11, 85: 1, 86: 5, 87: 1, 89: 1}

  3. Sort the object by the attribute and assign it to a relevant array.

     ("6", "86", "3", "89", "87", "85", "4", "2")

Full code:

getAllStatementIdFromStem = async (stems: string()) => {
    const ids: { (key: number): number } = {};
    await this.getBulkStem(stems).toArray((stems: Stem()) =>{ statements }) =>
        statements.forEach((statementId: number) => {
          typeof ids(statementId) === "undefined"
            ? (ids(statementId) = 1)
            : ids(statementId)++;
    return Object.entries(ids)
      .sort((a, b) => a(1) - b(1))
      .map(x => x(0));

Could I do something more effective? I feel like I'm taking too many extra steps.

How do I find old brokers?

I am looking for forex brokers and only want to work with companies that are old and established as this is the safest. However, it is difficult to verify this in a certain way. So is there someone who has a suggestion for this? In particular, I need a broker with ASIC regulation. please help

SQL / FireBird How to find rows that are not in a list

Example: I have a table in the bank with data from 1 to 5, but a line may be missing between these numbers, e.g. For example, lines 1, 2, 3, and 5 and 4 are missing, how can I run an SQL command to spring back the 4? that would be the line missing in the order, obg.

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