c # – & # 39; object & # 39; does not contain a definition for & # 39; toint64 & # 39; and could not find an extension method – toint64 – & # 39; Find

& # 39; object & # 39; does not contain a definition for & # 39; toint64 & # 39; and could not find an accessible extension method – toint64 & # 39; find an argument of type & # 39; object & # 39; accepted (is an assembly reference or directive missing?)

            if (selectedcheat == "Bed Ware CSGO")
            var injector = new ManualMapInjector(target) { AsyncInjection = true };
            string boom = $"hmodule = 0x{injector.Inject(Howling_LoaderV3.Properties.Resources.bedware).ToInt64():x8}"; // put your cheat in  Resources 

        if (selectedcheat == "")
            Error.CstmError.Show("No Program selected");


5.0 lollipop – How do I find the sim slot based on the entered phone number?

In my app, the user enters his / her phone number. Each time the user receives an incoming or missed call, or makes an outgoing call, he wants to trigger an automatic answer with the same number. I'm trying to get the sim slot index, so if the user enters his mobile number, the associated slot index will be used in an integer variable used instead of the parameter (Sim-ID) below the code.


 public static boolean sendSMS(Context ctx, int Sim_Id, String toNum, String centerNum, String smsText,
   PendingIntent sentIntent, PendingIntent deliveryIntent) {


Method method = Class.forName("android.telephony.SubscriptionManager").getDeclaredMethod("getSubId", int.class);

            Method method = Class.forName("android.telephony.SubscriptionManager").getDeclaredMethod("getSubId", String.class);

            int simID = 1;
             while simID is the slot number of your second simCard

            String inst = (String) method.invoke(null, centerNum);
           SmsManager smsMan = SmsManager.getSmsManagerForSubscriptionId(Integer.valueOf (inst));
           smsMan.sendTextMessage(toNum, null, smsText, null, null);

            int() param = (int()) method.invoke(null, new Integer (Sim_Id));
            int inst =  param(0);

SmsManager smsMan = SmsManager.getSmsManagerForSubscriptionId(inst);
            smsMan.sendTextMessage(toNum, null, smsText, null, null);

Find values ​​of $ k $, $ l $ and $ m $ so that the following equation is true

I'm trying to find the (numerical) subset of $ (k, l, m) in (- pi, pi) times (- pi, pi) times (- pi, pi) $
where the next expression is valid
tan Bigl (
frac {k + l + m} {2}
frac { sin k + sin l + sin m} { cos k + cos l + cos m}.

If I fix it $ k $ I am able to ContourPlotto
Get a series of curves that show where the previous one
Expression is satisfied. However, I do not want to get one
Curve but the values ​​of $ l $ and $ m $,

Note that with NSolve "This system can not be solved
to solve with the methods available. ". NMinimize only gives
a point on the curve.

Browser Keywords / Formats I Can Search To Find The Lost Chrome / Opera Recent Tabs File?

The situation: Some time ago I used chrome and slowly switched to the opera to surf the internet. Chrome then refreshed, deleting all the tabs I normally used, and could not be restored because the previous session was empty. The problem was exacerbated when, several weeks later, my computer crashed several times in quick succession and also wiped out the opera session because my computer crashed in the middle of the opera and restored the tabs.

I've used photorec to restore deleted files and save them to an external hard drive, hoping to find the tabs I've lost, but I'm not sure I've done it correctly since the first one with "syntax error, inter" and the second is pretty fast over in my (admittedly inexperienced) eyes.

Before I continue to use my computer, I want to search and see if I can find the tabs. However, Photorec has also reclaimed many other txt files, so I do not know if they are there or not. Is there a specific syntax that allows me to search for lost sessions in Chrome and Opera?

Find the condition for one-to-one

Let g from R to R be a differentiable function such that | g & # 39; (x) | <= M belongs to R for all x. For which values ​​of & # 39; a & # 39 ;, the function f (x) = x + ag (x) will necessarily be one to one?
I started when g & # 39; is limited. G is steadily steady. Therefore, f is continuous. Now I have tried to use the result: If a continuous function is monotonic, then it is one. But I did not draw any conclusion. What was my fault? What is the right way?

Arrays – Find a pair with maximum appeal

Find a couple with maximum vocation value.

Input: Array
Output: Index {i, j} (i = j allowed) with maximum attractiveness
Vocation = A (i) + A (j) + abs (i-j)

Example 1:

Input: (1, 3, -1)
Issue: (1, 1)
Explanation: Vocation = A (1) + A (1) + abs (0) = 3 + 3 + 0 = 6

Example 2:

Input: (1, 6, 1, 1, 1, 1, 7)
Issue: (1, 6)
Explanation 6 + 7 + abs (1 – 6) = 18

Example 3:

Input: (6, 2, 7, 4, 4, 1, 6)
Edition: (0, 6)
Explanation: 6 + 6 + abs (0 – 6) = 18

I'm not sure how to tackle this problem. I've tried the 2-pointer approach as follows and it seems to work in some cases, but I lack a basic intuition about it

public static int() maximumAppeal(int() A) {
    int left = 0;
    int right = A.length - 1;
    int max = 0;
    int() r = {-1,-1};
    while (left <= right) {
        int sum = A(left) + A(right) + Math.abs(left - right);
        if (A(left) <= A(right)) {
            if (sum > max) {
                max =sum;
                r(0) = left;
                r(1) = right;
        } else {
            if (sum > max) {
                max = sum;
                r(0) = left;
                r(1) = right;
    return r;

google play store – Could not install an app – how do I find out what blocked the installation?

I was previously unable to update / install apps with Play Store, F-Droid, or Play Store in my workspace, even though I had 500MB free on my phone (Pixel XL with Android 9.0).

I have 2 theories about why this happened, and I want to find out more low-level information to try to find out why it finally happened. I think that has happened before.

Theory 1 is that the flash memory on the device is set to wear and some of it has become unusable because it has been written too many times and is "dead" but for some reason Android or possibly the underlying Linux kernel, continues to report the unusable blocks as "free space". So, even though it looked like I had 500 MB free, I really had less.

Theory 2 says that in my work partition, the Play Store unnoticed prevents installation on my personal partition until it finds "its way" and installs the updates it wants to install. (In this case, it is very unlikely that this is intentional.) In the conditions that I signed when creating a working partition, I did not warn against it, which in my memory does not explain why even 500 MB are free to install a relatively small update.)

As I freed up more disk space (by uninstalling 2 apps in my workspace), Play Store was able to update all 5 apps in my workspace to be updated when I manually clicked "Update." Then F-Droid was able to update the apps again. So it looks like I'm good for now … Oh, wait, I spoke too early, it happens again.

The two work apps that were uninstalled were then automatically transferred to my device and reinstalled, which leaves me in doubt about the theory that it is lack of space / unusable space (theory 1).

I uninstalled it once againAnd now I can install apps again … for now.

Can I get additional information about using adb or similar?

I already tried it df in termux and it shows me nothing useful – only the free space of a partition changes. I've been reading the text wall of previous solutions, but they either seem irrelevant or make no sense to me.

ordinary differential equations – How do I find the Lyapunov function?

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