Hosting – alternative to the Firebase SDK as it was written down to NPM

I'm not sure if this is the most relevant post, but I have a problem with a Firebase SDK being written to NPM. I used the Firebase Storage SDK to retrieve images from a storage bucket on Firebase, but have since found that the Storage SDK was written to NPM. It's recommended to use Google Cloud instead, but it's a paid service and no free option is available. – – this question explains it perfectly.

Does anyone know if there is a way to work around this issue and not have to pay for the Firebase Storage SDK or an alternative to Firebase that I can use instead?

How do I create a Firebase app for a client?

When I create a Firebase web app for a customer, I want them to be billed for usage fees. I should also be able to essentially hand over the final product, give them full access, and remove my access if I do not continue support.

So is it the right workflow if the client creates the Firebase app and adds me and removes me when it's done, or is there another recommended workflow?

flutter – How do I send information to Firebase?

I want to create a function to send the information to Firebase when the user accesses the page. When he accesses the page, the "Users" collection is created in Firebase. However, if you access the page, do not create the collection. What could be wrong?

class ContactScreen extends StatefulWidget {
   final DocumentSnapshot snapshot;

   FirebaseUser _currentUser;

   ContactScreen(this.snapshot, this._currentUser);

  _ContacScreentState createState() => _ContacScreentState();

class _ContacScreentState extends State {

  Future addData() async {
    FirebaseUser firebaseUser = await FirebaseAuth.instance.currentUser();
     if (widget._currentUser != null) return widget._currentUser;
           {'name': widget._currentUser.displayName,
             'photo': widget._currentUser.photoUrl,
             'uid' : widget._currentUser.uid});


Applications – Get nested data from the Firebase Cloud Firestore

I'm using Cloud Firestore for an Android app, but I don't know how to access my nested data like an array of a certain class. I have an object that can get what's in the first element (the one with & # 39; 0 & # 39;), I used the same structure in the real-time database and it works.

db.collection("Years").document("First Year").get()
            .addOnSuccessListener{dataSnapshot ->


            .addOnFailureListener{exception ->
                Toast.makeText(baseContext, "Error ${exception.message}", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()


java – Only let Firebase return the date to me once a day and not for every message

In my app, I have a chat between users and I want the date to appear only once a day above the first message. As I have it now, Firebase returns the date above every message, but I want it to only return the date ONE Time in addition to the first message sent between two users if it is a new day.

How can i get it

Below is a photo of how I got it

Enter the image description here



static class ViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder {

        TextView show_message, text_seen, message_time, date;
        ImageView profile_image;

        ViewHolder(View view) {

            show_message = view.findViewById(;
            profile_image = view.findViewById(;
            text_seen = view.findViewById(;
            message_time = view.findViewById(;
            date = view.findViewById(;

Javascript – POST REQUEST from my Firebase function does not work

var XMLHttpRequest = require("xmlhttprequest").XMLHttpRequest;
		var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();"POST", url, true);
		xhttp.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/json");
		xhttp.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "key="+ key);
		let res = {
			"notification": {
				"title": "Test",
				"body": "Notificación enviada desde Firebase"
			"to": to,
		return (xhttp);

ffmpeg – Connect Firebase to a computer to run programs for it

I am currently using Firebase to save video files sent by an app so ffmpeg can stitch them together and return a finished video. However, ffmpeg will appear to be consuming all of the allocated CPU usage of Firebase's cloud features, since video files are large and may time out. For this reason, I want Firebase to send a request to a computer that downloads the video files, executes ffmpeg to merge them, and then uploads the finished file back to Firebase. App Engine and Compute Engine are not available due to cost reasons.

Is there any way to do that?

Sorry if I missed an obvious solution. I am very new to working with servers in general.

flutter – How to upload an image list to firebase using

I'm creating a flutter application that uses the Multi_image_picker selector to capture an image or select it from the gallery, but I'm having trouble publishing this image from the client side to Firebase. I have saved images in a local variable.

List imagenes = List();

I need this list of images to load them into the Firebase database using JSON. How can I do that? How should I write the text of the request?

Future addProducto(Producto product) async {

final url = '';

try {
final response = await,
  body: json.encode({
    'title': product.title,
    'description': product.description,
    'image': //aqui deberia escribir lista de imagenes

Thank you!