20.04 – Firefox 89.0 on Ubuntu – poor performance

I’ve clean install of Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, and Firefox 89.0.

Performance of Firefox is very poor, you can see that even when scrolling simple pages, it looks like there are just 10 FPS.

I know that FF does not support hardware acceleration for my config but I think that my specs should still allow it to work fluent.

Any recommendation what should I do to improve FF performance?

My Hardware specs:

  • AMD® Ryzen 7 5800x 8-core processor × 16
  • NVIDIA Corporation GP104 [GeForce GTX 1070 Ti]
  • RAM 31,3 GiB

Why are some Firefox windows not cycling through the entire list of windows I have open?

I’ve got a bunch of open windows in Firefox and somehow two of them (this one included which is the most recent one I’ve opened) are isolated into their own group. The other 8 or so windows will cycle through when I hit the command-~ key, but this window and the other window in its group never come up and I have to use the mouse and Window menu to select one of those windows. After I select one of the windows in that other group, the command-~ key will cycle through just those two windows and ignores the other 8 windows. Are those different desktop spaces? How can I get all the windows to be in one group?

(I’m talking about browser windows only here. Each window might have any number of tabs in it, but that doesn’t seem to be relevant.)

MacOS Sierra, Firefox 89.0 (64-bit)

Firefox 89.0 64 bit won’t run Facebook (and some other) videos

The first frame of the video flashes up for a fraction of a second then a black window with "Sorry, having problems playing this video" with a link labelled "Learn More" in the centre of the window. None of the suggestions that come up under "Learn More" do anything useful. This is on a 6-year or so old HP Pavilion laptop running Ubuntu 20.04 with all the currently available updates and upgrades installed. quad core AMD 64 bit processor. 8 GB RAM, lots of free hard disk space.

javascript – Bookmarklet works fine in Opera, but when running in Firefox I get extremely weird results

I wrote this bookmarklet:

javascript:var b = document.createElement("button");b.innerHTML = "Scroll to current video";b.addEventListener("click",() => doItYesly());b.style.position  = "fixed";b.style.left = 0;b.style.top = 0;b.style.zIndex = "99999999";document.body.prepend(b);var s = document.createElement("button");s.style.position  = "fixed";s.style.left = 0;s.style.top = "50px";s.style.zIndex = "99999999";s.innerHTML = "Set";s.addEventListener("click",() => localStorage.setItem("scrolldistanceforosautoscroller",window.scrollY));document.body.prepend(s);function doItYesly(){let inter = setInterval(() => {scrollTo(0,parseInt(localStorage.getItem("scrolldistanceforosautoscroller")));if(window.scrollY === parseInt(localStorage.getItem("scrolldistanceforosautoscroller"))){clearInterval(inter);}},100);}window

Basically it’s a tiny bookmarklet to allow a user to auto-scroll to a specific point in a long list of videos on YouTube. I wrote it for a friend of mine who repeatedly navigates to the same page over and over, and wanted to try and save some time and prevent from having to manually scroll through all the videos every time he wanted to return to the exact same spot.

When I click this bookmark in my browser (I use Opera) it works just fine. When I open the same bookmark in Firefox (he uses Firefox) it redirects me to a page that says “this page is hosted on your computer” and it simply says (object Window). This is because, in Opera when I would run my code it would print out “input scroll distance”, because the last expression evaluated to that. To fix that, I simply pointed to the window object, causing the final expression to evaluate to the page itself. This fixed the problem for Opera, but for Firefox it doesn’t fix the issue… Instead of just rendering the page like usual, it simply outputs a textual representation of the window object…

Is there any way around this? I assume this is for security, and if so then there probably isn’t a workaround… But perhaps there’s something I could do to make Firefox stop behaving this way?

When I run this same exact code from the dev console it works perfectly as expected, the problem only occurs when I save it as a bookmarklet and click on it. Any ideas?

big sur – Safari & Firefox not loading web pages

I have a rather odd situation, at least odd to me.

on both safari & firefox I can access google but no other web pages.

I have MS Teams running and I can chat and receive messages no problem, when in the terminal I can ping websites no problem. I can ping for apple updates as well as app store updates, it’s just the browsers that refuse to access anything online.

I’ve cleared my DNS, I’ve cleared out my network settings, I’ve cleared my router tables, I’ve done it all it seems and nothing. I have no proxies set either.

Sometimes I’m able to access a webpage but 99.99% of the time I get connection timed out.

One final oddity, I have xcode installed and when in an iOS simulator there’s no issues accessing web pages from the iOS safari browser.

gnome – Firefox has vanished from applications menu in Ubuntu 20.04

I use both Gnome and KDE Plasma on Ubuntu 20.04. I used the ‘Edit Application’ feature in Plasma to get Firefox to start using my dedicated graphics card. After this, I logged back into Gnome to see that Firefox has vanished from the Applications menu and the ‘Installed’ section in Software Centre. I can search for it in Software Centre and it says it’s still installed. I can even access and launch it from /usr/share/applications. I can still run it on KDE Plasma. But on Gnome it just won’t show up in the Applications menu despite uninstalling and reinstalling twice. I even undid what I had initially done on Plasma regarding the dedicated graphics card but that has not made any difference. Lastly, I tried to uninstall it on Gnome using Software Centre and then install it from Plasma using Discover, but it didn’t help either. The odd thing is that I did the same setting change regarding the dedicated GPU for three other applications and they’re all fine, but Firefox just won’t appear in the Applications menu. How do I fix this?