What is wrong with this C++ code? Please fix it for me

Input a positive integer (1 to end): 10

Positive divisors: 1 2 5 10

10 is not prime

Input a positive integer (1 to end): 7

Positive divisors: 1 7

7 is prime

Input a positive integer (1 to end): 13

Positive divisors: 1 13

13 is prime

Input a positive integer (1 to end): 24

Positive divisors: 1 2 3 4 6 8 12 24

24 is not prime

Input a positive integer (1 to end): 1

This program will end

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {
    int a, num, count = 0;
    printf("Input a positive integer (1 to end):");
    scanf("%d", &num);

    printf("Positive divisors: ");
    for (a = 1; 1 <= num; a++) {
        if (num % a == 0) { printf("%d ", a); } count++;

    if (count == 2) {
        printf("%d is prime", num);
    else {
        printf("%d is not prime", num);
    if (num == 1) {
        printf("This program will end");
        return 0;

I don’t know what is wrong with my code. Help me.
Please fix it for me.

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google sheets – Help Please? Pivot Table doesn’t seem to be correct way to fix? Add rows based on data type and return value?

I’ve added a new sheet (“Erik Help”) with two options for you. However, here I will only post the option that matches your exact request. In B1:

=ArrayFormula({"ID","Type","Value";QUERY(SPLIT(FLATTEN(FILTER(Sheet1!A2:A,Sheet1!A2:A<>"")&"|"&Sheet1!B1:E1&"|"&FILTER(Sheet1!B2:E,Sheet1!A2:A<>"")),"|"),"Select * Where Col3 Is Not Null")})

This formula creates the three headers (which you can change as you like), and then does the following:

1.) concatenate all non-blank entries in A2:A, a pipe symbol, each header in B1:E1, another pipe symbol and each element of the B2:E grid where A2:A is not blank. This will form a grid of results the same size as B2:E where A2:A is not blank, each in the format X|Y|Z.

2.) this grid of results is FLATTENed into one column.

3.) that column of results is split into three columns at the pipe symbols.

4.) QUERY weeds out any entries where the value is null.

Google bug, how to fix a search bug??


I ranked for a very long time 1st place for a competitive search phrase on mobile and desktop

All of a sudden about two weeks ago, we no longer rank 1st on Desktop but STILL rank 1st on Mobile

It seems impossible given Google officially said they phased our desktop search results and mobile were the authority

yet here we are mid way through 2021 where there are two completely different search results for the same phrase. What on earth am I supposed to do to get back my lost 1st place listing from a desktop search?

Weirdly, Google webmaster tools says the URL is not in the index… yet it is when I search it direct. Then when looking at the URL via one of the other options in webmaster tools it says everything is fine and no issues.
I requested a reindex, made no difference.

Two weeks on, still #1 when searching from mobile
Still no where when searching from desktop

the page itself has nothing special about it that’s mobile focused, literally just a single mobile responsive meta tag and that’s it. Same content for rest of page.

Any ideas????


logic – Please help me fix / finish this Fitch proof, I am stuck

Using the Fitch application and only Intro and Elim rules (& REIT if necessary), prove that
$$forall x forall y (P(x) implies Q(y)) iff (exists x P(x) implies forall y Q(y))$$
is a logical truth (i.e. prove it from no premises)

I am attaching a screenshot of my work so far, please give me feedback and/or assistance so that I can fix or finish this proof. I am currently stuck and don’t know if what I did is right or not because I don’t know what to do next. Any feedback is appreciated.
This is my work here.

8 – How can I fix this update issue?

I have updated a Drupal site from 8.5.3 to 8.6.3 and got the following error related to the webform module. Can anyone help me fix this?

webform module
Update #8108

Failed: DrupalCoreDatabaseDatabaseExceptionWrapper: SQLSTATE(42S22): Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘block_content_field_data.reusable’ in ‘where clause’: SELECT base_table.revision_id AS revision_id, base_table.id AS id FROM {block_content} base_table INNER JOIN {block_content_field_data} block_content_field_data ON block_content_field_data.id = base_table.id WHERE (block_content_field_data.reusable IN (:db_condition_placeholder_0)) AND (block_content_field_data.default_langcode IN (:db_condition_placeholder_1)); Array ( (:db_condition_placeholder_0) => 1 (:db_condition_placeholder_1) => 1 ) in DrupalCoreEntityEntityStorageBase->loadByProperties()(line 541 of C:xampphtdocshtml86-13novcorelibDrupalCoreEntityEntityStorageBase.php).

XenForo 2.1.12 Full Nulled By NulledTeam (Includes Security Fix)

Today, we are releasing XenForo 2.1.12 to address two potential security vulnerabilities. We strongly recommend that all customers running XenForo 2.1 upgrade to 2.1.12 or use the attached patch file as soon as possible.

The issues are XSS vulnerabilities. XSS (Cross Site Scripting) issues allow scripts and malicious HTML to be injected into the page, potentially allowing data theft or unauthenticated access.

XenForo extends thanks to security researcher…

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