Allow a fixed number of two lines to display the product title


Please, how the product titles AUTOMATIC in the Woocommerce archive (Home & Categories) in TWO lines (about 10 words) are displayed.

The site is not live yet.

I connect two pdf files of Woocommerce archive (before and after). After that should illustrate a photo editing.

If you can see, I expect:

* Set a permanent and two-line space for the product title.
* If the title contains more than two lines, the word "read more" should be displayed as follows: (…)
* Although the title of the product is short, the space may not be reduced and the title may be displayed in two lines

* Also the rating stars, the prices and the CTA buttons should always be aligned and stuck.

Thanks for your help.

1. woocom archive before

2. woocom archive after

Note: Copy these links and paste them into your browser

virtual reality – Put Unity to test for Fixed oculus sdk

Guys, I've done some VR development and I've noticed that sometimes I want to test if something based on the Avatar exists or works, but right now I just have a permanent tear and I do not want that I absolutely have to pull my setup everywhere.

Is there a way to tell Unity to load a static version of the SDK for testing?

The current example, which tries to integrate VRTK for the interaction with the artboard, and is not sure if the Rift is not connected, causes problems.

Dashboard – Design a chart with an x-axis with a fixed area that is longer than the selected area

I design a web-based analytics dashboard that contains a chart in which the x-axis represents the days of a campaign and always displays 31 days. The duration of a campaign is different. It can be predefined for a period of between one and 31 days.
In cases where the campaign duration is shorter than 31 days, I want to clarify which part of the graph is relevant.
Are there best practices for this scenario?
One idea I have is to hide the area that is not needed (see picture below).
A bar chart with a 31-day X-axis showing a 7-day campaign

The width of the chart is fixed and optimized to display a range of 31 days. I do not change the number of days on the x-axis to avoid scenarios involving a single hovering dot or bar on the screen or multiple data points with a large gap between them (see pictures below).
A bar graph with a 7-day X-axis showing a 7-day campaign
A bar chart with a 3-day X-axis showing a 3-day campaign

Jump to anchor in modal with a fixed header

Hello everybody,
I have a small problem.
I have a script intended for nested modalities. When a link is clicked, it jumps directly to an anchor. It works well.
When styling, I would like to have a fixed header because the div ".content" scrolls to the anchor.
If ".content" has a height of 80vh, it looks fine, but the script does not scroll to the anchor.
If ".content" is 80% high, the script will work, but the fixed header will not be fixed and scroll with ".content".
How can I let the script work, but keep a fixed header.
Thank you very much




Code (surcharge):


//popup nest modals
$(function() {
  const openModals = ();
  $('.element-item').click(e => {
  $(window).add('.close').click(e => {
    if ($('.modal, .close')) {
      const closing = openModals.pop().addClass('modal-content-active');
      setTimeout(() => {
      }, 0);
      if (openModals.length > 0) {
        openModals(openModals.length - 1).removeClass('open');
      } else $('body').removeClass('open');
//jump to anchor in modal
$('.huijnen').on('click', function(e) {
  requestAnimationFrame(() =>
      scrollTop: $('#huijnen').offset().top - 40
    }, 500))
$('.bailey').on('click', function() {
  requestAnimationFrame(() => $('#contributors').animate({
    scrollTop: $('#bailey').offset().top - 40
  }, 500))

Code (surcharge):


.modal { box-sizing: border-box; display: none; position: fixed; z-index: 1; padding-top: 3.125rem; left: 0; top: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; overflow: auto; transition: all 1.0s ease; }
/* The Close Button */
.close { z-index: 1000; font-size: 3vw; float: right; transition: all 0.3s ease; }
/* Modal Content */
header, .content { width: 60%; margin: auto; }
.content { height: 80%; padding-top: 3%; padding-bottom: 3%; -ms-flex: 1 1 auto; -webkit-flex: 1 1 auto; flex: 1 1 auto; overflow: auto; min-height: 0; font-size: 2vw; }

Code (surcharge):

GSA OJS Engine needs to be fixed

The OJS platform generates very powerful backlinks. This is because most OJS platforms are educational.
However, the GSA relies heavily on "articles" of the OJS platform. An important backlink, however, is a "profile backlink".
OJS profile backlinks are permanent backlinks. OJS profile backlinks can be created during profiling in Bio Statements. However, if you create a profile using the GSA, the profile is created without recognizing the Ahref link.
This is because the OJS platform can only enter Ahrefs by pressing the HTML button in the Bio statement.
Maybe the GSA will say "About me" as it says in the bio-declaration. That needs to be improved.
If this is improved, the GSA will be a very powerful tool.
This is because most backlink generators can not find the URL of your OJS profile.
In addition to this, GSA will be a powerful tool for backlink generation.
Can you play it in the update?

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8 – Fixed coding of the speech negotiation into a page template

The Drupal 8 standard drop-down menu "Language Switcher" does not give me what I need.
I have to divide everything into groups and subgroups, in a div, and have custom text for each language, some of which are custom languages.


USA (subgroup, hard coded)

English (/ en-us) | Español (/ es-us)


English (/ en-ca) | Francais (/ fr-ca)


English (/ en-ge) | German (or de-ge)

and so on ….

But I can not find any tutorials, let alone easy-to-understand ones.

I found this page and used it as a starting point:

As I try to understand how I could do it, I have in my topic name:

  $language = $vars('language')->getId();

  if ($language == 'es-us') {
    $vars('switch_path') = '/es-us' . $current_path;
    $vars('switch_lang') = t('United States | Espanol');
  elseif ($language == 'en-us') {
    $vars('switch_path') = '/en-us' . $current_path;
    $vars('switch_lang') = t('U.S. | English');
  elseif ($language == 'en-ca') {
    $vars('switch_path') = '/en-ca' . $current_path;
    $vars('switch_lang') = t('Canada | English');

  // continue through each needed language, then fall back to...

  else {
    $vars('switch_path') = $current_path; //default path english
    $vars('switch_lang') = t('English');

Then I wanted to (for the time being, while I'm learning) write something similar into page.tpl.twig:



English Francais


I'm sure there are better ways to do this for an experienced programmer. But for now, if that works, I hope to find out how to hardcode them. I can not fully commit the links as "/ es-us / pagename" because the pagename does not match. It is written differently in each language that is changed. So I hope there is a way to use the right integrated language system.

Differential geometry – For a curve in 3-space, the tangent always intersects a fixed line, then the curve is planar

This is an old exam question where I do not know how to start.

begin {array} {l} { text {Let} alpha text {is a regular curve in} mathbb {R} ^ {3} text {. Prove that when a tangent line intersects with} alpha text {a solid}} \ { text {line} l in mathbb {R} ^ {3}, text {then} alpha text {is planar. }} end {array}

My first problem is how to actually use the main assumption. I would like to express the condition that these two lines intersect algebraically to deduce that the torsion is $ 0 $, I parametrize $ l = a + b cdot t $but then I do not know if I should get an expression for differentiating (or manipulating) that characterizes the assumption that the tangent and $ l $ to cut. Any hints?